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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Panics, Quinn Gets Flustered, And Ivy’s Conversation With Katie Sparks Suspicions

What can everybody expect from Tuesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful? Spoilers detail that Liam will be escalating out of control over worry regarding his status with Steffy as Quinn will melt down in concern over the kiss with Ridge. A conversation between Katie and Ivy could shake things up and as the week continues some interesting shifts will take place regarding Forrester Creations.

Ivy confronted Quinn about her strange behavior, and while she did admit that she was distracted over Ridge issues, she did not go into further detail. Quinn headed off to be by herself, and she became even more rattled when Ridge showed up to see her. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that she will question him intensely about why he isn’t running to Eric to tell him about the kiss they shared.

Quinn will be flustered as she talks to Ridge about the fact that he has hated her for a long time and she doesn’t understand why he isn’t using what happened as a way to get rid of her. Of course, viewers have seen that he was a bit taken in by her as she opened up emotionally during their time in San Francisco and he has indicated to Liam that his plan to destroy her was a failure. How will he respond to Quinn’s panicked questions?

Ashleigh Brewer plays Ivy on 'Bold and Beautiful'
Ivy’s conversation with Katie will generate some questions on ‘B&B’ [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Ridge and Quinn may have promised one another they’d keep their kiss a secret, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that the truth may emerge anyway. Ivy questioned Quinn about her erratic behavior and during Tuesday’s episode Ivy will have a conversation with Katie that seemingly relates to all of his.

Ivy surely won’t share anything all that juicy, but she will say just enough to lead Katie to become suspicious about something being amiss, details SheKnows Soaps. Could Katie end up being the person who once again reveals a big secret of Ridge’s to everybody else?

Steffy went to meet with Wyatt, and he surprised her with divorce papers and the tattoo artist who could get her wedding ring tattoo fully removed. Wyatt shared some emotional words about letting her go, but Liam is back at the house anxiously waiting for Steffy’s return, and he doesn’t know what has transpired. Bill is at the house visiting with his son and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that things are going to get a bit intense.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood plays Steffy Forrester on 'Bold and Beautiful'
Steffy’s absence causes panic on ‘B&B’ [Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]

Liam is going to start assuming the worst, worrying about why Steffy hasn’t returned yet from her time with Wyatt. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Bill will try to settle his son down and push him to see how extreme he is being, but Liam will convince himself that Steffy is reuniting with Wyatt and he’ll soon head off to board an airplane to leave town. Teasers reveal that he will actually fly away from Los Angeles as this all plays out, setting the stage for more drama in this relationship.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how Steffy reacts to his, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central detail that later in the week, Wyatt and Liam will connect somehow. Wyatt will admit that he had some ulterior motives in granting Steffy the divorce, and everybody will be curious to see if he’s really letting go of her or if this is just a tactic to try to rein her back in again. Will the chaos in this love triangle continue or are things close to finally being resolved?

Over the course of the next few episodes, Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that both Quinn and Ridge will face questions about how their relationship with one another has shifted. Also, she will suggest to Eric that he make Ridge co-CEO with Steffy, using the excuse that it would surely help mend the family rifts.

Eric is going to be heading to Genoa City in a crossover with Young and Restless where he will help Lauren in her efforts to save Fenmore’s. Will something more transpire between his wife and his son while he’s gone? What will Katie do regarding the suspicions she begins to have? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at juicy moments ahead this week, and fans cannot wait to see what’s in store next.

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