it's National Compliment Day.

It’s National Compliment Day And You Are Amazing

Today is National Compliment Day and Twitter is exploding with nice things. It’s a welcome change from “alternate facts” and the heavy political situation that is strangling the United States right now.

National Compliment Day is a relatively new unofficial holiday. The day is celebrated on January 24 of every year. It was established in 1998 in New Hampshire. According to the World’s Special Days website, two women created the day to remind people that a positive connection with anyone can be quickly and easily established by giving a compliment. Debby Hoffman, from Concord, and Kathy Chamberlin, from Hopkinton, wanted a way to tell the people in their lives how much they appreciated them.

it's National Compliment Day.
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According to Time and Date, the key to a good compliment is sincerity. Because it’s easy to start to take people for granted in our hustle-and-bustle lives, and it’s easy to forget the kind faces around us, use today as a way to reconnect. In light of the hateful rhetoric that is being spewed on national television and the news over the election and the new administration, National Compliment Day is a way to say to someone that hey, you’re awesome.

And keep in mind that when you compliment someone, they aren’t the only one who receives a benefit. Just like the founders realized, giving a compliment makes you feel good and creates a small bond between you and the person you’re complimenting. That helps fight off the loneliness that many of us feel, if only for a little while. Compliments also boost your self confidence as well as the esteem of the person you’re giving one too. And who knows, when you compliment someone, you just might get one back as well.

After all, like the saying goes, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

Some suggestions for how to celebrate National Compliment Day are:

  • Compliment your family. Tell your wife or mom how much they mean to you. Compliment the cook on their meal prep. If you’re a parent, tell your kids how proud of them you are. Specify something they do well and let them know.
  • At work, tell your boss how great he is. Of course, this might be more difficult, depending on where you work, but you can also target your co-workers. And if there’s some tension between you and others, a few sincere compliments might help ease the tension.
  • Your friends are often the ones you take for granted the most. A good and loyal friend should always be reminded of how awesome they are. Take the opportunity to take your buddy out for a celebratory drink and toast his good qualities.
National Compliment Day is Celebrated every January 24
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  • Compliment your neighbor. It’s said that tall fences make for good neighbors, but the occasional good-natured comment on how their lawn or garden is doing will help as well. There’s something about even the worst neighbors that can be complimented.
  • Be generous with your compliments. You don’t lose anything when you give someone a compliment, but you could gain a lot. A well-placed compliment to a friend, co-worker, or family member will only do good.

This isn’t the only day that’s geared toward compliments. There’s also a World Compliment Day that is celebrated on March 1 of every year. World Compliment Day is also called International Compliment Day.

And if you’re complimented, the best response is always either a simple thank you, or a compliment in return.

What do you think? Do you like compliments? Do you like giving them or receiving them better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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