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Rachel McAdams’ Embarrassing Second-Fiddle History With Time Travel

Rachel McAdams definitely has a thing for time travel, according to Slate. The 37-year-old actress’ role in the hit film Doctor Strange opposite Benedict Cumberbatch marks her fourth film with a plot that hinges on time travel.

Rachel McAdams herself admits that she has never time traveled on her own, but maybe that’s because, in all four films, she has never played a character that actually time travels.

In fact, in all the four films; The Time Traveler’s Wife, Midnight in Paris, About Time, and Doctor Strange, Rachel McAdams gets to play bat-eyed, puzzled women who merely watch as their male love interests set off on a jaw-dropping journey through history.

In Doctor Strange, which grossed $500 million worldwide in its first two weeks alone, Rachel McAdams plays an emergency room doctor, while Benedict Cumberbatch has the ability to manipulate time.

That’s because Doctor Strange is a superhero, while Rachel McAdams’ character is not. But that’s not the main problem here. The problem is that McAdams chooses to play second fiddle to time-traveling men. For the sake of making this world less sexist, she just has to play a lead female character with superhero powers to manipulate time at least once in her acting career!

If Rachel McAdams is so obsessed with playing in time-traveling films, she must consider such an opportunity and make her fifth time-traveling movie a truly historic moment for both herself and the entire movie industry.

When Rachel McAdams was cast to play opposite Domhnall Gleeson in 2013’s About Time, which was her third time-traveling movie, she said in her interview with the AAP back then that “it’s pretty unfair.”

“I’ve now done three films with time travel in them and I’ve not gotten to time travel once so I’m kind of bitter about that.”

Of course, it feels unfair. In fact, there is still a chance for Rachel McAdams to make her Doctor Strange character capable of time traveling. There is no point in Christine Palmer appearing in Doctor Strange sequels, unless, of course, she’ll finally have her own time traveling abilities.

There are a few do’s and don’ts for Rachel McAdams now that Doctor Strange has been released, according to Vulture. First and foremost, the actress should pass on the sequel and the sequel after that one.

Unless, of course, Rachel McAdams’ character Christine Palmer gets to be a superhero. Look at Evangeline Lilly and her evolution in Ant-Man. The Lost star wasn’t a big deal in the original Ant-Man film, but she’ll be a superhero in the sequel Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Or Rachel McAdams could follow the steps of Brie Larson and get her own standalone superhero film with a female lead. But it’s very unlikely something like that will ever happen as Palmer is just an ordinary person with no superhero abilities whatsoever in the comic books.

Another way for Rachel McAdams to revitalize her acting career is to follow the steps of Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johansson. That is: finding her own niche in the film industry, but one that doesn’t involve playing second fiddle to time-traveling men. Portman, for example, found her success with dark dramas, while Johansson had a breakthrough with sci-fi films.

Or if the whole acting thing falls through, Rachel McAdams could start her own food brand business; just like Johansson and her recently opened popcorn shop in Paris. The Canadian actress could even center her food business around poutine.

As MTV said, “Rachel McAdams, blink twice if you need to be saved from your own career.”

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