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WWE News: Did Kenny Omega Get Out Of His NJPW Contract To Make A WWE Royal Rumble Appearance?

NJPW star Kenny Omega has been the talk of the town ever since his amazing match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, and now that his New Japan contract is coming to an end a WWE jump is very very possible. This has led to many people assuming he would be part of the WWE before too long. Various sources have confirmed that Kenny Omega’s NJPW contract should be up at the end of this month.

This led many to believing that he would not be able to take part in WWE’s Royal Rumble match this Sunday like had been rumored and believed by many fans. AJ Styles made his debut last year at the event, and it would make sense to think that it would be the perfect time for Omega to make his debut with WWE as well. There are a few things that come into play that would make it difficult for WWE to make this happen.

First, if his New Japan contract does indeed expire later this month, the earliest we would see him would be sometime in February. On top of this, we have no idea if Kenny Omega wants to work for the WWE or not. He has made it well known that he loves Japan and enjoys working for NJPW. The difference is, he knows that he will never be their “top guy” due to the fact that he is not Japanese.

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Many felt Omega would clearly sign with New Japan, but when he did not sign a new deal quickly many thought something seemed off with that. This made sense to speculate over. According to The Wrestling Observer, the reason he did not re-sign as of now was because they have not assured him that he will be part of the IWGP Heavyweight Title scene this year. He wants nothing more than a run with that championship, and he has more than earned the right to hold it as well.

Yet NJPW cannot possibly give him a run with the championship knowing all of this? He brought more attention to New Japan in 2016 and early 2017 than it had ever had before his arrival. If one man can do that, this same man should be top priority to keep and make one of if not your main guy at the top of the card. All this being said, a jump to the WWE for Kenny Omega does not seem as crazy as it once did.

The problem came down to when he would jump if he was indeed going to make the commitment to go to the WWE over NJPW. The Rumble seemed like the perfect time, but his contract issue came about then. That was before Kenny Omega was the top guy on every wrestling podcast out there. On every single one he has taken part in, he was telling the hosts that he was a free agent. This is significant, as he could be saying that he does not plan to sign anywhere so he’s open for negotiation soon.

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It could also mean that he simply wants people to know he is able to work for them now and that they should be making calls to him or his agent soon. This has led people to speculation and even The Wrestling Observer has changed their stance from believing Omega was under contract to the end of the month to believing he very well could have gotten out of his deal early.

If he got out of the contract earlier than we all thought, it could be an indication that he is prepared to jump. However, a Royal Rumble appearance for his debut still looks to be unlikely as Kenny Omega has already been promoted for an event in Chile the same weekend that the Royal Rumble takes place. The event happens Saturday, so he would have to make a huge flight out of the area that same night to make the event on Sunday.

Either this or he could cancel his appearance last minute then appear in San Antonio, Texas for WWE Royal Rumble like many speculate. As of now, Kenny Omega could easily be under contract with the WWE and is not telling anyone. He could also be under contract with New Japan and doing the same. We will surely be interested this Sunday to see if Omega makes his WWE debut. Don’t be upset if he doesn’t. However, it’s clearly going to be exciting if he does.

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