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Kenya Moore Domestic Abuse: ‘RHOA’ Star On Sheree Whitfield Being Abused By A Man

Kenya Moore has been very vocal about her relationship with Matt Jordan, even after she found out that he does have a violent side. While Moore has been very clear about Matt never touching her in a violent manner, she has revealed that his anger scares her, and she doesn’t enjoy finding her home destroyed when she comes home from a trip. Matt has kicked in her garage door twice now, and he destroyed her back window in her car. He also ruined a backdoor at her home, perhaps trying to get inside the home.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore revealed that she doesn’t appreciate how Sheree Whitfield was making a mockery of the situation. Moore had previously revealed that she was in a violent relationship when she was younger, and she doesn’t appreciate how Whitfield kept bringing up her current situation as if a domestic violence situation is pure gossip.

“SHAME on you SHEREE! Sheree tried to antagonize me about Matt. ‘Matt is breaking your windows.’ We all saw Sheree bring up Matt breaking my windows. No woman should be blamed for a man being violent or accused of provoking a man. A woman who had been abused before should know better than to say something that ignorant and ruthless,” Kenya Moore revealed in an Instagram post, in which she slammed Sheree for mocking her situation, hinting that Whitfield herself has been abused.

“I’ve been very open from my season 1 that I have been abused at the age of 16. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NO LAUGHING MATTER. These girls will do anything to slander me and turn the clear truth into a hateful lie. I pray for Sheree because it is clear she is so obsessed with me she will say and do anything. Rewind. The truth is in black and white,” Kenya Moore continues in her lengthy Instagram post, sharing that her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars are always trying to make her look ridiculous on the show.

Of course, many of the ladies on The Real Housewives of Atlanta knows that drama is the way to higher ratings, and higher ratings could help secure another season of the show. And now that Whitfield is back on the show, she’s trying to stir up trouble. She’s been trying to stir up trouble since her return to the show, and she even made a big deal about Porsha Williams’ arrival at Kenya Moore’s housewarming party even though she wasn’t invited. But Moore decided to reply to some of the comments on her Instagram post, and it sounds like Whitfield has a part in making her look ridiculous, no matter what.

“Yeah… ppl see what they want. Just like the reunion where she started calling me sl*ts and said I tried to pay a man and his mother called her,” Kenya Moore explains in a comment to a fan, who reached out to respond to Moore’s post about Whitfield, where she had also pointed to other times that Sheree had come for her during her time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I get it though…I’m the smart one and strong one and use my brain to slay these h*es with the truth that hurts so I have to take everyone’s attacks and shit. Got it. Love u for your honesty and I hear u thank u,” Kenya Moore ended her lengthy reply to a fan, who was clearly on her side when it came to Whitfield.

What do you think of Kenya Moore calling out Sheree Whitfield for making a mockery of domestic violence to make Kenya look bad, especially since she may have been abused herself?

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