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Luis D. Ortiz Closes Door On ‘Million Dollar Listing’: Why He’s Leaving New York For Good

Luis D. Ortiz shocked everyone when he decided to leave the successful show behind to focus on something else. Ortiz had been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York for a few seasons, and he had built up a tremendous portfolio that included big listings, important contacts, and millions of dollars. Luis couldn’t have asked for anything more, but his heart wasn’t in real estate anymore. Ortiz announced his departure from the show on the season finale, and fans were shocked. But Luis was not just leaving Million Dollar Listing: New York; he was also leaving behind real estate and all of his connections.

According to a new Bravo report, Luis D. Ortiz revealed that he isn’t done making huge changes in his life. In fact, Ortiz is now leaving New York behind even though he has been in love with the big city for a long time. Ortiz came to the city to pursue a career in filmmaking, but he ended up becoming a real estate agent. Now, he’s ready to pack up his life and relocate to Paris, France.

“You may think I have just lost it and that’s ok. But perhaps, like Fredrik says, I may have just found it. On March 1st, I am moving to Paris! A city I have never been to before. People can’t believe that a guy who has traveled so much has never been to Paris,” Luis D. Ortiz explains in a lengthy Instagram post, according to Bravo, adding, “And, in a poetic way, it’s kind of great that I have never been because I will be seeing Paris for the very first time when I plan to stay, just like I did in New York.”

It sounds like Ortiz has really thought about his decision to move away and maybe Ortiz wants to pursue a new career path he just hasn’t shared with the world just yet. To find out, people will have to watch his social media accounts.

“I have learned so much; about business, life and most importantly about myself. But at this point, I feel that I am trying to get more juice out of an already squeezed fruit,” Luis D. Ortiz continues in his Instagram post, according to Bravo, adding, “Some will say, have you really gotten everything out of New York, referring to whether I have made enough money in order to say such a thing. Well, I have never been driven by money so my argument, which I don’t need to make, is that yes, for now, New York has run its course for me.”

So, what does Luis D. Ortiz expect to do in Paris? Well, he already has some dreams and expectations. Apparently, he has been listening to French music and preparing himself for the cultural scene in France. He has also been drinking French wine and watching French films. In other words, he has been falling in love with a country and a city, and he’s just a month away from moving there. It’s possible that Luis is already making some professional plans in Paris.

In his Instagram post, he reveals that his business manager has told him that he could be risking everything he has worked for just to start over. And maybe he has a point. Luis D. Ortiz may not be landing a reality show spot in Paris, and he may not be ruling the world of real estate in the city. There is no word on what he will be doing, but Luis has revealed that it all comes down to perspective.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s decision to move to Paris? Are you surprised that he’s leaving his successful career behind to pursue a calmer life in Paris?

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