Alison Carey revealing about childhood on blog

Mariah Carey: Star’s Troubled Sister Set To Release Details Of Abuse And Satanic Rituals From Childhood?

Mariah Carey has faced a difficult end to 2016 and a rocky start to 2017. Although the superstar jumped into a new romance with backup dancer Bryan Tanaka after being dumped by her billionaire beau James Packer, it was likely a bit of a heartbreaking circumstance enduring a breakup. That in addition to learning that her ex-husband Nick Cannon is expecting a child with a former flame, all brought 2016 to an end with a crash. Unfortunately, Mariah kicked off 2017 on a rocky foot as well due to giving a horrendous performance during the ball drop in New York City.

However, Mariah takes all life’s curves in stride and has shrugged off the performance, and the Packer split while indicating she is moving forward without regrets. She and Nick Cannon are still extremely amicable and continue to raise their children Moroccan and Monroe jointly, ensuring that the children are of utmost importance.

One more curve ball being thrown in the Mariah’s World star’s direction involves her troubled sibling Alison Carey. The two have been estranged for a decade now, yet Alison has been making headlines since not only being diagnosed as HIV positive but also since being arrested for prostitution last summer. Carey’s older sister has also reached out recently to Mariah pleading for her superstar sibling to make amends. Although it would seem that money is at the center of Alison’s plea, the troubled woman insists she merely wants her sister back in her life and to know her niece and nephew.

The Mirror relays the recent words of Carey’s sister.

“I’ve reached out to her many, many times throughout the years in every way I could think of to ask for forgiveness and see if we could start over. We’re the only sisters each of us will ever have. ”

Reps for Mariah have shared that the superstar had previously tried to help Alison get past her addictions by paying for her to go to rehab, yet Alison never followed through with treatments. Reps share that “Mariah can be there with love and support – but at what point do you not enable somebody any longer? She’s looking for Alison to want to help herself.”

Since Alison’s recent plea, new rumors have swirled that she is now set to reveal very personal details about Mariah’s childhood and upbringing. Alison is currently reportedly receiving drug treatment at a sober house in upstate New York, and as she recovers from drug and alcohol abuse, she has apparently communicated her intentions of spilling her superstar sibling’s secrets from years gone by. Ace Showbiz notes details about this new claim.

“Alison… has been ‘clean and sober for a while now. She’s starting to remember a whole lot of stuff about her childhood, her upbringing and a lot of things that happened. It’s some pretty heavy duty stuff.'”

Such “heavy duty stuff” reportedly involves devil worshiping and racial turmoil between Mariah and their father, Alfred Roy Carey. The oldest sibling of the two girls, Morgan Carey, shared in the summer of 2016 that their mother would often force Mariah to participate in satanic and evil rituals that by times turned sexual.

A friend close to Alison Carey has written on her behalf, sharing that as Alison recovers from her addictions and becomes more clear-headed, she remembers more and more of the horrible treatment and abuse she and her siblings endured as children. The publication shares the said friend David Baker’s words, which he wrote on his own blog.

“For most of her life, Alison has had only vague memories of the abuse she endured as a child. As a means of self-protection, her mind suppressed recollections of the horrific events she was exposed to and made to take part in.”

David goes on to indicate that Alison’s words are now being documented daily on his blog so that her story can be made known, which means that Mariah’s past will also be made public knowledge.

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