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Victoria Jackson Flips Out On Christians Over Obama Win

Victoria Jackson Christians Are Stupid

Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson has lost her funny since leaving the show and is now instead flipping out on Christian voters. The anti-Obama actress revealed on Wednesday that Christians disgust her for their inability to show up at the polls.

The SNL actress stated:

“I can’t stop crying. America died.”

She also tried to compare Obama and Romney to good versus evil in a tweet:

“The Democrat Party voted God out and replaced Him with Romans 1. In the Good vs Evil battle…today…Evil won.”

Apparently Twitter wasn’t enough of a battleground as the actress then wrote on her website:

“The God Haters now outweigh the God Lovers. And, there are more Takers than Makers. Evil won the election. I think the red states should secede and create our own country called Original America. The rules of Original America [include] Everyone takes care of their own traditional family, and the church takes care of widows and orphans.”

In “Original America,” Victoria says:

“The Ten Commandments and Prayer are in our public school system and the Bible is a required course.”

Victoria Jackson went from SNL to Tea Party member and in the process appears to have formed an ideology of hate against anyone who does not align with her beliefs.

In the meantime, many Christians have noted on Victoria Jackson’s page that not only did they vote but that they cast their choice for Obama.

Does SNL make fun of their own? If so this would be the perfect opportunity for a sketch about an obviously unhinged woman.

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404 Responses to “Victoria Jackson Flips Out On Christians Over Obama Win”

  1. Anonymous

    … and I thought that she might have been pretending to be an idiot.

  2. John Harper

    What did anyone make during the 8 years under Bush besides war? Delusional.

  3. Jean Gray

    Welcome CHRIST back in school – live the good ol' golden rule.
    Love and honor, work and share – remove the smog let in fresh air.

  4. Anonymous

    VJ is spot on…the haters are the writer of this piece and most of the people commenting who try to marginalize and mock Christians.

  5. Monique Mark

    This is why moderates tend to vote for the democrats, because people like her make republians seem crazy. BTW, in her original america I would have been 1/5 human but I guess that's wants. Then Obama would have never been able to run.

  6. Anonymous

    So here we have a textbook example of bi-polar mania left untreated. Classic. Poster child. Pass the lithium please…

  7. Anonymous

    Get over yourselves and stop complaining grow a pair damn republicans…….

  8. Anonymous

    Then stop trying to force your religion on people who don't accept it. You sit there and condemn anyone who doesn't share your beliefs even though they are still good people without considering for a minute what freedom of religion actually is.

    I don't hate christians but you likely assume I do because I don't go to church, maybe you should consider why people feel that way towards religion the next time your damning someone who doesn't believe the same things you do.

  9. Daryl Morris

    Cukoo-Cukoo and people wonder why we are such a divided nation….hey Victoria they have this cool thing now called weight watchers…check it out!

  10. Scott Shirley

    I am a Christian and I can't say I have seen Christianity forced on anyone. It is manadated in the Bible for Christians to share Christ's love through our actions and provide opportunity for unbelievers to come know Christ. If you see an evangelist on tv or hear them on the radio and don't want to watch or listen, change the channel. If a Christian approaches you about becoming a Christian, simply tell them you are not interested. You don't have to be rude about it. Jesus told his desciples that if they entered a town and the town rejected them, they should shake the dust of the town from their sandals and not return. God will take care of the rest. I don't hate nonbelievers, matter of fact, some of my friends are nonbelievers and I am not giving up on them. I pray for them daily and they know that.

  11. Andrew Chase

    No doubt trying desperately to extend her 15 minutes, which is at least 14 minutes, 50 seconds more than she should've had.

    Earth to Victoria Jackson: You ceased to be relevant the day you were booted off SNL.

    Come to think of it, she's NEVER been relevant.

  12. David Yaroch

    Scott, lets do a mental exersize. Take your post and replace the word Christian with the word Muslum.
    Now Lets see how you feel about Freedom of religion.

  13. Anonymous

    The biotch is crazy, just look at her. And the Christians did make it to the poles, in mass, but the Mormon turnout is what she should be considering here, not the Christians. Apples are apples and Oranges are oranges.

  14. Jason Kelly

    3/5, actually. Don't want the assholes ripping you for not getting their insane ideology correct.

  15. Craig Williams

    just another blowhard, like donald trump. look victoria, your candidate lost, if you don't like it, get the hell out of the country. the losing candidate had more class than you over the loss. and btw, I know you don't care, but your big mouth is losing you fans.

  16. Lisa Wolford McGee

    BUT…IF she was were Muslim nothing would be being said. We can't offend the muslims can we, because they will KILL you if you offend them. Because she's a christian and stating her beliefs she must be crazy. Double standard and hypocritical. She has the right to her beliefs and her speech. Rosie O and Rosanne and so many others say horrid things and no one says a work why? because they are Dems. Get real peeps. This is just more chrisian bashing.

  17. Giulio Campanelli

    Scott Shirley You make a great point . If a gay person approaches you about becoming gay, just simply tell him you are not interested.

  18. Jim Harrington Sr

    It is a bit funny how liberals hate and intolerance for anyone with different beliefs gets a free pass in the press, but somehow because she is a member of the tea party she is a hater? (Examples: Whoppi and her View Crew, Cher, Mahr, Larry Odonnel, Roseanne Barr…need I go on?)

  19. Anonymous

    Why is she unstable, because she doesn't like Obumma. He's a f…ing punk, no one with any decency likes that clown!

  20. Jim Harrington Sr

    BTW- Monique- It was the Northern Democrats that made your ancestors 1/5 of a person. You should read history and learn the history of your party: Slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, fighting Civil Rights ( Al Gore Sr. voted against the 1964 Civil Rights act BECAUSE OF RACIAL REASONS) are all owned by the Democrat Party.

    Please remember the 1964 Civil Rights act passed thanks to the GOP minority in the Congress. I challenge you to research it! They won't teach you that in school.

    The Democrats switched philosophies. They left the slave ways of the old plantation…now they have your fellow African Americans firmly ensconced on the New Plantation. And the new chains are welfare, EBT cards and Obama Phones. I truly pity the blind followers on the left.

  21. Jim Harrington Sr

    williamwaters -stop forcing your religion of Big Gov on us! I am not a church-goer, I am a fiscal conservative. I also believe in the 1st Amendment. Unlike Liberals who belive it only applies if you agree with them.

  22. Michael J Parmer

    Christians who condemn non-Christians are as dangerous to our American way of life as Muslim jihadists who condemn all that is not Islam. Victoria Jackson, Michael Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann do more to divide this country than the Taliban!

  23. Derek Randstrom

    Hmmm…Let's see. I made more, far more, income. Education cost less, gasoline cost far less, groceries etc. the list goes on, all with Bush in the White House. With Obama my 401 k is in the dumps, my taxes are far higher, I've taken several pay and benefit cuts over the last four years (as have many other workers), my kids are having a hard time finding full time work. On just about every front of life things has been worse under Obama and I haven't heard any plans of his that would improve anything. The only thing I'm sure of is that taxes will be higher (and I'm not even close to $200,000 income per years and my health insurance costs will skyrocket. Life under Obama's rule so far sucks terribly!

  24. Derek Randstrom

    In other words John Harper, you are delusional as well as anyone else who voted for "hope and change" under Obama this time since he has proven there is no hope for change with him.

  25. Matthew Harmon

    Very well said, and I do not think your comments were rude, just factual and literal. I was raised Christian but was turned off at a very young age by organized religion, and still become very offended when people toss their beliefs at me, but except for an occasional rant like this right now, I keep it to myself. My personal opinion (for which we all have and are entitled to, and why I respect everyone's) is that organized religion is a business, and needs to be taxed as such. I am a spiritual person, but keep it to myself and other like minded folks as I think others should. Religion belongs in church where we can choose to attend, not in schools and not on public TV, and most certainly not in government in any capacity. I don't drink, so I choose not to go to a bar. So if religion were to go more mainstream, then they should be taxed like all of the other businesses out there; like everyone else. Some say that this country was founded on religion (which is debatealbe in its own right), but bottom line is that we are a different society than what we were 200+ years ago, so that point is null and void!

  26. Derek Randstrom

    And you are? Never heard of you. I've heard of her. I don't agree with everything she says, but she is a celebrity and because of our system of media what she tweets is news. You are nothing. Who are you to judge who's relevant and who's not?

  27. John Howard

    Not only that, President Johnson said, "Give them ni—-s the right to vote, and we'll have them, voting democrat for 100 years."

  28. Andrew Chase

    Unlike her, I've never pretended to be relevant.

    I'm nothing? WTF does that make you?

    She's a celebrity? Your point being? So is Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, etc.

  29. Andrew Chase

    Derek Randstrom And how would Romney have fixed all that? What plan did he put forth? The man changed positions like underwear and socks. He's taken more positions than Stretch Armstrong.

  30. Maegc Eldir

    voter fruad…and the republicans are too chicken sh! T to do anything about it. America, your going to get what u asked for.
    next 4 years are going to be hell and watch out for Russia, China, and fUqqin islamists…barack hussein just gave 'em the green light.

  31. Robert Bruce

    "She lost her funny since she left the show"? Jesus, she wasn't funny when she was ON the show. She was part of arguably the most unfunny cast in the history of SNL. How long did she last? Christ, I think that Larraine Newman was more funny. Yes, I remember her…her chearleading skits were the high point of her SNL career, and they were horribly unfunny. If she wasn't issuing extremist rightwing rants, she'd be a footnote at best. At least Republican Dennis Miller is still funny.

  32. Andrew Chase

    Actually Jim, most of the people on welfare are White. In fact, many if not most most welfare recipients DO WORK- at CONSERVATIVE companies like WalMart, who refuse to pay a decent, livable wage or benefits. In fact. WalMart ENCOURAGES their employees to apply to public benefits.

  33. Robert Bruce

    Christ has not been "banned" from public school. You have the right to pray, or study the bible during your lunch or recess. There's this pesky thing called separation of church and state, which prevents public schools from being religious schools. There is no official state religion. What religion do you think should be taught in public schools? What about the students who practice other religious beliefs, such as Islam? Or don't believe in a supreme being?

  34. Andrew Chase

    Derek Randstrom "With Obama my 401 k is in the dumps,"

    Thanks to the banks and Wall Street gambling the economy into the ground, aided by the Repub Congress deregulating the finance industry.

    "my taxes are far higher,"

    Like Bushs's borrow and spend was so much better?

    " I've taken several pay and benefit cuts over the last four years (as have many other workers), my kids are having a hard time finding full time work."

    Nobody can expect to fix the mess that BOTH PARTIES have spent 40 decades creating in 4 short years.

  35. Andrew Chase

    Jim Harrington Sr So where was all this concern about Big Government when Bush and Cheney were expanding the government and spending money like there was no tomorrow?

  36. Monique Mark

    Jim, I know it was the democrats but somewhere along the line the Republicans stopped being the party of Lincoln and started courting racist southerners. But that strategy is coming back to bite them because America is changing so much.

  37. Rick Dawson

    Is this the New Christianity? Hate those who don't share your beliefs? I never learned this type of Christianity when I was a kid growing up going to Sunday School and church. I don't think most real Christians are like this. I hope they aren't.

  38. Anonymous

    In adddition, Monique Mark, Victoria's ancestors would be immigrants because the Original America was occupied by Indians and Mexicans (e.g., some of the lower states – Texas, parts of California, etc. – were once Mexico). So, she continues to exhibit the ignorance that looms within the Red Party (haters, fear mongerers, illiterates).

    I hope the rest of the world realizes that not all Americans are ignorant!

    "GOD bless these United States!"

  39. Monique Mark

    I know it just politics but Republicans have been playing bad politics for years and encouraging crazies like this woman to remain rooted in an antiquated ideology of racial superiority. The ironic thing is that they had the hispanic vote under Bush but the kind of hate speech they used to rile up people against Obama caused their base to start hating Hispanics, Jews, Blacks and everyone who was not a white christian man. Now look, America is now only made of of 30% white christian men and everyone one else is more likely to be turned off my that kiind of talk. But the question is have they come to far to turn back now, can they change the look of party… if they do, where will fanatics like woman call home. They will have to split from the Tea Party if they want ANY sort of moderates to votes for them. They will loose the crazies but people who are not strong democrats can be convinced to switch sides…

  40. Brenda Gail Barrett Hall

    John Howard
    Well i guess you must be still talking about your people's , because im not a Ni____!!!!!!! trash can!!!!! . Go live in cuban were only one president. And live your United State
    card for someone else to live that dieding for freedom!!!!

  41. Bill Haraldstad

    Monique Mark Not only that but whites will be the minority by 2050 in America. Fact. Then things are going get REALLY interesting. I'm white and even I have no problem with that.

  42. Rick Dawson

    Jim Harrington Sr…Well, Jim Sr, the Republicans are really the party that changed philosophies more, but the whole argument is just irrelevant now. We are talking about the Republicans of today, and the Democrats of today. They are whole different animals than the 1960's. Actually, abortion wasn't even a political party issue until Reagan's folks determined that they could pick up the traditionally Christian Democrat vote in the South by coming out as "pro-life." That was the beginning of the new Republican party, and a sad day it was. Until then, people seemed to be able to separate their political and religious beliefs. Now, it seems that we are a nation of "either/or's" with no room for compromise somewhere in the middle. And Monique seems to be right; moderates don't feel comfortable voting Republican anymore. Who can blame them? I sure would like to see the Republican party of the pre-1960's again. Take the time to watch the Nixon/Kennedy debates on You Tube sometime and you will see that very little actually separated these two guys; additionally, they were polite and respectful of each other. Sure would like to see more of that these days. In fact, the only people in the media who seemed respectful on election day were Romney in his concession speech and Obama in his victory speech. There is a lesson there, if any of us care to learn it.

  43. Anonymous

    Jim Harrington Sr your comment consists of half-truths. I am a history teacher and it always bothers me when people think they know history. It was 3/5's of a person not 1/5 and it was a policy not supported by "northern Democrats" but southern Republicans looking to count southern slaves as part of their state population to increase their number of electoral votes. The Civil Rights Act was a Kennedy idea that Johnson implemented and had little to do with GOP minority.

  44. Anonymous

    Jim Harrington Sr – You shouldn't tell other people to research when you're too lazy to do it yourself. The "Obama Phone" was introduced in 2008 under Dubya's watch.

  45. Anonymous

    Robert Bruce …. what has changed since the 50s, 60s, 70s , etc. when your day at school was started by the principal over the loud speakers reciting the Lords prayer and the pledge of allegiance . Or are you old enough to remember that?

  46. Kevin V Sinclair

    Andrew, nobody forces anybody to work any where for any body. Putting the cart in front of the horse, has never worked. If a better job with better pay is out there then the disgruntled employee should go get it. Complaining that a company does not offer a living wage sounds to me someone made too many bills and too many mouths to feed on a low hourly wage. That makes no sense. We all reap what we sow, I believe many folks like yourself choose to have your hand out to take rather then to take responsibility for poor choices.

  47. Anonymous

    Monique Mark …. I am being as frank as i know how………. What has Obama done for YOU?

  48. Bill Haraldstad

    Let's also address another factor since jobs were brought up. The FACT that well over half of America is in deep financial debt – and it's THEIR fault! You have all of these obedient consumerist zombies shopping day in and day out, maxing out their credit cards, and then they have the audacity to bitch and complain when they receive their overwhelmingly high bills. Well, no one put a gun to their heads and told them to go on their Stupid Shit Sales. I often overhear or read where people are complaining that they're not making enough – and often they soon add in all the bills they have to pay.

    The basics such as utilities, that I can understand since they're necessities. However, all the other things I hear/see these people bitching about, buying things they don't need that are overpriced, often don't work properly, and they end up regretting purchasing them at all. Clearly accountability and personal responsibility has been buried underneath this commonplace self-entitlement delusion so many people have. Well, then STOP buying stupid shit and stay away from the casinos, folks! Then your bills wouldn't be as high as they are. And do NOT expect anyone to feel remotely sorry for you.

  49. Butch Legere

    Why is it in our country if you disagree with someone then it turns to hate? Why can't people just agree to disagree and still respect each other?

  50. Anonymous

    Modern American Christians are a joke. They are the most bigoted bunch of people since Hitler.

  51. Tim Edgar

    Wow Jim Harrington SR. seems to have forgotten it was LBJ who pushed civil rights thru congress. Once again republicans revise history to fit their version.

  52. Gerry Buck

    I guess you missed the statement Bush made on national tellevision when he said 'I'm glad all those [well paying] manufacturing jobs went overseas. Or perhaps you missed his fiscal record, the one that shows not only did he blow a 56.5 trollion dollar surplus in 2 years, he racked up a 10 trillion dollsr deficit during the rest of his 2 terms. Yeah, we had it really good under him, the bank collapse, the Wall Street fiasco,add adnauseum.

  53. Randi Middleton

    "The God Haters now outweigh the God Lovers."
    It's about time! About time people come to their senses and stop believing in mythology and letting it run peoples lives.

  54. Bernie Couture

    Perhaps I was a little over critical of her…but calling people God haters simply because they voted for Obama is pretty excessive….and not very accurate.

  55. Sam Geese

    Jim Harrington Sr 3/5 is better than no fifths the way your people wanted it. Dick.

  56. Sam Geese

    Derek Randstrom – using your logic, we should all travel back in time to 1950 when bread was a nickel blah blah blah… OF COURSE everything was cheaper 12 years ago. Things are cheaper NOW than they WILL BE in 12 MORE years.. See how this works?

  57. Sam Geese

    Scott Shirley You obviously have NOT been paying attention now, or throughout history.

  58. Anonymous

    williamwaters got it completely right! At last, someone seems to have a brain and uses common sense in this thread! Back to the real subject here about Victoria Jackson and her on-going bazarre and seemingly unhinged antics. She's a complete wing nut! I've known her personally, and I'll be the first one to tell ya that she comes from out there deep in center field, man! Nowadays she's just probably trying to get a slim-fast gig, and somehow stay relevant. Neither is gonna happen for her, I'm afraid.

  59. Debbie Hurlburt

    We did better! Our income has dropped by 17,000 a year due to my job closing dowm, forced to retire early and now have to pay $400 a month for health ins with a $5000 ded. But I'm not standing in the welfare lines waiting for freebies. I just have to cut expenses!!

  60. Jason Aragon

    How can the God haters outweigh the God lovers with her fat ass on the God lovers side?

  61. Gee Davis

    Wouldn't it be easier to just live your life as holy as you want w/o all the vitriol??? For all you know this woman might run a business, and is well-off. Did your God say it was ok to disparage people???

  62. Gee Davis

    John Howard Thank you for this moment in Black History. Now tell us AGAIN how Romney was gonna help 100% of the people??? I NEED A LAUGH!

  63. Jean Gray

    Old enough to remember when we did it because it was expected and respected, and you wanted to be respected as much as show respect. It was not because we were ' forced to'…or brain-washed into it, like some would have you believe.

  64. Jean Gray

    The one or two who didn't participate sat or stood quietly as the rest prayed and pledged…and they didn't feel abused or left out… sometimes one would skip a day and be the loudest the next.

  65. Janice Vandenberg

    Um the original America allowed slavery of humans and the violation of women without punishment. And the church isn't doing its job any more. its to busy buying crystal cathedrals and gold sets, and private jets for its evangelists. And this is coming from a Christian point of view.

  66. Susan Skorc

    Derek Randstrom You must have or be a bad financial adviser Derek, because my 401K halved after Bush's disastrous presidency, but has gone beyond what it originally was while Obama was president.
    Or, you are simply a liar, just like most conservatives. Also, you are all bad losers.

  67. Carolyn Johnson

    She wants all the red states to secede…PLEASE DO…the blue states have all the good jobs and universities and cool cities.

  68. Charles Conrad

    Hey Monique…Who exactly was it that helped free your people and also helped them to gain civil rights? Who was it that signed Jackie Robinson to a contract, breaking the baseball color barrier? When is your race ever going to recognize those in the white race who actually fought on your behalf against the in justices done to your people? Still blaming the white man after all these years without one ounce of appreciation for the ones who were on your side…many who are and were Republican. We are tired of this continual pity party in the year 2012. Go to Africa now and see some injustice…blacks warring against blacks. Then come back here and complain about your oppression.

  69. Bill Morrison

    Andrew, most of the people on welfare are white because whites are a majority and they lost their jobs .. and what has olamo done? spend us into oblivion and debt with china!!! And idiots like you who voted him back in.

  70. Charles Conrad

    So why is it that every time a conservative who disagrees with a liberal view or lifestyle, they are called hateful? But if a liberal disagrees with a conservative view or lifestyle, then they are called tolerant and compassionate? If liberals have become that highly self-righteous and arrogant, then you have no right at all to point fingers at anyone and call them hateful. It looks like you have become what you say that you oppose.

  71. Kristen LeNormand Arute

    She is such a sincere individual. It's too bad that someone with her heart in the right place who is expressing concern for our country is vilified. The methodology of the left seems to be: 1) Latch onto anything, 2) Mock it, 3) Call anything/everything hate, and now, 4) Suggest someone else mocks it.

  72. Cory Malone

    Jim Harrington Sr, it was also the GOP who sold out Blacks after the Great Flood of 1927 when they allowed the planters to force sharecropping Blacks to build levees to protect their land from the overflowing Mississippi River, often at gunpoint. Herbert Hoover promised to compensate the Blacks for their losses—which happened while being made to protect the assests of the White planters, but Hoover completely turned his back once he was elected president. That is when Blacks began to become Democrats. Party titles notwithstanding, it's the conservative viewpoint that had enslaved Blacks and now seeks to suppress their vote. The Democrats on the 1800s are now the Republicans of the 2000s. Basically, if you were alive a century ago, you'd be a Democrat.

  73. Janina Evans

    I have to say it should no longer be "Churches" that are guilty because they are in fact ran by Humans…humans are all fault…and has nothing to do with the church…good humans make good churches….and just believing in God does not make you a christian….serving God and living by his word in all ways makes you a christian….not with perfection because we are all made imperfect

  74. Kim LaCapria

    She is also sincerely unable to articulate a single reason "America died." It's mock-worthy because she feels her uninformed opinion is relevant.

  75. Anonymous

    Why is it that went someone speaks the truth and it doesn't fall in lock step with liberals or the liberal media they must be denigrated? I guess as long as we all lean left it's okay? You liberals can kiss off, tired of listening to your whining!

  76. Stacee Montgomery Nichols

    @JimHSr your history lesson is indeed correct, but you left out that all of those racist/segregationist southern democrats became republicans and those north/east republicans that helped to pass civil rights legislation

  77. Stacee Montgomery Nichols

    Sorry my daughter accidentally hit send……as I was saying the Rockefeller style republican of the 50's-80's is no longer accepted in the 2000's version of the republican party, also the republican lost any legitimacy with the black community when it decided to rely in the southern strategy ….so I forcefully denounce the bigotry and hatred of the democratic party of the past but I most certainly will not entertain a party that engages in it now

  78. Cathy Sutherland Swartwood

    Jim Harrington Sr….an educated man!! This is what's so frustrating. Blacks don't realize it was the Democratic party has been their enemy all along. All the entitlements they are given are only meant to keep them controlled and slaves of the government. Blind is too mild a description…..

  79. Humber Joseph

    Scott Shirley you don't live in Texas then and have MY relatives. They are Southern Baptist and shove it down your throat. They don't show you by actions or opportunities, they will talk you to death about it though. Even when you tell them to shut up they keep talking. I am not talking about missionary stuff. I mean they talk 24/7 to everybody about religion.

  80. Sharon Alvarez

    Excuse me but she's not crazy! And you yes you the writer of this article are the crazy one for twisting it and blowing this out of proportion. She's just a Christian and obviously you must not be!! What she says is the truth because America is do corrupted now they chose a president with no morals or values! America did die!

  81. Humber Joseph

    Sandra Steiner They had an America though. Not a United States of America, but an America. It was their country, their land. You should have learned about that in history class.

  82. Roger White

    Jim Harrington Sr ,,Thanks Jim. I'd began to think I was one of few who took & remembered History from my school days. It's amazing to me how few of the younger generation (I'm 54), don't know their history,,,& get most of their's from Tv. Thank you!

  83. Cathy Sutherland Swartwood

    Monique Mark
    Your claim that Bush Republicans riling up their base against minorities and Obama is hilarious! Can't stop laughing…….anyone against Obama is NOT racist. That's always the lame excuse for a president who has been a dismal failure. The thought of 4 more years of him flushing us down the toilet is pretty depressing. Thanks for dragging the rest of us down with you.

  84. David Baker

    John Howard You are misquoting President Johnson. I was born before President Kennedy was killed. The word Johnson used was "Nigros", which was the politically correct word for the times. My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Tribbett, a wonderful teacher, told us that the proper way to say the race of black people was Negro or Negra. I suppose she would know, she was black.

  85. Roger White

    Must have been busy,,in the shadows,,,making EBT Cards for Obama to hand out,,,didn't exist before him,,,& I don't know a soul who has one,,, But the Rappers write alot o' songs about 'em. Must be a secret!Hmmmmm.

  86. Kelli Montgomery Perry

    The Dems are NOT perfect, but they aren't CRAZY either.

  87. Willie Holmes

    Scott Shirley I DID once tell a Christian that I wasn't interested. He chased me down the street in the middle of a snowstorm still telling me that I had to become one. I told him at least four times that I wasn't interested, he STILL kept following me. And, yes, he did have "that look" in his eyes. Fortunately, he finally got the message and went on his way.

  88. Colleen McGinness

    Although the crazy has been going on since campaigning started, in the last few days, I have seen the most crazy, hateful things being said. Convinces me even more that I just want to be around animals, minus the crazy part. 😉

  89. Andrew Chase

    Willie – You should've told him "Hey, I'm on my way to a Black Mass. Would you like to come? We're sacrificing a virgin>"

  90. Dave Frank

    I love how liberal maggots like you jimmy boy like to call God fearing Americans people who hate. You are the only hate I see here.. You disagree with a woman who is obviously upset and has every right to be at the outcome of this sham and voicing her opinion.. HER OPINION DOES NOT COINCIDE WITH YOURS SO YOU ATTACK HER. Get a real job and a life. I only see one unstable individual here at it isn't Victoria. How the hell do idiots like you get jobs?

  91. Andrew Chase

    Kevin Sinclair – We have college grads working those jobs after the jobs they trained for got eliminated, shipped overseas, or given to H1-B visa foreign workers willing to do those jobs for a fraction of what Americans can afford to live on(because the countries they're from pay 100% of their citizens' college tuition),and thus can afford to work for less. And that when the college grads aren't being rejected for those jobs as being "overqualified" or "overeducated", or likely to jump ship for the first job that approaches their education or skill level.

    And what about those over age 40 workers who got laid off after years or decades at a real job, then half to try fnding whatever crap job they can at some place like WalMart, after the factory they'd worked at for 20+ years got shipped to China? Any unemployed worker over age 40 is damn lucky to find a job anywhere, let alone one that came anywhere near the skill level or pay he/she had at their old job.

  92. Janina Evans

    OMG you a holes are cracking me up…I wont even watch the darn video…I dont would rather waste my brain space on something perverted 😉 KIDDING geesh

  93. Janina Evans

    It was said in humor….funny…I dont think you are an a hole…but it is fun to say….You beautiful babes are cracking me up…is that better???

  94. Janina Evans

    When did you become so touchy and sensitive??? We use to have the same humor and we use to have FUN!!! LIghten up lover 😉

  95. Jim Harrington Sr

    Andrew Chase- Numerically you are likely correct, although I am sure those numbers are merging. As far as percentages go, that is not the case. My point, however is that the black race has been sucked in by the Democrat party as a subservient voting block.

    Rick Dawson- I wish the Dems of today subscribed to the fiscal policies of Kennedy. I would support them. And I wish the Repubs would abandon the social arguments- those are state issues and with our fiscal house heading off of a cliff none of it will matter soon anyway.

    robizmyname- I am aware of the history. I know it was 3/5 not 1/5 of a person. I also noted you had no problem correcting the white guy but were afraid to correct the black woman. Is that a sexist issue or a racial issue with you? Also, I believe it was the Pro-Slavery southern Dems who wanted to count the slaves as a whole person to increase their membership in the house. It was incredibly complex and deserves a discussion on it's own. As far as Kennedy goes, he seized the civil rights issue after the anti-communist issue was latched onto by McCarthy and Nixon. To believe Kennedy cared about anything but votes is naive.

    It was LBJ who really figured it out: Pre-LBJ the American black's school score were rising, their financial world was improving, their out of wed lock births were low and dropping. The family unit was firmly intact. After LBJ's New Society was implemented all of the above sited facts began to reverse. But as long as he robbed perter to pay paul, paul would vote for him every time. Teddy K knew it and ran with it. He became the defacto massuh of the New Plantation.

    georgenancy1980-yes, the welfare phone was slipped in under Bush. It consisted of a phone for school and emergencies. It took Obama to provide cell phones to every member of the family at the taxpayers expense. For the record, I could never pay for my kids to have phones. But hey, I guess it is a civil right to be facebookin' while you are ebt'n, right?!

    Cory Malone-interesting story-got me on that one. Will research. But I am sure the dem-supported kkk lynchings were ok by you?

    Monique- you took a beating here with class. The Republicans have been villified for years by the white-guilt of the leftist media. Please look at the facts, and please seek out a real fiscal conservative t talk with. The rhetoric has become brutal (I plead guilty) on both sides.

    In the end ask yourself: regardless of your party, beliefs or color, what right do we have to treat our grand children as ATM machines? What right do we have to spend THEIR money before they are born? When does it end?

    Man this is so long I feel like Joe Doakes!

  96. Dotti Roe

    Roger White @ Wake up dude! You act like Obama invented food stamps personally and just hands them out! LOL! Food and TANF have been on ebt cards for several years now – long before Obama. Dumbass, the cards save paper e time and money and makes the system more cost effective. Sheesh!!!

  97. An Pe

    Jim Harrington Sr , you miss the point. This is politics, where there is neither permanent enemy nor friend, but permanent interest. Yes, it was the Democrats in those days, and do not think we can't read, because we do know. You are the one stuck in the past and need to move on. The same polices of Democrats of yore days, are the ones Republicans have embraced today. If you doubt it, you investigate and confirm that many card carrying KKK members today are mainly Republican party affiliates.
    Finally, it is in bad taste and sheer hypocrisy for those who rode on the back of welfare to get to where they are today, to turn back and kick those being helped by the same system today. When you pass through a door of opportunity, don't shut it behind, help hold ajar for those coming behind you. Just saying.

  98. Keith Earl McLaughlin

    Andrew, you cannot "work" and draw welfare. You may get some food assistance, but not much. And you cannot compare the white demographic to the black and minority demographic because you're looking at numbers and percentages. And no matter what, the modern liberal democrats would rather have a society filled with welfare recipients of all ethnicities dependant on their government, rather than an affluent society of responsible, taking care of their own business adults.

  99. Keith Earl McLaughlin

    Andrew, you cannot "work" and draw welfare. You may get some food assistance, but not much. And you cannot compare the white demographic to the black and minority demographic because you're looking at numbers and percentages. And no matter what, the modern liberal democrats would rather have a society filled with welfare recipients of all ethnicities dependant on their government, rather than an affluent society of responsible, taking care of their own business adults.

  100. Sue Haskins

    She always struck me as highly intelligent and really, really funny. Based on her statements and actions, it seems she is a little unhinged and maybe off her meds.

  101. Sue Haskins

    Jim Harrington Sr Poor, young, white women and children make up the welfare base. I worked as an interviewer in the public welfare system for 17 years. Young, white Americans rarely register, let alone vote. In my family I am the only one of three who is even registered to vote. Personally, I am embarrassed that neither my brother or sister have ever voted in 40 years.

  102. Shethy Luve Smith

    By there standards, he would have been 1/2 human cuz he's white also. She does sound like a bit of a wack job but the Republican party was brought about on an anti slavery ticket/stance. Slave owners were originally Democrats

  103. Joseph P Taylor

    Stop the whining. I have been on both sde of that fence. Been on welfare for 5 months got off it. I never blamed any company or person for MY CONDITION IN MY LIFE. I changed it and I am very successful in my own business. Anyone can do what I have done. Excuses are like assholes everybody has one and they all STINK! I don't need no stinking governement running my life!

  104. Sue Haskins

    The hayleys: I am a Christian but I am not a far right, conservative, fundamentalist Christian. That is who people make fun of because that group of Christians is likely to quote irrelevant Bible verse, refuse to accept and understand other faiths and religions, are anti-gay, and express vitriol while saying they are praying for the rest of us, who disagree with religious dogma. They have pastors, who tell them from the pulpit, who they should vote for. They believe women are subjugated to men. The Bible does not say that. If you talk to a mainline minister, he/she will tell you that man is the head of woman as Christ is head of the church. It is not a relationship of control. Fundamentalist Christians are all about control. That is why they take themselves seriously and no one else does. Don't even tell me the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Two mentions usually taken out of context. I prefer to hear the reasoning of a Bible scholar rather than a not-very-well educated person, who has no context of the Bible.

  105. Gretchen Linder

    So, I don't if anyone will be reading this but here goes …. I am sick to death of the current Republican party claiming they are the party of Abraham Lincoln. You're not. The party names remain the same but the ideologies have completely reversed since the 1860 election. At the time of president Lincoln most REP. states were located in the NORTH and are damn near the same as the "Blue states" of the 2012 election. The Democrats in 1860 were largely based in the SOUTH and there was a divide in the democrats between North and South. Sorry to be the one to burst everyone's bubble, but if modern day Republicans were living during the 1860's most of them would have been Democrat.

  106. Anonymous

    If I may say Monique you a beautiful lady. Here we are all together in here saying what we feel ok. Now lets see what Mr Obama has done in his term. Lets think hard. Dam I know nothing at all to improve this nation. He could have repealed NAFTA and started putting people back to work ere in this country he didn't do that ok. Ok we are in hid re election now. We r now days sfter re election our national depht just hit 19 trillion dllrs. when we hit 20 trillion dllrs in depht this nation will no longer be a money makering country. our banks will shut down. we will have no access to any money. stores will shut and amry personel will move into our country in every city. just look at cnn obama just yesterday ordered 20.000 troops to secure washinton around the capital. In obozocare it is written starting 3 yrs sfter his medical health act is written into law. As it was sign into law march 27 2010, As of march 27 2013 oboama has ordered that a nation wide program be started in which he has ordered every american be fitted with a tracking chip implant in thier right hand. you can read it in obozocare for yourself it right there in black and white,.So here is your leader most definatly not mine and millions more of us. This who u voted for so good luck with I am leaveing here soon so I don't have to be in a surpressed country. And the best part of all this it is you dumasses who did this. its there on government websites all u do is read it for yourselfs. I hope u do take this as a warning my friends.

  107. Sue Haskins

    Roger White Oh good grief, EBT cards have been around since the Clinton administration in 1996. I doubt if your friends would tell you that they get FS or medical on the EBT card. Your statement is just a flat out lie.

  108. David Welsh

    Andrew Chase.. I would LOVE to know what state you live in. In this state, and in the seven close proximity states, the reverse of ALL you have just said is true.

  109. Timothy Phillips

    Please do not equate what she said to slavery. That has nothing to do with this issue. Allen West is in the Tea Party as well as some other black citizens. I do not see how anyone who calls themselves a Christian could vote for a Democrat. They made it perfectly clear that they hate Jesus in their convention. That is my point of view on this issue.

  110. Linda White-Cheaitou

    This election has driven the racists of America crazy, and why do people like her and others spit out religion and in the next breath preach ignorance and hate. Deal with, The President of The United States is Black. Drop this end of America bull sh*t.

  111. Lydia Richardson

    @ Jim Harrington Sr. That may have been the history of the then Democrat Party but it is not NOw. The Republicans have taken up that mantel and as such Monique Mark said nothing wrong. Her mention of history was totally correct. She did not attribute the 1/5th remark to any party. As for the 1964 Civil Rights Act the thanks goes to my forefathers that fought for it NOT the GOP. You all love to take credit and re-write history but remember the only persons you are fooling are yourselves. You all continue to want to piss in our faces and tell us its raining but we know different. Thanks God most people know this and thus we have re-elected the best president ever – President Barack Obama!!!! Now get over yourself. UGh!!!!!

  112. Lydia Richardson

    Jim Harrington Sr Also be reminded their are more WHITE people on welfare than anyother ethnicity. And thats not only the history that is how it is NOW!!!!!

  113. Tabatha Smith

    Good thing I don't waste my time with the crappy SNL of today. I can PROUDLY say that my state favored Obama AND gay marriage! Fuck your bible and the misogynistic sons of bitches that wrote the fucking thing — sorry, but I don't think GOD wrote that. Last I knew, God was supposed to be some sort of power up in the heavens, you're going to tell me God wasted the time to write that bedtime storybook and sent it to all the dregs of this planet? Just to have it misconstrued and make everyone hate each other? What an odd God, one would think gods would want everyone to LOVE, RESPECT, and HELP one another, not use them as excuses for WAR and DISCRIMINATION.

  114. James Bruce

    Jim, that's not particularly relevant. Yes, historically that might be true, but it has very little to do with today. Monique is addressing directly the notion of "original America" stated by a nut. That nut is a tea party member who believes anyone who thinks different then her is evil. Quite a few southern Democrats became Republicans when Democrats finally embraced the civil rights movement. It was not a good thing for Republicans, and this tea party nonsense isn't either. Once again your party moved against minorities, and it bit the party in the arse. Are Republicans racist? No, I'm not making that kind of swipe. But they are misguided right now as a party. I maintain that people like Jackson don't represent Republican voters. The problem is the leadership in the party caters to the nuts, and then at the same time tries to look centrist in the general elections and ends up looking like it has no actual position, counting on voter fatigue and dissatisfaction in lieu of a cogent position.

  115. Jan Falk

    Jim Harrington Sr still spouting off same old wrong rhetoric, what would it take for republican racists to wake up? You are not moderate, you are not sane.

  116. Anonymous

    Derek Randstrom just like romney, your math doesn't add up…gas originally went over 4 bucks under your beloved dubya. gas was higher under dubya than it was under clinton. which was higher than when reagan was pres. like it or not, this is a more expensive world than it was when you were tossing papers for 2.50/week. what has gone so wrong in your life that you made far more income but had to take several pay cuts in 4 yrs? probably lost a job when bush's economy went into the toilet in 07. maybe you were forced to take some job that doesnt adequately pay your way causing you to take money from your 401k. maybe you had to live on unemployment and got the extended benefits first offered by bush and continued for a time under obama. you sound like so many that miss the point with the republican party. if you are taking it in the shorts as a middle class citizen, the republican party is not about to help you do better in life. they will continue to stick it to you. if you made over 200k they would be willing to help you; since you dont make that much gop couldn't care less about you

    george w. was on duty when the bombing of the uss cole took place in 2000. george was on duty sep 11. george was on duty when the economy crashed in 06-07. when gas skyrocketed, housing forclosed in record numbers and jobs dried up after businesses shutdown when fuel costs caused mass transit and airline fares to rise. yet republicans blamed clinton for the terrorist stuff and now blame obama for the economy. meanwhile, republican politians routinely stick foot into mouth everytime they say something letting the majority of the nation know that that gop party does not give a rats ass about them. its sad, that so many of you let blind hatred or flat out stupidity rule your thinking

  117. Monique Mark

    James you said it best there. I don't think all republicans are racist but they people they decided to attract to stay relevant are now making it difficult for them to win an election. They thought people wouldn't turn out for Obama this time but in some cases they turned out even more. More African Americans, More Asiains and a whole lot more Latinos. Because these people where terrified of the tea party. An Asian or Latino man or woman would look at it and think; If they can't accept Obama then they won't accept me for sure and vote for Obama with more zeal than they did last time because they saw the unjustified hate. This Tea Party is a racist movement meant to rile up simple minded folks and meanwile even moderate whites are seeing it and thinking…Hmm I don't want to be associated with them.

  118. Jon Weston

    Jim, you make some good points. But you fail to mention that the Democrats you speak of in the Civil Rights Act of '64 were Southern Dixiecrats, who tried to filibuster the act. It was Democrat Mike Mansfield (SML) who initially pushed it through. LBJ signed it (for political reasons), and it was originated via JFK. So, giving Republicans credit is warranted, but you cannot parse facts. It was a bipartisan effort, with opposition on both sides. Also, the Republicans were the Party Of Lincoln, which was derived from the Anti-Slavery Movement. But that changed around the time of the Civil Rights Movement with a lot of the Dixiecrats moving to the Republican party (i..e. Strom Thurmond and others) in opposition to the legislation, for reasons of race. This was largely spearheaded by George Wallace (and we all know who he was… I would hope). You should read "The Politics Of Rage" by Professor Dan T. Carter, who notes how the former fiscally conservative/socially liberal Republicans were politically commandeered by the southern Democrats for reasons of simply winning elections. Also the EBT cards you mention were initiated in 2004, before Obama was even elected into the Senate. A professor of mine once told me, "If you read your history, you'll find that black people have done plenty of things to be proud of. But they've also done plenty of things to not be proud of as well. And you'll find the same thing applies to whites, Asians, Latinos, and the list goes on." He went on to say his point is "They're still just people."

  119. Derek Randstrom

    Yes, they all are. Yes, people PAY to see or hear them. Maybe you and I don't but many do. You seem to be able to decide who is and who isn't relevant, so you must think that your opinion is relevant to someone other than yourself. And yes, you are nothing. On some scales, less than nothing.

  120. Jon Weston

    "I happen to think that the singular evil of our time is prejudice. It is from this evil that all other evils grow and multiply. In almost everything I've written there is a thread of this: a man's seemingly palpable need to dislike someone other than himself."


    I think that sums this discussion up pretty well.

  121. Deb Shuey Grove

    So what would she say about us Christians who prayed and voted for Obama? Who answered that prayer? If she is a Christian in any sense of the word, she would be saying "God's Will Be Done."

  122. Peggy Edwards Briggs

    My family is doing better since Obama's been in office. And hopefully, sometime in the future after the healthcare act gets a chance to be in place for awhile, I will finally be able to get the medical care that I need that my insurance does not want to cover because it is so incredibly expensive. I haven't done lots of research on this topic, but I'm still hopeful.

  123. Peggy Edwards Briggs

    In the school system I work for, the children say the Pledge of Allegiance every day and have a "moment of silence" afterwards. To me, that's time to pray if you want it. There are Jewish kids, a few Muslims, some kids from India and China in our schools…it would be inappropriate to make them recite the Lord's prayer. I like the way our school system handles it.

  124. Michael Ries

    Andrew stop right there……………..Snooki…Kim, Paris..are not celebrities….With the exception of snooki(and thats a streach) hey made their fame on their backs

  125. Anonymous

    Uh, the Republicans are crazy.

    The one thing Jim Harrington leaves out in that history is that all those Democrats and the South turned Republican when Nixon developed his Southern strategy. And if you have any doubt about the history of the Republican party, just look at the racist response of the angry UMISS students election night on learning Obama had won.

  126. Mark Denman

    I have to laugh at all the sad people that think Victoria Jackson is unhinged. She is taking a bold stance with her faith. The US was a more successful nation when we followed God's Word more closely. The nation clearly began its current decline as the selfish, God-less children of the hippie era grew into selfish adults and leaders of our country. The US thrived when God's Law helped guide our leaders. Once man's law, and the so-called freedoms that come along with it, took over our nation began to fail. Living under God's Law gives man a blamelss freedom.

    Neither man running for office would have been a good choice for steering this nation back to greatness. Obama has a track record of failure. Romney is the kind of person that has run this country into the ground and selfishly captialized on the ruin of many families. All we can do as a nation at this point is pray to God that Obama asks for His guidance in bringing us back in line with God's law.

    That won't happen though, as Obama is not a man aligned with God's Word.

  127. Jamie Engeman

    The best thing about people like victoria jackson is as long as the republican party embraces wackadoodles like her they will never win.She should connect with ted nugent&sarah palin&the 3of them can go moose hunting."CAREFUL WHERE YOU POINT THAT VICTORIA".

  128. Dean Wherry

    She's as funny as she's ever been because there is no way what she spouts can be taken as serious. Original America? She just lost her right to vote, her right to equal pay for equal work, her status as anything much more than a homemaker and baby factory.

  129. Dean Wherry

    So many people (myself included) use the Internet as a forum to voice their opinions. Celebrities however tend to go overboard and more people read their words thereby opening themselves up to a much larger audience to ridicule them. They really should consult with their PR people before posting such nonsense. I, on the other hand, need to find me a PR person.

  130. Doug Larson

    I always loved Victoria Jackson's acting and humor. I'm sad that she has gone over to the dark side.

  131. Michael Carter

    I think the phone program (Lifeline) goes further that Bush. It started under Reagan, though the universal service requirement (the basis for Lifeline) goes all the way back to the Communications Act of 1934.

  132. Anonymous

    The article says, "Does SNL make fun of their own? If so this would be the perfect opportunity for a sketch about an obviously unhinged woman."

    Yeah, maybe. But what's happened to Ms. Jackson since leaving SNL seems to me to be too sad to dismiss as "fun." The word "unhinged" doesn't even begin to capture it. She's delusional, living in a make-believe world of God vs. Satan, conflating relatively ordinary events with the apocalypse and condemning people as "evil" whose beliefs simply differ from her own.

    She needs help, not ridicule.

  133. Anonymous

    So Humber Joseph-with your comment on the Native Americans-what do we do now-give all the land back to them and the 290 million other Americans go where? I teach history and social studies-its ugly and painful sometimes to look at the past but to do anything other than study it and learn from past mistakes is unrealistic. Mr Harrington has a good quote about the Dem. party-that's a a true history lesson but if he thinks that the Dems. of today should somehow "pay" for the sins of the Dem. party of the past is unrealistic. Face it The GOP does not include everyone and until they do they wont be successful.

  134. Anonymous

    Ive said it all along! The world would be a far better place if there were no religion in it! All a bunch of crazies thinking there's an invisible man living in the sky. Because of some book written in the bronze age before modern science even existed, people believe they know God. Then they have the nerve to judge other religions, and people because they believe theirs is the true religion. Shows what this stupid girl knows about our country, Thomas Jefferson said to question with boldness the existence of a God, Franklin said that lighthouses were more useful than churches. What ever happened to separation of church and state? The only way to truly have the separation is to only allow atheists to hold any public office. Now that would be nice. Ahhh to have leaders that didn't actually believe in talking snakes and such. LOL do you know how odd it is in 2012 for me to have to wish my country was led by people who didn't believe in talking snakes? Mass delusion religion is, and if there is a god, I guarantee it would be more proud of those who didn't pretend to have the answers, and those who admitted they knew nothing of or about God. The bible has been proven full of crap, science and history shows us that. Everybody should watch the movie RELIGULOUS, and hear some FACTS about religion, but we know the religious don't deal in fact, they base their whole lives on those books of fairy tales.

  135. Anonymous

    Oh and if this Victoria girl believes so much in God, she should be mad at it for making her so ugly! Give it up Victoria! You never were funny on SNL, and Romney only cared about rich people, how christian is that? The guy believed in magic underwear, it is so scary to think people were stupid enough to vote for him at all.

  136. Dawn Berry Regner

    What a foolishly stupid statement. Yes, absolutely…posting something on Twitter is equivalent to Al Qaeda. I'm sure many were killed because of her Twitter comments. There are NO Christians who are blowing themselves up along with everyone else around them, or strapping bombs to their children, because of some sick perversion of religion. You wreak of a double standard. Vitriole from liberals is okay, just not from those EVIL Christians, who generally just want to live their lives and raise their families without the goverment involved in every aspect of their lives.

  137. Dave Roden

    I agree that comparing Christians to Muslim terrorists is misguided. Where I would take issue is with the fact that the same Christians who want to just "live their lives and raise their families" without the goverment involved in every aspect of their lives" are the people who are trying to force their morals on the rest of us, thus getting the government involved in every aspect of our lives. Tell you what, I'll let you live your life your way if you agree to allow me to do the same.

  138. Jeffrey Parker

    America is dead and the Socialist/Communist Party or Democrat Party will make sure it never come back. They depend on the minority and the illegal for its votes and use the brainwashed college party member to expound its views which are totally unrealistic. How does ultra rich commiecrats better than ultra rich repubs? How is giving away money from Medicare, which is paid into by workers then giving the money to medicaid a welfare handout going to make healthcare better all around? How does stealing billions from the american taxpayer to give it away as union payoffs going to fix the economy overall in the long run? How does using emotional button pushing going to bring the nation back together? They have no answers, just quick fixes using other peoples time and resources as usual so they can grab at the power and watch when we try to get it back, they will have every illegal with voting rights next election. We need to cut the communist out of our lives by sending the elite to Russia and retraining the ones left behind. We need to cut people off welfare who have made it their lifes work and nothing else. We need to believe in something more than money or in a popular person who's only motive is self interest. Its time we take this country back or at the very least gather our forces somewhere else and watch as the commie/socialist regime eats itself up and falls apart, like Stalin and his commie Russia, they depend on takeover and deceit to keep up their non sustainable ideas.

  139. Jeffrey Parker

    Your right Jim and to Andrew there are more whites on welfare because there are more whites than blacks, try looking at the percentage of who is on welfare compared to the corresponding race population, I think also if you look at crime statistics you will see that one race is 14% of pop and over 48% of the violent crime, guess who. At least Walmart actually does something, not like socialist Solyndra and the rest of the leftist companies who got their illegal handout from Obama and then fell apart, billions wasted and not a word of that by you commies, hmmmmmmmmmmm I guess giving out other peoples money is ok with you but how dare people make you work for it

  140. Andrew Chase

    "a president with no morals or values"

    Yeah, it really took strong morals and values for Bush to invade a country that was no threat to us, so that his buddies could get rich off no-bid contracts.

  141. Jeffrey Parker

    The Neanderthals lived in Europe before our ancestors so I guess we stole their land and should call it Neaderthal Land instead of Europe?? Get over the false perspective and get a life. If you choose to fall behind in evolution and take the easy road, if you rather have rape gangs (indian tribes had rape gangs tha would attack other tribes, historical fact) and skin people alive with clam shells you tend to get taken over by people whos brain capacity grew with use. If you feel bad for the indian than feel free to give them all your property and money but dont give ours away to make your artificial feelings of guilt go away, they wont.

  142. Jeffrey Parker

    The Anti Christian is the one who forces their narrow view down the throats of the population and use sarcasm and wit as their weapons. Im not even a christian and can see the war that is being made on people of belief because when you believe in something other than yourself and in something bigger you tend not to idolize people like Obama and Stalin, thats why the communist hates religion, it is a jealous god of the self loving and self absorbed and doesnt like it when people dont believe another human is somehow better than they are. The entire Socialist/Communist/Democrat party is a cult of personality and its the very thing to watch out for, this is when Dictators and the Party Elite start taking advantage of the people they look down on as if they were god.

  143. Andrew Chase

    Funny how countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, etc, are far more secular than we are. Sweden in fact is de facto atheist. Yet, those countries are in far better shape than we are, with far lower crime rates.

    Going by your logic, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia should be thriving successes.

  144. Jeffrey Parker

    Thats 2050 and I doubt it, the other populations without the white are not sustainable and how long do you think "white slavery" will last? The brainwashing only lasts so long and the money already has been given out and the democrat has nothing planned to bring in more. I see a New Europe in the making and wherever the white goes you will see everyone else wanting to but never again will we anchor ourselves to another race by any means

  145. Mark Denman

    What's your point? Your statistics regarding the Scandinavian countries has little coorelation to what I am saying. Then, if you wish to bring Muslim nations into the discussion as a way to "show" me how religious governments behave, again, invalid. Try a little harder. Why not dig into our own history. I (along with many others that believe as I do) would like to see the US return to its roots, and sorry, Mr. Anti-God, God was a big part of our nation even though we had separation of church and state.

  146. Mark Denman

    Andrew Chase Oh, and if you are gonna be "scary" with your music, dig a bit deeper than Dimmu and Cradle. Both bands are too mainstream and trendy. I'd be more impressed if you worked at the church of Ghost, or Archgoat….

  147. Andrew Chase

    People pay to see them; And that proves WHAT EXACTLY?

    Ms Jackson may have been a celebrity 20 years ago, but just WTF has she done lately? I suppose, going by your logic, that if Butch Patrick( the original Eddie Munster) made such a statement, you'd see him as relevant?

  148. Bradley Davis

    I get it now! Ms. Jackson, your ditzy appearances on SNL were not an act, you are actually that stupid. And hateful. And racist. And anti-american. If you want to take the Limbaughs and O'Reilly's of the country and all of the other stupid racist white people down south more power to you, but you should call it Ignorant Bigotland. "Original America" was already trademarked by the Native Americans.

  149. Andrew Chase

    Bill Morrison And where was this concern for government spending when Bush and Cheney were spending money like drunken sailors? Fact is, Obama has made the smallest increase in government since Eisenhower.

  150. Bradley Davis

    Jimj Harrington Sr. : Dude, learn your history. The CRA of 1964 passed because of the northern democrat plus non-southern republican plurality. Southern Republicans still voted against it. This is akin to todays racist conservatives trying to invoke Lincoln. You are decades behind the times—sound familiar?

  151. Derek Randstrom

    Let's put it this way Andy, you were attracted to read the article because of her name correct? Case closed little fella.

  152. Derek Randstrom

    You are certainly wrong if we're talking percentages Andy.

  153. Derek Randstrom

    Let's see Andy, Romney would have stopped Obamacare, saving people and businesses billions of dollars. The stock markets would not have dumped as it has this week. Companies would not have started laying off full time workers because of the cost of Obamacare. At least he has positions, as opposed to "my views are evolving" guy who would not take a stance on anything because it might alienate a potential voter.

  154. Derek Randstrom

    Let's see Andy, Romney would have stopped Obamacare, saving people and businesses billions of dollars. The stock markets would not have dumped as it has this week. Companies would not have started laying off full time workers because of the cost of Obamacare. At least he has positions, as opposed to "my views are evolving" guy who would not take a stance on anything because it might alienate a potential voter.

  155. Derek Randstrom

    Humber Joseph By that logic the "American Indians" should be called the "Asian Indians".

  156. Derek Randstrom

    Humber Joseph By that logic the "American Indians" should be called the "Asian Indians".

  157. Paul Anthony Engels

    who gives a rats ass about prayer and the 10 commandments in school? most of the founding fathers were not for religion but against. all those kids care about is there x box and smart phone. you think they care about prayer and the 10 commandments. most religious leaders do not care about it either. in fact they are in the upper 1 percent who convince all their members to vote for tax cuts for them. I think if religion keeps getting involved with the state it is time to tax them. we left religious tyranny under king george and know that the religious want to enforce their own beliefs on others. I am god damn sick of this. even jesus said, you strain at a nat and you swallow a camel. you keep the letter of the law and violate the heart of the law(which is love and mercy). just like religion in jesus' day is just like today. they focus on stupid petty trivial things and let heinous things go unnoticed. the sooner we rid ourselves of this religious cancer the better this country can get out of the fuckin dark ages.

  158. Anonymous

    Hi Jim: I do mention many off the gains we as Black people made under Republican leadership, I'm a Dem and you saw our views change after the FDR years when Mrs. Roosevelt took up the cause of Negro issues. I would have supported Republicans like Howard Baker and Elizabeth Dole.

  159. Loffrey Wodring

    Give it back to the British, after all the built and founded the country.

  160. Humber Joseph

    Jeffrey Parker They were nomadic people. You need to learn a little history and not continue to fool yourself that life is all about YOU. Shame on you you ignorant hillbilly.

  161. JuLeah Willson

    Did the fool not get the memo? We are not, nor have we ever been a Christian nation. The Original American she speaks of never existed.

  162. JuLeah Willson

    Sandra Steiner Hundreds of thousands of Native folks lived here… many nations, many cultures, many languages, many ways of life.

    What happened was this: White people got lost at sea, were rescued by Natives on the Eastern shore. The rescued boaters thanked the Natives with genocide.

    The white people were undocumented immigrants, were not here by invitation, did not learn the language, did not accept the dominate religion, took jobs, took land, too resources and destroyed many cultures.

    Did you know we first started calling the folks here Indians because Chris was lost; thought he was in India and interacting with the Natives of that land.

    That you never learned about this is history class is disturbing. And the slaughter of Natives… yah, it is still happening.

  163. JuLeah Willson

    Scott Shirley I've seen Christians share Jesus's love through their actions and it is an amazing thing to watch. Often folks walk away never even knowing they were interacting with a Christian.

    More though, I've seen people judged, beaten, shut out by folks, who state they are acting in Jesus's name. God would hate you, so I can too.

    I spoke with a fellow at a party not long ago who shared a story of walking in the park. He heard the sound of a fight, and ran to see if anyone needed his help. One man was being beaten by three others. This fellow started to jump in and defend him, but as he got closer, he noticed the guy on the ground (now being kicked) was very fem, maybe Trans. So, this fellow called out, "Kick it once for me" and walked away.

    He said, "Now, I am a good Christian, but even Jesus had his limits"

    And that is what most LGBT, and most non-Christians know about Christianity ….

    I said to this jerk, "What if God had not wanted this poor person to be beaten, and sent you to help because you were near by?"

    The jerk laughed, "God hates perverts, so odds are, God wanted it dead."

    He really saw nothing wrong with his actions, nor in sharing this story with a large group of people (including children) ….

  164. Shelley K Mulholland

    Dawn Berry Regner ….are you sure of your facts re: "christians" not strapping bombs to their children? Do they all just drive them into a river or drown them one by one in a bathtub?

  165. Michelle Kucic

    Monique would have had a proper education on American history and civil rights in original America, and she would not be on welfare–there would not be any, or any need of it.

  166. Nikita Jones

    Jim, 41% of white americans receive food stamps compared to 36% African-American and 18% Latinos. The "Obama Phones" was a program that was started by G.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan had a program, "lifeline", back in 1984, whites use this program also. So what I'm saying that there are blind whites on that plantation also.

  167. Eileen Rothenberger

    Actually, Victoria Jackson is absolutely CORRECT. The problem with the Christians in this country is that they are OF THE WORLD, NOT IN THE WORLD. As a Christian, you are to live your life FOR GOD, not for the world. This world is NOT to be your HOME, it is only a resting place until you get to your Heavenly home. You are to follow HIS Word, not man's word or the ways of man. Unfortunately, those who want to profess themselves as "Christians" really are not living up to the standards that God has set forth in His Holy Word. The reason that Jesus came and died at Calvary was in order to pay the price that God required for the penalty of sin. Only Jesus could provide the solution for the sin problem that Adam and Eve created. When you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, you accept the responsibility of following God's Word. God is a Holy God and can not be in the presence of sin. That is why Jesus had to bridge the gap that sin created between God and man. There are standards set forth in the Bible that the world has COMPROMISED on. When a Christian stands up for those standards, they are deemed "narrow-minded" or out of touch, but in reality, if you are a Christian, you are required to follow God not man. Christianity, in and of itself, is "narrow-mined" and is "politically incorrect" TO THE WORLD, because the world does not understand God or God's principles. The Bible states that in the LAST DAYS, men shall call GOOD EVIL AND EVIL GOOD. That is where this world is. My friends, we ARE IN THE LAST DAYS OF THIS EARTHS HISTORY. Jesus is coming back, no man knows the hour, however, His Word foretells the signs of His return. The Bible also says that "Wide is the road that leads to DESTRUCTION and MANY enter in, BUT narrow is the road that leads to LIFE and ONLY A FEW FIND IT." Won't YOU be one of the few. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and trust in Him. He gave HIS life for YOU, so you could live FOREVER.

  168. Richard Formo

    Someone, here, said the government should stay out of our lives. Wouldn't that be nice? Today, it seems improbable because of GREED! I see no other defense against the afflictions caused by greed than to turn to the government for help. The recent investigations into the actions of big insurance companies, spell it out! To deny someone medical treatment that could save a life is just one instance where the G.O.P. and it's corporate fundraisers must become REAL when they assume the duty of judge, jury and executioner. They say they deplore "big government" and so called handouts to the less fortunate. But, at the same time they fight for and encourage the lobbyists to get them Billions of dollars in corporate handouts! We're talking about pennies VS gold bars! The days of small government is history since there is so much Greed in our society and the world, today! Sad but True!

  169. Eileen Rothenberger

    Amen, Jim. Another thing that seems to be forgotten is the fact that it was a REPUBLICAN(LINCOLN) that FREED the slaves. The Democrats of the left have put the chains of bondage back around MANY Americans, irregardless of race. The chains are not longer the actual chains of old, they have become the chains of GOVERNMENT. Relying on the government is nothing more than being a slave to the government. Joe Biden wants people to think it is the Republicans that are doing this, when is is actuality his own party. Those on the left have been lied to over and over again…it is a real shame.

  170. Dan Mabbott

    The real takers in this country are the forces who will not pay a decent wage and offer no health care. These takers would have us back to the early 1900's if we let them. They are just plain greedy!

  171. Richard Formo

    There are Many folks, like Victoria Jackson who have come to same conclusions. My guess is that they are members of the good ol party, since, they seem to cry the same tune. It's as though they got stuck on the same old radio station and never, once, learned of Another perspective, another Vision! So, to all of you Victoria's, I say "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and allow yourself to be Open Minded from now on". Welcome to the journey!

  172. Paul Highland

    I agree with her completely, and despite this very biases reporting, I am proud of her, and I hope she screams her freedom of religious expression everywhere. I agree with everything she has said, so that's two crazies, lol.

  173. Scott Qualls

    "Formed an ideology of hate against anyone who does not align with her beliefs." Sounds like most liberals. You know, the intolerant tolerants that preach you have to love and accept everyone yet smear anyone and everyone that doesn't hold their same liberal viewpoints.

  174. Greg Baldwin

    BTW Jim-Your argument seems to only tell half of the story as racism is not exclusive any particular political party. Remember the southern strategy that some in the GOP tend to deny just as many tend to acknowledge what the party is doing today. It is unbelievable that the GOP constantly show their hate for others and expect those same people to support their "policies" because they say that they are "better". Oh, if you will do your research you will find that the so-called Obama phones were started by Reagan , Bush added cellphones, and they are not supported by tax payer dollars. Fox News doesn't disclose this type of info. Amazing how people who do not like Arabs get all of the info from a news source partly owned by an Saudi Prince. They are all in bed together at the top buddy and they surely appreciate the ones who are carrying out their culture wars at the grassroots.

  175. Greg Baldwin

    Dawn Berry Regner this is not a foolishly stupid statement as people will take this rhetoric seriously and act on it. Remember, 2nd Amendment remedies, lock n load, etc. You don't hear that crazy talk anymore. Why?

  176. Mark Alan Bagley

    I'm with Victoeia. I can't see how Christians can ignore their responcibility to vote or 9for those who do) vote for Obama! I know of a lot who clam to be yet still vote Obama.Still, the the original purpose of the electorial votes is a thing of the past and should be taken away forever. Let everyone's vote count and count every one! She and Donald Trump is right, it'll be another dark 4 years for America. Obama "won" again, I can get over it, I just hope we can recover from it.

  177. Aaron Eisenberg

    Michael, you are right on. The far Right-wing (the Evangelicals, the racists, the homophobes, a portion of the super-rich, etc…) are way more destructive to the health, well-being, strength and quality of this country than any foreign enemy will ever be. Their methods may not as direct as blowing up an embassy or boarding an airplane with a bomb, but they are far more wide-reaching and consistently serve to deteriorate our land by every passing day; the long-term effects being much more destructive than any one murderous episode by a radical on a rampage.
    Thousands of our soldiers have died for what? For oil – a substance we could replace with other fuels/energies if we ever had any nation-wide support to pursue expanded use the many available renewable energy technologies. Millions of people die every year from lack of sufficient health care or outrageously high treatment costs (thus deteriorating our economy with healthcare cost-inducing bankruptcies, and raising everyone else's insurance costs as a result of needing to cover the uninsured, lest they be denied treatment) – why? Because the far Right has stonewalled almost all attempts by the rest of us to reform the system. People are dying on our failing roadways, bridges, etc… and we can't seem to get a vote in congress to fix/upgrade our infrastructure because we need to "cut spending" and "reduce government's role", because perhaps God would fix the roads with magical asphalt from the heavens up above if he thought it was our destiny… How about we fix it ourselves? The good ol' american way; take a risk, make an investment in your future, and reap the benefits later.
    Although the God I am familiar with would surely favor helping those in need, this group of people would rather starve and suffocate the poor than put in the work to change the system from bottom up. How about some undivided support to upgrade our education system, drive down costs and generate a much wider level of opportunity for those in poverty to pursue an education and a career. That will decrease the need for welfare while simultaneously creating a bigger pool of contributors. Maybe this group wants to kill the spread of education, of science, of math, of intelligence. That way they can convince a world of idiots to follow their lead all the way back to (insert year) B.C.
    I have no problem with people that engage in their own traditions or belief systems to make it through every day, but when the lifestyle is extended beyond their personal life to attempt to influence or dictate legislation, how the entirety of our country shall live their lives, that serves nothing but to prolong the worst aspects of our country and the world.

  178. Lawrence Mintz

    Jim Harrington Sr The republican party today is a completeky different creature from the republican party of the middle 1800's so your argument is absolutely ridiculous. When the civil right act became law all the southern dixiecrats switched to the GOP and when prayer was banned in public school the moral majority switched parties. So today the GOP is top heavy right wing Christians that was the government to follow their bible who believe the civil rights act was the worst law ever enacted until Obamacare want small gov't except with thing pertaining to homosexuality and women's sexual health. That is why Obama won the election. It's not because of the liberal media, it's not because of hurricane Sandy or that Chris Christie said nice things about Obama. It's because a majority of Americans don't agree with the GOP agenda.

  179. Anonymous

    Tea Party means (and only means) –
    Fiscal responsibility (balance budget reduce deficit) –
    Smaller federal government (give power back to states for efficiency) –
    Greater personal liberty (no mandates) – constitutional governing (base laws on constitution and enforce existing laws) –
    Accountability and transparency in government (run bills by people before votes and separate earmarks from disaster or defense bills / end political cronyism).
    ******(Social issues are separate personal beliefs many Tea Party members are Libertarian leaning)******.
    This is not racism and my favorite candidate was Herman Cain based on his tax policy).

  180. Anonymous

    The Republican party was formed to oppose slavery…Abraham Lincoln was the Republican president who presided over the end of that horrible institution…(The slave owners wanted the slaves to be counted as a full vote so the south would have more power…those opposed to slavery wanted them counted as 3/5 in order to withhold resources that would weaken the south in order to end slavery later…)

  181. Anonymous

    VJ is speaking treason calling for secession,, didn't hundreds of thousands already die to settle that argument about 150 yrs ago. she should go live in texas where they regularly spout their right and intention to leave the union and see how that goes.

  182. Anonymous


  183. Michael Norell

    Andrew Chase We'd all be better off if Wal-mart didn't exist. Their every location takes money out of the community and they then hire teachers to show employees how to apply for Public Benefits.

  184. Michael Norell

    I believe the Great American Experiment has it self to be a failure. With all the cultures now represented in this Country, it's only the minorities that are able to celebrate their cultures. Us, the majority are not allowed to show any sign of acknowledging religious holidays but the celebrations of the minorities are required learning in the public schools. I believe a revolution looms in our future.

  185. Michael Norell

    I believe the Great American Experiment has it self to be a failure. With all the cultures now represented in this Country, it's only the minorities that are able to celebrate their cultures. Us, the majority are not allowed to show any sign of acknowledging religious holidays but the celebrations of the minorities are required learning in the public schools. I believe a revolution looms in our future.

  186. Michael Norell

    I believe the Great American Experiment has it self to be a failure. With all the cultures now represented in this Country, it's only the minorities that are able to celebrate their cultures. Us, the majority are not allowed to show any sign of acknowledging religious holidays but the celebrations of the minorities are required learning in the public schools. I believe a revolution looms in our future.

  187. Michael Norell

    I believe the Great American Experiment has it self to be a failure. With all the cultures now represented in this Country, it's only the minorities that are able to celebrate their cultures. Us, the majority are not allowed to show any sign of acknowledging religious holidays but the celebrations of the minorities are required learning in the public schools. I believe a revolution looms in our future.

  188. Michael Norell

    I believe the Great American Experiment has it self to be a failure. With all the cultures now represented in this Country, it's only the minorities that are able to celebrate their cultures. Us, the majority are not allowed to show any sign of acknowledging religious holidays but the celebrations of the minorities are required learning in the public schools. I believe a revolution looms in our future.

  189. Michael Norell

    I believe the Great American Experiment has it self to be a failure. With all the cultures now represented in this Country, it's only the minorities that are able to celebrate their cultures. Us, the majority are not allowed to show any sign of acknowledging religious holidays but the celebrations of the minorities are required learning in the public schools. I believe a revolution looms in our future.

  190. Michael Norell

    Any attempt at changing would be far more than Obama has done in four years. Four years, hasn't it been four years since a budget has been presented to Congress. Obama has no idea or more likely no desire to help the American People.

  191. JuLeah Willson

    Dawn Berry Regner The klan calls itself a Christian group…. and in the name of Jesus how many abortion clinics have been blown up, doctors killed…. Christians do commit acts of terror and remember Sarah P was the fool who drew a bulls eye on the head of Gabrielle Giffords which played a role in her getting shot

  192. Randall P Murray

    Andrew Chase maybe you should get the facts before making incorrect statements. Percentage of Americans who are "White" 72.4%, which works out to 223.5 million. Percentage who are "Black" 12.6% or under 39 million. SO, like any Liberal so called Progressive who spouts off numbers, like "most of the people on welfare are White" by default that is true because there are 180 MILLION more "whites" than other "races". Looking at the percentages though on welfare, nearly 40% of "blacks" and 39% of "whites" are on welfare (Department of Commerce numbers – note Andrew I research rather than listen to the blowhards on defunct Air America). I made quotes around "race" because it is people like you Andrew that help keep division in America. It is simple, you are either American or non-American. As soon as you bring in race you Divide. And Mr Lincoln made a statement about a divided nation quite some time ago.

  193. Randall P Murray

    JuLeah Willson like most of the world's history, one group lost, and another group won, generally militarily, sometimes economically. Christians went to the Holy Land and got pushed out by another religious group. The difference is that the United States of America and its laws of the land were created to allow all, but within rules. Every Country has rules to live by. You cannot just go to Russia and demand welfare. Matter of fact you have to get a Visa to enter LEGALLY. The American continent Indians had no such laws. And you may recall that they often went to war with each other prior to the European "invasion". Does not matter what happened hundreds of years ago. This President, and his Cabinet, are breaking the laws of this Land, this Country, this Constitution, and unfortunately, got away with it, and now we have 4 more years of loss ahead

  194. Randall P Murray

    Andrew Chase Beginning of the Tea Party was at the end of the Bush years and finally formed when Obama and the Congress wasted our money on saving banks and other businesses that should have folded. Fiscal conservatives were speaking out before President Bush ever left office. "Patriot Act" is another loss of American rights.

  195. JuLeah Willson

    Michael Norell Within about 30 years, whites will make up less then 50% of the population in America ….based on census projections. And, for decades ONLY white Christian holidays were honored in public… now that others have a voice you cry for a revolution? The revolution happened… now others, in addition to just you, have a voice. This nation has never ever never been just white or just Christian. We have always been diverse faiths and races, cultures and practices…

  196. Greg Baldwin

    So 40% nearly equals 39%. Then why are minorities stereotyped as living off of government if the "percentages" are almost them same.

  197. Dianne Rose

    Monique, you are incredibly uneducated to make such a remark, Abraham Lincoln is the reason you are free today, he was a Republican, not a democrat, read your history girl!!!!!

  198. Greg Baldwin

    Randall P Murray So 40% nearly equals 39%. Then why are minorities stereotyped as living off of government if the "percentages" are almost them same? Politicians just spent millions trying to get elected on this wedge issue in the south and it surely worked.

  199. Dianne Rose

    Andrew Chase , What she says is true, america is dead, Obama is quickly turning us into a 3rd world country, he wants the lower class to be dependant on govt. so he can control them, soon, there will be no middle class, only the rich and the lower class, it is sad what he is getting away with all because idiots like you voted for him and have no idea what he is capable of doing to our country, noone has respect anymore, noone cares about anyone else but themselves, it is to each his own, what can I get for free so excuse me if I happen to agree with her, it was a very sad day for those of us that viewed Romney as our last hope, ready to move to be away from uneducated ppl like you!

  200. Andrew Chase

    Michael Norell AMEN!!!! Truer words will never be said!! I for one refuse to shop at WalMart. I'd rather go to mom and pop businesses or small regional chain stores.

  201. Andrew Chase

    So Romney would've dumped what HE originated in the first place? So you'd be OK with insurance companies denying coverage to those with what might be deemed a "pre-existing condition"?

    "At least he has positions, as opposed to "my views are evolving" guy"

    Yeah, positions that change with the wind. I suppose if I blew a fan in Romney's direction, his views would change yet AGAIN.

  202. Andrew Chase

    Randall P Murray "This President, and his Cabinet, are breaking the laws of this Land, this Country, this Constitution, and unfortunately, got away with it"

    So where was this concern when Bush started an illegal war in a country that was no threat to us, and authorizing spying on US citizens without a warrant?

  203. Andrew Chase

    You did say that America was more successful when we followed the Bible more closely. Which Bible? The KJV? That Catholic Bible? The Orthodox? The Coptic?

    "The US thrived when God's Law helped guide our leaders."

    "The United States is in no sense founded upon the Christian religion" – The Treaty of Tripoli, 1797 – negotiated by Washington, drafted by Jefferson, and ratified by Adams

  204. Andrew Chase

    People said that America was dead when we freed the slaves. They said it again when women got the right to vote. And again when civil rights were extended to everybody. Yet we're still here.

    " noone has respect anymore, noone cares about anyone else but themselves, it is to each his own, what can I get for free"

    That was going on long before Obama ever got nominated, and includes companies that pay their workers slave wages and makes them put in unpaid hours, as well as military contractors who over-inflate the cost of their services so that they can fatten their pockets further.

  205. Rafael Cruz

    Talk about "Original America" or "go back where you came from" – seems to me there were "original" people here before "America" was discovered by the Spanish Conquistadors. Did you ever notice all the Spanish and Native American names of states, towns and cities. Christians, like anyone in this country have every right to live where and how they please. My sister is a Christian, and I love her as a brother should. But I don't want anyone telling me how I should live my life, or where. And this whole thing about Original America is wrong-minded. If you live here then freedom is your legacy, plain and simple. If you choose to believe the pundits who claim that America is broken and going to hell because an American of ethnic origin was voted into the White House – that is your right as well. But, as I see it, it is an insult to all those who fought and died for freedom, from the first shot fired during the Revolutionary War until the last shot fired in the Middle East. Christians worship in this country, as do Catholics, etc. Everyone that votes, has the right to complain if things are not to their liking, since the beginning it has always been that way. Democrat, Republican or Independent we all vote and someone wins. I did not vote for Bush, but he was president from 2000 to 2008. At the end of his term the country came this close to economic failure, worst in our history. I did not hear anyone cry out "this is the end of America." No. Am I disappointed that we have not turn the economic corner, Yes. No one could have fixed in 4 years what it took 8 years to do. Time to roll up our sleeves.

  206. Greg Tatnall

    Tolerance in the United States extends widely to everyone except Christians, Child pornographers, molesters and Clevelanders. There 5 C words you can hate on now Bitches.

  207. Corey Amber

    Religion. Holy Crap. People should just worship their own gods in their own homes and leave the rest of us alone. Please. I am sick and tired of hearing about Muslims and Christians and Jews all feeding on each other. To hell with all of them. Shut up, kill each other quietly and leave the rest of us to live peaceful quiet lives. Thank you.

  208. Cindy Finch-Mass

    WHY do people care what celebrities & has-been celebrities think about politics? The majority of them are uninformed & certainly out of touch with the real world that the rest of us live in. Some people use them as their sole source of information regarding political issues & this is one reason the youth of America are so pitifully blind. What a sad state of affairs when we live in a country that has a President giving away PHONES to get votes! In LESS than 4 years America as a strong nation will be just a memory.

  209. Anonymous

    What an idiot you are Michael, I don't agree with Vicki, but it's a Christian's duty to rebuke an attack on Christian values especially when someone vocally does it, like Obama. If you have the opportunity and don't act, even if it's praying for the situation, you can't really call yourself a Christian.

  210. Jon Ross

    Jim Harrington Sr..Yeah and today the people are the racists are ALL TEA BAGGERS…Asking for Obama's birth certificate and college grades? Elected Baggers caught sending racist about the President like Marilyn davenport,Carl Paladino,Judge Richard Cebull,NewtGingrich and the welfare President comment,John Sununu and the Obama needs to learn to be American comment. You wanna move to the legislation andn hate speech you baggers say on national television?

    Who was that crowd who openly booed a gay soldier during the gop debates asking a question live from Iraq? Those were all baggers disrespectig a u.s soldier ONLY becuase he was gay..That is Bigotry look it up! You wanna talk about Anti hispanic rhetoric and legislation? Who's party was that that tried to OUtlaw Mosques in NYY after 9-11 claiming all Muslims were terrorists? Not no northern Democrats Jim!

    And Finally you should read STATISTICS JIM! The bigest receivers of WELFARE are WHITE PEOPLE in particular WHITE REPUBLICANS LOL! Poorests state in the U.S MISISSIPPI-RED STATE…State with the most without Diploma's????? TEXAS-RED STATE. I And 9 of the top 10 states that receive federal funds are RED! Do what you suggested Monique do,pick up a book.

  211. Helen White

    Dawn Berry Regner Did you read what Michael Parmer wrote? He said, not that they're bombing anybody, but that they do more to divide the country than the Taliban, and I find that a statement very hard to argue with. Before condemning a comparison, you should actually make note of what the comparison is stating.

  212. Tommy Forrester

    you are defintly delusional, after the 911 attack gas prices soared and as a result every thing else sky rocketed, ecept the stockmarket it went to downward spiarl, how can you people not remember the bush years, this country is in some deep s!!t if congress, the senate, and president OBAMA does not find a way to work together

  213. Ryan Snuffer

    It would be nice if everyone would take care of their families and the churches would take care of all widows and orphans, but we all know that this does not happen. I know plenty of Christians who voted for Obama simply because of his social policies–and they happen to love God, their neighbors, and their enemies.

  214. Matt Morgan

    Instead of drinking the koolaid I see you have been sipping the tea. Extreme is Extreme..Victoria comments was hateful. But you know the young generation sees beyond party lines and see with their eyes wide open. Say what you want Romney and the Republican alienated America their rallies look like a history well forgotten. Now they want to include Hispanics..pandering in the worst way for all the wrong reasons.

  215. Matt Morgan

    Jim Harrington Sr There are more whites on welfare then Blacks..but it is not a White or Black issue..there are more players in this game today..Asians, Hispanics, Middle Eastern, all receive some form of Gov Asssistance.

  216. Dawn Walker

    Dave you cannot lump all the people together who want to live their lives & take care of their own without gov't involvement. I want to live my life & take care of my own without gov't controlling what our medical needs are & what coverage I have to have. I don't want the gov't using my taxes to pay for health care of people here illegally or for woman who decide to use abortion as a form of birth control, but I've had to compromise my beliefs at time when practicing the liberty of my right to vote. Even though I opted to vote against our president's re-election, I've accepted the fact he won & it is what it is, but by no means am I trying to force my beliefs or morals on others. I voted dem in last election & just couldn't this time as I was very disappointed in his record. I'm not thrilled with the results, but I've accepted it without pushing my views or morals on you. All I ask of you is not lump all christians who want to to live their lives & take care of their own as wanting to force our beliefs & morals on all others. You know that you are stereotyping using the word "ALL".

  217. Matt Morgan

    Derek Randstrom You are talking from emotions and not facts. Gas was close to $5.00 under Bush..people were loosing their jobs, homes skyrocketed then fell hard. Sorry for your hardships none of us deserved this but point the blame where it belongs. People receiving benefits right now are hard working people looking for work…send a message to the 1% with their 1.6 Trillion war chest from 12 years of Tax-breaks. Tell them to open the jobs lines. I saw the CEO's bragging on Bloomberg how much money they have saved under the tax cuts but was waiting to see who took office before they open up hiring…that is Facious!

  218. George Mckeown

    This makes me laugh , it would be intuitively obvious "Vickie" hasn't missed many meals and knows nothing about being poor. Calling the American poor "takers" is just plain ignorant. I was raised in a single parent family , mom worked 2 jobs to keep the family together and relied onfood stamps to feed us. If she was paid a "decent" wage by her employer (a multi billion dollar corporation) she could have supported us on her own. Oh ya , I'm the WHITE GUY! P.S. -Two words Vickie , "weight -watchers"!

  219. JuLeah Willson

    Randall P Murray It doesn't matter what happened hundreds of years ago? You might feel different were it your people it happened to. We still honor Channukkah after all these years; cause it matters. And, the abusive treatment of the Natives back then, continues today.

    The US laws were NOT created to allow all. People with black skin were not even fully human, but 1/5. And women were property; no voice.

    Yes, every country has laws, and when enough people stand up to say, 'the laws need to change' change happens and it is a good thing. We ended slavery, we lost the jim crow laws, women vote, women have access to birth control (long hard fight that was) women can now divorce, women can no longer (legally) be beaten or raped by their boyfriends or husbands or fathers, girls can play sports, women can attend medical school…. this is called progress.

    Each and every step of the way was blocked by folks on the extreme right screaming about values and morals and the 'original America'

  220. JuLeah Willson

    Derek Randstrom One who knows far more about economics then I explained it like this. She said, assume you have a vast saving account; one you have been building for years. And, you have great credit. (In her metaphor, this is the situation Clinton left for Bush)

    Now, let's say you wanna go wild and have fun with your money (This is where Bush takes office in her metaphor) And you spend!! You go wild… bust through that saving, charge charge charge up your credit cards… have a grand ol time… for eight years

    Now, here in her metaphor is where Obama takes office. Saving gone, credit shot, lost your job cause you were too busy playing, bills to pay, lights about to be turned off, car sits in the driveway cause ya can't afford gas….

    And who do we hate? Who do we blame? Well, Obama of course, cause FOX news said it was all his fault.

  221. Teri Thomas Noel

    Unhinged? I think not! Unless you call all the Hollywood celebrities who voiced their opiniion in support of Obama and his policies "Unhinged" as well.

  222. Sarah Ostrinsky

    It seems like we're fighting the Civil War all over again. In the short term, Victoria's idea of splitting the country in two sounds like it might bring peace. It might help to stop the hatred and division that only seems to be gaining strength. Let the red states do what they want, and the blue states do what they want. Two nations. But would we then live peaceably and respect each other, forevermore? Or would the nation with all the armaments then take up a manifest destiny mantle and attempt to invade/conquer the other side? Perhaps its better to have your enemies in the tent with you. Fighting by means of a ballot box is preferred to fighting with tanks.

  223. Ray Wortel

    Victoria Jackson is a moron and easily the least talented person to ever perform on SNL. She can't get a job in Hollywood, so she finds a different way to get attention for herself. Who gives a crap what she thinks about anything?

  224. Deron Redding

    These are her views and she should be respected. Calling her "unhinged" is prejudice. If a liberal went on a rant attacking conservatives and using profanity (a la Samuel Jackson), the author of this article would probably write a positive review of his "courage." Let's have some tolerance and respect on both sides!

  225. Anonymous

    It's funny how a liberal disagrees with a conservative and it's called brave, or progressive but if a conservative disagrees with a liberal, it's "an ideology of hate against anyone who does not align with her beliefs".

  226. Lavelle Darkone Davis

    You fell asleep, that's why. Luckily for you, there's this marvelous thing called "The internet" and u could catch up.

  227. Raymond Primrose

    @ Jim… '' You're not stupid,you're just possessed by a retarded ghost !''

  228. Laura Arnold

    How can you call yourself Christian when you voted for a man who believes in everything God hates? You may be a believer, but you are not a Christian, for Christian means Christ Like and if you were Christ Like you would not vote for someone who hates everything Christ is and stands against.

  229. Raymond Primrose

    Humber Joseph they didn't have America either and it was under a different name by the natives before we got there. ''Would you like for me to tell you the name since you didn't learn that in history class either ?''

  230. Chad Ford

    It's too bad that she doesn't have enough faith in the God she believes in to think he couldn't do anything to skew the results of an election.

  231. Anonymous

    This is why I do not believe in the King James version of the bible or any book writen by man for man. Its only some store to justify what the want the world be be like.

  232. Anonymous

    Conservatives are by definition, design and/or choice, slow to change. Progressives are by definition, design and/or choice willing to try new things. Conservatives react to these kind of changes out of fear. The fear of losing something; the fear that their religious briefs are wrong or minimized. True, Al Queda and Victoria Jackson are not equivalent. However; before Al Qaeda started killing people they reacted to change in a similar manner, condemning, villainizing and damning other people for their views. I'm not worried at this point because Victoria's choice lost and progress now continues its slow and certain march to improve all our lives. Even most conservatives today embrace, Social Security and Medicare. When these two programs were conceived they were strongly opposed by conservatives like Ronald Reagan and others.

  233. Bonnie Miller Barber

    She is spot on. The makers will eventually stop making and the takers will be out of luck. America the Beautiful is very sick and with the communists in charge, I think America is on a path to ruin that will be hard to reverse if we survive the next four years. Ignorance is the norm today..and selfishness as well. All those kids who voted for Obama will be the slaves of tomorrow…talk about stupid!

  234. Laurie McClellan

    Bonnie you are unfortunately exactly right… I am doing my best to 'friend' everyone I can on fb and elsewhere who understands what's going in hopes a combined effort and oust this monster, thus save our country. G~d help us…

  235. Jamie Lynnel

    Victoria is correct in that no true Christian would have voted democrat, for a true Christian has wisdom and discernment and saw false posturing and malicious actions and heard the lies meant to deceive and lead astray; blind and deceived people did not. Christianity is not a religion, it is a statement about the spirit of life in an individual being alive and well, guiding in truth, leading the way, because of the choice and commitment of the individual. No religion is big enough to hold God. We as human beings are meant to be.

  236. Derek Randstrom

    Seems to me you had the first post that started it Humber. What's your excuse for that? I'm sure you have one, you always do.

  237. Anonymous

    That's Obama's strategy..

    Legalize 10-15 million illegal immigrants, allow them to vote and ensure a permanent Socialist majority.

    Amnesty is? coming , trust me, the Dems know their time in power is short,….so they want to do as much damage as possible in the interim.

  238. Jamie Lynnel

    Thank you Dawn for your wise voice of reason. And Dave you're just projecting your own personality or your own issues onto others. The Christians you're talking about aren't trying to force you to do anything; if you open your eyes you will see that they are simply honoring the principles upon which this country was built and they continue to contribute to it. If you don't like those principles you are free to leave. Truth calls out the parasites who only feed off of and take from the efforts of others.

  239. Paul Konitzer

    Stop labeling her hateful, etc. You libs are so predictable. Degeneretes!

  240. Jamie Lynnel

    Michael, you're a fool. They're a whole lot of people who have got you (and others) right where they want you. Have you ever heard that if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. Don't be afraid to commit. Just make the right choice. And not choosing is choosing.

  241. Rich Ahrens

    Dawn – Remember the Bosnian War? How the Serbs committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, and various other war crimes? The Serbs are Christian.

  242. Marc Spearmintrhino

    Someone needs to let Victoria Jackson on a non so well kept secret. Christianity is HOAX, just like Judaism, Islam, and Mormonism is. Silly superstitions.

  243. Gilda Blueford

    Michael, I agree with you. What I don't get is people who call themselves Christians who hate. Who sit in judgement. I thought that was God's job. I am a Christian and I believe in the United States of America and the democratic process, it would appear Ms Jackson has some other issues taking place in her life. I will pray for her.

  244. J Franklin Britton

    Victoria Jackson: From sorta-funny SNL Alum to complete CUNT.

  245. Liz Rucker

    Also the phrase "Original America" makes me uncomfortable anyway… originally in America black folks were slaves… now if she wants to take it that far back then hand over "the 40 acres and my mule" and have at it.

  246. Andrew Chase

    Dawn Walker "I don't want the gov't using my taxes to pay for health care of people here illegally or for woman who decide to use abortion as a form of birth control"

    I don't want my taxes going to lock up pot smokers or bomb countries that are no threat to us. So I guess we're both out of luck.

  247. Anonymous

    Anyone who calls themselves a Christian and votes for a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-distribution of wealth candidate is either NOT a Christian or they are attending a church with a warped interpretation of the Bible. For anyone who claims to be a Christian (as in a born-again believer in Jesus Christ) and the Bible is NOT their final authority, they are NOT Christians. Call what Ms. Jackson is saying is hate if you like. The bottom line is, the Bible won't tell you everything you want to hear like a politician. It will tell you when you're doing something wrong.

  248. Kim LaCapria

    ??? Jesus was really anti wealth hoarding. I wonder what bible you're reading, because it ain't the one we had in Catholic school.

  249. Peter Rainone

    Victoria is(or at least I thought we were allowed to)express her beliefs and should be without hatred comments. If you actually read or listen to her the word HATE never comes from her. I for one realize that neither Obama or Romney were NOT good men to be our President. With Obama winning(well actually hanging on since he got 9 million less votes this time around)our country is just on a faster track to destruction than with Romney. Victoria is correct with her statement about takers and givers. Actually the givers will diminish since working for a living will get harder and harder here in the U.S. I pray that we will get through these 4 years without total destruction and have a man of high morals and leadership abilities to lead this nation, ready to take the job. Wake up America, it's not too late yet.

  250. Cheryle Conlay Seymour

    This woman is not unhinged! She has a right to her opinion. We have freedom of speech, and she speaks the truth. The voters that voted for America either have their conscience seared or their not informed of what Obama stands for or his history. It's not a white and black thing, it's a beliefs (moral) issue.

  251. John Mercuro

    Her comments seem to mirror everything Ann Coulter has said and written about in her books. That Democrats/Liberals are godless for not being fire and brimstone type Christians and instead tend to follow the teachings of Jesus, of trying help others in need.

  252. Anonymous

    Wow the drones are out in force, Jackson stated she was disgusted more Christians did not show up so she is anti-Christian. Please stop making chit up!

  253. Diana Nottingham

    Oooooo… yeah… Victoria's words are dangerous. Much better we remain silent and become lame and overly dependent on our government under Obama's administration.

  254. Bonnie Miller Barber

    Laurie, please feel free to suggest new patriot friends to me, and suggest me to them. United We Stand!!!

  255. Greg Hurd

    When Victoria jackson was on SNL I always wanted to spend some quality time with her. Still do as long as she doesn't rant. Still have a thing for Grace Slick as well. What can I say?

  256. Anonymous

    The Republicans have really shown the United States their collective maturity, mostly the lack there of…..

  257. Anonymous

    Of course you Obamaites would have all just been so dignified and classy if Obama had lost, right? NOOOOOTTT! A conservative living in a world of liberals is like a stranger coming in on a tribe of cannibals. Ms. Jackson should be commended for standing up for her beliefs rather than being condemned for them. But this is the liberal press isn't it?

  258. Anonymous

    I am a Christian, and I even attended Furman University with you. However, since Mormonism is as foreign to me as most non-Protestant religions, I voted for the man who best represented the issues that are important to me. I decided a long time ago that neither party represents my personal Christian beliefs, which is why I'm registered as an Independent. I don't believe for a second that the party of Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Ted Nugent, Newt Gingrich, et al. is anymore "Christian" than the Democratic party. If you are somehow implying that Christians should always vote for a Republican, then you might want to look deeper into the GOP. In fact, I could make a great argument that if Jesus had to pick a party, it would have to be the Democratic Party, because he constantly preached against the status quo, and how we should love one another, and take care of each other. An example of why I don't join the Democratic Party is the stance on same-sex marriage. I believe marriage is a religious institution, and if the government wants to recognize civil unions, or whatever they want to call them, have at it. However, they can't just take marriage and make anything they want out of it. Having said that, I have to ask myself, do I put aside my beliefs on how the economy should be handled, the environment, gun control, foreign policy, etc., because I disagree with the stance on same-sex marriage? I think not, and I also think I am just as much a Christian in the eyes of God as I was before I voted for President Obama. What makes me different is that I don't judge others, including because of how they stand politically. I have never seen "situation ethics" practiced by so many as I have this political season. For many christians, the means justifies the end, no matter what the means. My Christian friends constantly forwarded chain emails to me in which the entire contents were just plain lies. It's one thing to support your candidate, it's another entirely another to judge others, and to sin to get someone elected. Do you think sin is OK as long as it helps to get your candidate elected? I had one Christian friend tell me he was voting for Romney, but that he believed all Mormons are going to hell. To me, that's fine unless you are saying Religion is the reason you're voting for the guy. I'm like "you're voting for him because of Religious reasons, but you think he's going to hell?" You might want to check out that log in your eye that's causing you to see the speck in the eyes of others.

  259. Alan Kahn

    This article states: "..The anti-Obama actress revealed on Wednesday that Christians disgust her for their inability to show up at the polls."
    Maybe "the christians" however you define that term, which I believe go way beyond the right wing extremists view (such as victoria jackson), DID show up at the polls, in large numbers,…..and they voted for Obama. I know, perish the thought of them voting for the more compassionate party to the poor and underpriviledged. Doesn't the Bible say something about Rich folks, heaven, camels and the eye of a needle?

  260. Anonymous

    The founding father were against religion in our government, but in favor of religion in our communities and homes. Religion in any government is a slippery slope. Case in point: Iran, Irag, Israel, Afghanistan to name a few… Consider this and read the words of the founding fathers before speaking about an America that they did not envision, but you do.

  261. Macaroni Jones

    We are now a third world nation ruled by Africans. The kenyan fraud and his followers are enemies of America.

  262. Patty Wilson

    Being a Chrisitian, if you are, you wold know the ouutcome of this election is onnly in God'smplan. His plan will be carried out in spite of how you would see it go miss Victoria Jackson. I do share however your belief that America just died.

  263. Kelley Thompson

    Msn just had a story that people in 15 states have petitioned to secede from the country

  264. Russell Schiwal

    Is it the Inquisitor's goal to paint conservatives in as bad a light as possible? Isn't there some actual news out there that a liberal might be interested in? Birth control? Pollution? Birth control pollution decimating fish populations- This is a true story, but a liberal will never admit that her practices do any actual damage. It's more fun to publish story's about what Victoria Jackson and Ted Nugent said and laugh at them.

  265. Kim LaCapria

    When stories like this arise, we cover them. We do not accurately quote people to make anyone look bad. Jackson has been standing by her statements. Note that we also covered Chris Christie's great works for New Jersey during Sandy and he too is a conservative. We also covered Chris Matthews' remarks during the election, which were poorly received.

  266. Jeff Zakany

    Hey Victoria: I am a Christian, and I came out to vote, but I voted for Obama. Why? Because the Republicans are hypocrites.

    When Bush was president he had a Republican majority in the House and Senate for most of the time, and do you know how many significant anti-abortion laws they passed? None.

    Also, as Jesus what he thought of Bush lying about Iraq seeking uranium in Iraq to justify an unnecessary war in Iraq. What do you think Jesus would have to say about 5,000 American troops and over a hundred thousand Iraqi dying in a war that was not needed to protect the security of the USA?

    Also, what do you think Jesus would have to say about the USA being the last advanced nation on the planet without a plan to cover medical care for its poor? What do you think he would say to the rich who oppose Obamacare just because it means they'll have to pay a slight bit more in taxes? Hmmm?

    To some of us the Republican party is not as holy as you think it is.

  267. Jeff Zakany

    Hey Victoria: I am a Christian, and I came out to vote, but I voted for Obama. Why? Because the Republicans are hypocrites.

    When Bush was president he had a Republican majority in the House and Senate for most of the time, and do you know how many significant anti-abortion laws they passed? None.

    Also, as Jesus what he thought of Bush lying about Iraq seeking uranium in Iraq to justify an unnecessary war in Iraq. What do you think Jesus would have to say about 5,000 American troops and over a hundred thousand Iraqi dying in a war that was not needed to protect the security of the USA?

    Also, what do you think Jesus would have to say about the USA being the last advanced nation on the planet without a plan to cover medical care for its poor? What do you think he would say to the rich who oppose Obamacare just because it means they'll have to pay a slight bit more in taxes? Hmmm?

    To some of us the Republican party is not as holy as you think it is.

  268. Gale Ford

    These God-less children of the hippie era is not where it started. It started when people started treated people like property, stealing things that do not belong to them, killing, etc. There has never been a saint in the White House and there never will. For none of the Presidents were lead by God the Father, Jesus Christ the Father, or the Holy Spirit. We would not be where we are at now, if it was formed Godly. No my dear, this started a long, long time ago. All we can do now is pray, confess, and repent. But I take comfort in knowing my Father in Heaven will take care of me in spite of everything that has happen, is happening and what is going to happen and what is to come to this nation and to the world.

  269. Gale Ford

    And give. Those that gives to the lest of them has given to me, so said the Lord of Hosts. And of course money is the root of All evil, you cannot take it with you people

  270. Gale Ford

    u r right, the hate will not go away, and yes they will be trying to invade the other, everybody wants to be top dog. Hate is stronger than what is wrong and what is right. This lesson has yet to be learned and will never be, not in this present world.

  271. Gale Ford

    FDR created welfare for white people in the 40's, blacks was not privleged to such handouts. There are more white people on welfare than blacks and it has always been that way.

  272. Anonymous

    Toonces drove this chick off a cliff one too many times. What a fat ass nut case.

  273. Gale Ford

    America died when they stole land, people, raped the women, dehumanized, degraded people, tore them away from their culture, way of life, and did every other Evil thing to mankind for the cause, to get what they wanted. The good Lord is still watching, but if- if America confess, repent for their sins I do believe the Lord of Hosts is faithful to forgive. But first America must admit, so Jesus Christ can heal the land. Above all I still pray for this, and a united america, but I also know what the word states. A new earth will be when Jesus come back to do battle and then Everything will be right. Prasise God!!!!

  274. Christopher Harrison

    Gotta love her new original America… sounds great to me..

  275. Russell Schiwal

    My point is that new organizations choose which stories to publish. If you're liberal, you choose a conservative buffoon to raise up. If you're conservative, well you've seen Fox News. I'm just tired of the tone taken since the election. Both the sore losers and the poor winners.

  276. Jeffrey Parker

    typical libbytard moron, the whole reason Obammy got the latino vote was he is expected to make them legal so they can vote in the future DERP. We cant afford the people we have now and are gonna take in millions more as citizens so theres more people getting handouts. You need to get out more and stop living in LaLa land

  277. Bob McNesby

    Victoria, what's wrong with you girlfriend? Don't you realize as a Conservative you're not allowed to exercise your freedom of speech rights. No only the hateful Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and all other liberal pundits can do that. You can only speak openly now if you're a slavish Obama follower and supporter. You know, how it is in Russia, China, etc. Don't you see, because our messiah is black he is not open to criticism. You must reaffirm your white guilt feelings and be intimidated by the fact that he is a black man, even if that is only half way, and is immune to any criticism.

  278. Andrew Chase

    Hitler was Christian. "By fighting the Jew, I am doing the Lord's work"

    Stalin did not kill in atheism's name. Nor did Mao for that matter. PLENTY have killed in Christianity's name, however.

  279. Kelley Thompson

    What scares me a lot is how diveded this country has become with friendships and families dissolving over politics. The posts from both sides are so angry it sounds like a civil war could break out. What scares me more is the number of people that talk Obama like he the savior Jesus and all that comes to mind is false prophets and that end of days signs actually started some time ago with them becoming more visible to us

  280. Andrew Chase

    " It started when people started treated people like property" Like Blacks.

    "stealing things that do not belong to them" Like land from Native Americans.

    "killing" See above.

  281. Jason Wheeler

    They disgust me too Victoria, but not for the same reason as you. They disgust me, because like you Victoria, they are judgemental @$$holes. BTW Victoria, you are as dumb as a box of rocks. I used to think your SNL dumb blond characters were parodies, but now I realize you were just playing yourself.

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