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Stassi Schroeder And Kristen Doute Defend Brittany Cartwright’s Mom From Homophobic Accusations After Jax Taylor’s Roast Drama

Is Brittany Cartwright’s mom, Sherri Cartwright, homophobic? Sherri’s comments and behavior upon hearing that her daughter’s boyfriend, Jax Taylor, may have had sexual relations with men, as shown in the latest Vanderpump Rules episode that aired on Monday night, seems to support that conclusion. Yet, according to two of the couple’s good friends, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sherri has also spoken up to defend herself from the accusation that she’s a conservative homophobic.

Stassi tweeted that Brittany and her mom are huge lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer activists. As for Sherri’s comments and behavior, Stassi pointed out that any mom would be concerned if she heard information that suggests that her daughter’s boyfriend may not be very committed to the relationship.

Brittany stuck up for her mom by retweeting Stassi’s tweet. In response to Stassi’s tweet, Sherri herself tweeted that she does not hate gay people but rather loves everyone. Sherri explained that she was only asking Jax questions about what came up during his comedy roast. Sherri also added that she would never offend anyone.

Kristen publicly voiced support for Sherri by tweeting that she and the others love her, as well as by retweeting Stassi’s tweet.

Kristen also tweeted that Sherri couldn’t be more supportive of the LGBTQ community.

A personal friend of Sherri’s also spoke up. The man tweeted that Brittany’s mom is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most open people he knows and that she supports him completely as a gay man.

When a viewer told Sherri that he hopes she sees that what she said was offensive, Sherri maintained that she loves all people and that she doesn’t judge. Sherri also apologized.

Yet many people remained unconvinced. Viewers tweeted that Brittany’s mom clearly expressed disapproval upon hearing that Jax supposedly had been intimate with men. They pointed out that while she seemingly had no problem with his other transgressions, including cheating, promiscuity, and stealing, she made a point of questioning him about his supposed homosexual behavior.

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, Jax Taylor was “roasted” by his friends in a comedy club. Brittany Cartwright and her mom, Sherri Cartwright, sat in the audience as Jax’s friends teased him regarding some unsavory tidbits about him from his past. Tom Schwartz pointed out how Jax has slept with four of Katie Maloney’s bridesmaids, meaning Brittany, Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and their friend Rachel O’Brien. Tom then implied that Jax has been with men sexually for money.

“He’s slept with many, many, many women, and a few men. You know there’s many rumors floating around about Jax having homosexual affairs, as a young model in Miami…It’s only gay if you like it. Listen, those bills, they’re not gonna pay themselves right?”

During the roast, it was also brought up how Jax supposedly walked in on Brittany performing oral sex on Kristen. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Jax made the allegation earlier in the season, both Kristen and Brittany quickly denied it.

After the roast, Jax, knowing that Sherri probably wasn’t pleased by what she heard, asked Sherri if they were okay. Sherri said that homosexual allegation was the most offensive thing to her.

“Um…kissing the guy, that was the most offensive to me, the homosexual thing.”

Jax explained that he lived with a gay man, John, for a while and that John was his best friend. Sherri said that they’ll have to have a talk about it when they get back to the apartment.

In his confessional interview, Jax expressed incredulity that Sherri would find him kissing a man to be the most offensive thing to come out of the roast.

“I have a serious problem with people judging me. I know that Sherri’s a very conservative Christian lady but with all the things that I’ve done in my life, the going to jail, the cheating, the stealing, the thing that sticks out most is that I might have kissed a guy? Really?!”

A preview for the next episode shows Sherri trying to ask Jax about what was brought up during the roast while in Jax and Brittany’s apartment.

“Something about you being a homosexual?”

Jax says that his friends were just being silly. He says that he has nothing against homosexuality but that he’s not gay and has never gone down that road before. When Brittany, wanting to get some answers for her mom, says that it was claimed that Jax kissed his gay friend John, Jax says that he kissed John on the cheek when he saw him at the club. When Jax starts getting defensive and says he’s being attacked, Brittany and Sherri tell him that no one’s attacking him.

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During his appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night after Vanderpump Rules, Jax, when asked if he’ll marry Brittany, commented that Brittany’s family holds different values from him.

“Relationships need work and they need to make sure we find a happy medium, but I think you’re gonna see in the future how things are and I’ll leave it at that, because there’s just certain things that I’m on board with and there’s things that I’m not on board with, and I’ve got to find a happy medium with her family. They’re very religious, and they’re conservative. And that’s awesome. That’s amazing. I just come from a little bit different of a background.”

Yet, Jax also said that he loves Brittany’s family, including her mom, and that they have welcomed him with open arms.

“I love Brittany’s family. They’re really great. They are nothing but hospitable to me. They just take great care of me. They’re just country people, farmers, and they just feed me, feed me, feed me and just take really nice care of me… They just treat me like one of their own. So it’s really nice.”

Viewers may be seeing much more of Brittany Cartwright’s family and their reaction to Jax Taylor in a few months. On Monday, TMZ reported that Jax and Brittany filmed a spinoff show in Brittany’s home state of Kentucky a few months ago that will focus on Brittany’s family pressuring him to marry her. According to TMZ, producers are hoping that Jax and Brittany stay together long enough for the spin-off to air in the summer.

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