'Dance Moms' star Chloe Lukasiak is returning to surprise those on the show

‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: A Familiar Face Is Set To Return, What’s Known So Far About This Shocker?

A new preview filled with juicy Dance Moms spoilers has just been released, and fans are freaking out over this one. A new episode is slated to air Tuesday night on Lifetime, but this preview teases things that are said to be coming a bit later on, and people are anxious for the scoop. What’s the latest?

There have been rumors swirling that there is a cancellation ahead for Dance Moms, but so far, nothing official has emerged on that front. Instructor and show star Abby Lee Miller is on the verge of being sentenced in her fraud case, and it is unknown at this point whether she will face jail time or not. Some fans have speculated that those behind the show may be looking for a way to continue the series without Abby, and that speculation may be increasing to a degree thanks to the spoilers from this latest preview.

Dance Moms spoilers had recently teased that Chloe Lukasiak and her mom Christi were brought back for an upcoming episode, and the buzz was that they would be incorporated into the last episode of Season 7. The new preview shared via the show’s Twitter page confirms that Chloe and Christi are going to surprise all of the dancers when they head back to Pittsburgh, and Abby is not pleased.

What brings the Lukasiak women back to the series? The preview teasing these big Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Chloe and Christi will walk in on the Abby Lee Dance Company team as they are gathered together, and both the dancers and the moms who have been connected to the Lukasiak family over the years will burst into tears. Christi will nudge Chloe to explain why they’re there, and she will say that she has been thinking about competing again.

Will Lukasiak rejoin the ALDC? Considering how things played out with the family’s departure from Abby’s studio and the show several seasons ago, and the timing of their appearance at this point of the series, that seems fairly unlikely. As Chloe’s fans know, she went on to dance at Studio 19 and did do some group competitions, but then she took a break entirely from competing and focused on numerous other projects. The spoilers from this clip already have some fans speculating that perhaps the network is setting Chloe up for her own spinoff show; a move that would certainly generate a lot of buzz. So far, however, that’s just speculation.

Abby Lee Miller of 'Dance Moms' faces a stint in jail
Abby Lee Miller is still waiting to learn her fate regarding her sentencing [Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP, File]

The tweet sharing the preview jam-packed with spoilers immediately got fans wondering when this will all play out on Lifetime, and Dance Moms spoilers would seem to indicate that this happens a few episodes down the road yet. TV Guide notes that the January 24 show is titled “Battle of the Blondes,” and Abby will be prepping the team for Nationals in a few weeks. This is Episode 9 of Season 7, and the buzz has been that the Lukasiaks will be incorporated into Episode 13, which is believed to be the season, if not the series, finale. Abby and the ALDC team will head back to Pittsburgh for Episode 12, and viewers will not want to miss these last two shows.

What does the future hold for the series? Will Dance Moms be canceled and could something be brewing that would bring Chloe Lukasiak back to television? As People notes, Miller was back in court this week for sentencing, but she will not learn her fate until the next hearing slated to take place on February 24. It seems fairly likely that the future of the series will not be determined until Abby’s sentence is known, although it certainly seems as if she’s already bid farewell to the show, the dancers, and the moms.

Are you excited to see Chloe Lukasiak head back to the show in some capacity? Stay tuned for additional Dance Moms spoilers as this juicy episode draws near and hang tight for news regarding a series renewal or cancellation by Lifetime.

'Dance Moms' is hyping a return by Chloe Lukasiak
Former ‘Dance Moms’ star Chloe Lukasiak pops up in the latest preview [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]

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