Oscars nomination snub, Amy Adams fails to get nomination for best actress arrival

Oscars Apologize: Amy Adams Snubbed, ‘Arrival’ Fans Disappointed

While the 2016 film Arrival is dominating the 2017 Oscar nominations alongside La La Land and Moonlight, many fans are disappointed that Amy Adams failed to get a nomination for Best Actress. Similarly, Tom Hanks was not extended a nomination for his role in Sully.

The acclaimed actress was left off of the list, which was a surprise to more people than just her fans, Variety reports.

“Set to land her sixth nomination for her work in ‘Arrival,’ Adams was left off the list. It was an announcement that left many confused – including the Oscars website, reportedly. Adams’ name was originally listed on the website, according to several outlets.”

Of course, Adams was not the only woman left off of the list that deserved a nod.

“Adams isn’t alone, of course. It was a fantastic year for lead actresses and other worthy actresses failed to land nods, as well, from Taraji P. Henson in ‘Hidden Figures’ to Annette Bening in ’20th Century Women,'” the news source further explained. “But what makes the Adams omission so glaring is that she seemed such a sure thing.”

This is true. Arrival has been getting wonderful reviews, and fans attribute its success largely to Amy Adams herself. Adams has starred in a wide range of genres and outlets. Her filmography includes the rom-com Leap Year, and she has starred in two different Superman creations — the hit TV series Smallville and Man of Steel. She has proved her worth over the years, and many feel that her performance in Arrival further exemplified her skill.

Tom Hanks, in a similar fashion, was not included on the list. Much of the confusion over the nominations has come from the fact that contradicting lists were released.

The Oscars website apologized for this unfortunate mistake. But how did it happen?

“Amy Adams and Tom Hanks were not nominated for Oscars this year, though the two were mistakenly placed in the Best Actress and Best Actor categories list on the website,” Click 2 Houston explained. “In Adams’ case, the actress’ name was placed in the category for her performance in Arrival instead of Ruth Negga’s, who was actually nominated for her performance in Loving.

Of, course, Adams wasn’t the only person misplaced on the list.

“Meanwhile, Hanks was placed in the category for his performance in Sully as a sixth nominee, when there are only five — Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea, Denzel Washington for Fences, Ryan Gosling for La La Land, Viggo Mortensen for Captain Fantastic, and Andrew Garfield for Hacksaw Ridge.

Forbes writer Scott Mendelson recently published an article that explains beautifully why the Amy Adams “snubbing” was so disappointing.

“It’s not because Arrival is one of my favorite films of the year or even that Adams’ work is transcendentally magnificent. Arrival is very good, and Amy Adams is (as usual) excellent as a linguistics expert attempting to communicate with visiting aliens. No, I was rooting for Adams because her performance and the movie itself represents everything we say we want in mainstream Hollywood.”

What is it that we want in mainstream Hollywood? Mendelson claims that she is the “uncontested lead character.” Period.

“She is not the love interest in a man’s journey (The Story of Everything, Walk the Line, The Silver Linings Playbook). She is not half of a two-hander where a male and female duo share the screen and the arc (La La Land, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl). Hers is not a glorified supporting performance pumped up to the “leading” category due to the prestige of the participant (Away from Her, The Reader). Arrival is not a biopic of a great or interesting woman (Jackie or Hidden Figures) that must star a woman by virtue of history.”

So why wasn’t she on the list? Please share your thoughts below!

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