Will Katie Holmes' and Tom Cruise's love story be portrayed in a new TV show?

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Love Story And Scientology Drama Turned Into New TV Show?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes created a fabulous love story, until it all fell to pieces amid rumors about Scientology’s influence on Tom and Katie’s concern for their daughter Suri Cruise. Now a new TV series seems to resemble the history of Cruise and Holmes, but is it really a thinly disguised biography or total fiction?

“Tom Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes has long been rumored to have been arranged by the Church of Scientology,” according to Syracuse. Noting that Tom and Katie have never confirmed those rumors, the publication also reported that a new TV show The Arrangement is causing those rumors to swirl once more.

Rumors about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have resurfaced because of a new TV show that some claim resembles Katie's and Tom's love story.
Rumors about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have resurfaced because of a new TV show that some claim resembles Katie’s and Tom’s love story. [Image by Toby Canham/Getty Images]

In The Arrangement, an actress played by Christine Evangelista gets an offer of $10 million to ink a marriage pact with a famous film star Kyle West, portrayed by Dallas actor Josh Henderson. West belongs to an organization called The Institute of the Higher Mind, described as a self-help institute. As for that actress, named Megan Morrison in the TV show, she’s reportedly got her own secrets to try to hide.

“Early buzz suggests the series’ plot is secretly about Cruise, a well-known Scientologist, and Holmes,” according to the publication.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reportedly had problems in their relationship that were linked to the Church of Scientology.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reportedly had problems in their relationship that were linked to the Church of Scientology. [Image by MJ Kim/Getty Images]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married from 2006 to 2012, and Suri is their only child. The media outlet noted that rumors have repeatedly linked Cruise’s religion to problems in their relationship during and after their marriage.

But the executive producer of The Arrangement, Jonathan Abrahams, said the TV drama is not derived from a true story. Talking with ET about the upcoming series, Abrahams stated that the show is fictional.

ET also noted that the plot of The Arrangement has caused some to wonder whether “the show is based on unsubstantiated rumors about the former marriage between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.” However, the executive producer clarified the goal of the show.

“We really had no interest in capturing the headlines and doing a ripped-from-the-headlines type of show or storytelling in that way.”

Instead, added Abrahams, the goal was to put individuals into a situation “that’s very unusual and sometimes hard to believe, and make it believable.” The result is the 10-part drama of The Arrangement. And while the executive producer emphasizes that it’s not taken from the headlines, some of the plot, such as the fictional film star’s membership in what ET describes as a “secretive self-help organization called The Institute of the Higher Mind,” continues to cause buzz that it resembles Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s own story.

The cast also talked about their views on The Arrangement and any possible resemblance to real life, with Josh Henderson, who plays the famous film star, emphasizing that they are “just doing a scripted series on Hollywood.”

Henderson described the series as a “very unique story on our own,” and his co-star Evangelista supported his comments.

“This isn’t a documentary at all.”

Michael Vartan, who portrays the head of the fictional The Institute of the Higher Mind in the drama, is aware of the comparisons that some have made to the Church of Scientology. However, the former Alias star denied similarities between the fictional institute and the church, while admitting that he could understand why some thought there were parallels..

“Our show has nothing to do with religion,” he said.

“I see how some people could see certain parallels that might seem like certain stories we’ve heard.”

In addition, Vartan commented on the plot line that features a contract, noting that while he had “never personally heard of any,” he understood “that contract marriages have been going on since the ’30s and the ’40s.”

Summing up the overall story line, Abrahams said that The Arrangement is about two individuals in love struggling to hold onto their romance.

“It’s really a show about these characters and their relationships, and it’s a love story, and it’s rare in today’s television landscape that we get to tell stories like that,” pointed out Abrahams. “We really have an opportunity to tell a story about these two people who fall in love and all the forces that conspire against them, and can they make it through despite all these potential problems.”

The Arrangement debuts on Sunday, March 5 on E!.

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