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Kate Middleton Not Welcome? Prince William Reportedly Told Not To Bring Duchess To BAFTA

Kate Middleton is not welcome at BAFTA? Prince William has been told that he cannot bring Duchess Catherine to BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) in order to avoid outshining A-list actresses. This has become such an issue that Amanda Berry, the BAFTA chief executive, is busy trying to soothe ruffled feathers at Kensington Palace.

The Sun reports that they have spoken to “two separate BAFTA sources” who have confirmed that BAFTA does not want Kate Middleton to attend BAFTA because all of the attention would be on the royal and not on the Hollywood starlets that are attending the ceremony.

However, one insider also points out that William has not attended a BAFTA Awards since 2014. His absence appears to be publicly noted by everyone in the British film industry.

“William has faced serious criticism from the film industry for missing the Baftas the last two years, despite being our president.

The insider points out that William appears to be well aware that he has been the subject of this criticism and he wants to make amends by attending. But, naturally, he wants to attend with his wife.

“As a result of that feedback, he made it clear he wants to go this year and even bring Kate.

The insider appears to be quite enthused that William plans on coming to the BAFTA Awards. The Duke of Cambridge’s appearance would create positive media for the awards show, as well as show his serious intentions towards the organization.

“It would be a real show of his commitment towards Bafta and create headlines around the world.

Yet the insider confirms that while William’s appearance is desired, Kate’s is not. The insider reveals that BAFTA senior staff believe that if Kate appears, all of the media will be about her, not about the stars that are dressed up for the red carpet and winning the awards.

“But it was then expressed by senior staff within BAFTA that Kate’s attendance will totally distract from all the film stars there.”

A year ago, The Sun wrote how “work-shy” Kate and William were missing yet another BAFTA awards. A year ago, there did not appear to be any sort of objection to Kate Middleton attending the BAFTA awards. During this time, a movie source pointed out that in six years, Prince William only attended twice, in 2010 and 2014, with only the latter time during his BAFTA presidency. Meanwhile, his wife, Catherine, has never attended BAFTA.

“The BAFTA film awards are such a major international event, it’s obviously very disappointing that Prince William has only attended once since becoming president.”

Then, during this same interview, the insider reminded the paper that Prince William attended football matches, but felt that Prince William did not treat the British film industry with equal passion or respect.

“Everyone understands that he loves football but spending a night with some of Britain’s biggest stars and Hollywood A-listers isn’t really hard work.”

The paper also chided Wills for not showing up to support his Eton schoolmate Eddie Redmayne, who was up for an award for The Danish Girl.

“It’s been such an amazing year for British movies, especially for Eddie who went to school with William.”

Obviously, there was some conflict that William wants to resolve with BAFTA. So will William bring Kate to the BAFTA Awards? A second insider thinks that he will and contends that bringing Kate Middleton should never have been in question. She is his wife and asking her to stay home was quite awkward.

“Most people think William will end up getting his way by bringing Kate but it’s created awkwardness because her attendance shouldn’t have been in question.”

But a royal insider believes this decision has still not been settled and Prince William may change his mind at the last moment. He is obviously concerned that there could be a split between the Duke of Cambridge and BAFTA. That would be a public disaster.

“William is known to change his mind at the last minute. But these enquiries are likely to force an announcement — there can’t be a public split between BAFTA and their royal president.”

The BAFTA Awards will be on February 12, Sunday.

Do you think that Prince William should have to leave his wife Kate Middleton home? Do you think it may be a double standard to expect William to attend the awards, while his wife is not welcome?

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