Leah Messer poses in a yellow dress for her 'Teen Mom 2' cast photo

Leah Messer Accused Of ‘Bizarre Behavior’ On ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Fans Bring Up Possible Drug Use

Leah Messer has been accused of everything from bad parenting to drug use during the past few seasons of Teen Mom 2. Now, she seems to be back in the same boat.

After traveling to an Arizona rehab center in 2015, where she claimed to be addressing anxiety and depression, Leah Messer claimed to be in a better place. However, because of her questionable behavior on the show, many fans have wondered if Messer is healthy.

On January 22, after MTV’s Facebook page for Teen Mom 2 shared a screenshot of Leah Messer looking quite thin, fans weighed in with their concerns, many of whom wondered if Messer was using drugs.

“[Leah Messer] looks wayyyyy toooo skinny like she’s sick or on drugs or something. All her bones are showing in her chest and her arms are just bones. What the h*** is wrong with her?” one woman asked.

“She seems like she’s still on drugs. Her movements and how she looks,” another added.

According to other commenters, something looks off with Leah Messer. In addition to a comment noting that Leah Messer appears to have taken a turn for the worse, another comment suggested that Leah Messer’s movements and speech were “choppy.”

Leah Messer was first accused of drug use in late 2014. At the time, an In Touch Weekly magazine report suggested that her drug dealer had claimed she was struggling with a serious drug problem. According to the reported dealer, Leah Messer has been “getting high for years” and at times, the unnamed person claimed, she would pick up 30 to 40 pills — including painkillers Vicodin, Lortab, Percocet, and oxycodone — at once.

“I’ve seen [Leah Messer] pop a handful of pills, chew them like they were candy and swallow them. She doesn’t even need anything to wash them down with,” the source alleged.

Although Leah Messer’s mother denied she was using drugs at the time of the report, the magazine claimed the reality star was in need of pain pills due to a botched spinal tap during the birth of her daughter Adalynn, who turns four next month.

“But it’s [actually] the pain from withdrawal that bothers her, not her back. She can’t go a day without opiates,” the insider continued.

Around the time the drug rumors surfaced, Leah Messer was called out by her then-husband, Jeremy Calvert, who accused her of cheating on him with her former boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. While Leah Messer ultimately denied doing so, she and Calvert divorced months later. When their divorce was finalized, Messer was receiving treatment in Arizona.

After leaving rehab in 2015, Leah Messer went through a number of custody issues with her first husband, Corey Simms, but ultimately regained joint custody of their twins, Ali and Aleeah, 7, in early 2016.

As for Leah Messer’s latest “bizarre” behavior, a recent report from OK! Magazine asked readers, “Is Leah OK?” In their report, OK! Magazine shared a bonus scene from a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, which featured Leah Messer discussing the stresses of life with her brother-in-law, Brian, and accused the reality star of bizarre behavior.

“It’s been insane, and I just need to clear my mind, and meditate, I just have to,” Leah Messer explained.

Earlier this season on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer was seen suffering what appeared to be a breakdown after losing her keys before one of her daughter’s games. During the episode, Messer was seen yelling before storming off to her basement as her kids sat in her car by themselves.

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