Blac Chyna gives up trying to trademark Kardashian name

Blac Chyna Reportedly Loses Battle To Trademark Her Kardashian Name

Blac Chyna has reportedly given up on trademarking her would-be Kardashian name as she failed to respond in time to the Patent and Trademark Office.

Perez Hilton reported on the event as the January 20 deadline came and went. Hilton states Chyna did not file a response to the Kardashians blocking the trademark, likely meaning the 28-year-old is not seeking to legally trademark the name Angela Renee Kardashian at this time.

Since Chyna did not reply in time, it basically means she “gave up,” and the ruling will likely go in favor of the Kardashian sisters, according to Perez.

“According to their report, she had until January 20 to respond, but since she didn’t it’s likely a judgement will be entered favoring the Kardashians.”

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The Daily Mail also covered the end of the Kardashian controversy as the site stated Chyna “waves a white flag.” Blac Chyna wanted to trademark her would-be married name ahead of her and Rob Kardashian’s summer wedding, according to the site, for business purposes. However, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s legal team blocked the effort.

“Firms representing the trio claimed the KUWTK stars would ‘suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill’ and that Chyna was ‘deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity’ of the Kardashian name.”

The site went on to explain by not meeting the deadline, Chyna had “defaulted” on the case, and it would be ruled in the Kardashians’ favor.

“On January 20, the Patent and Trademark Office filed a notice of default against Blac Chyna, explaining that because she did not file an answer she has 30 days to respond before a judgement by default will be entered on behalf of the Kardashians.”

While Chyna said she wanted to use the name for social media and entertainment purposes, the Daily Mail states blocking her from doing so was probably just a standard procedure for the Kardashians’ legal team. The site added the sisters probably had no idea it was even happening as their team was trained to automatically block such things.

“The Kardashians own their trademarks in most categories worldwide, and the trademark attorneys’ standard practice is to oppose anyone who tries to file anything. They probably didn’t even know it was happening.”

It’s also noted that Kris Jenner reached out to her future daughter-in-law in an attempt to smooth things over as she reassured Chyna it was not personal.

“Other insiders told TMZ that the Kardashians personally reached out to Chyna, assuring her that the diss was not intentional. Kris Kardashian reportedly told her future daughter-in-law the same thing, hoping to smooth things over.”

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However, it’s said the legal battle created a rift between Chyna and the Kardashian family as other rumors spread she was just using Rob for more fame. In an article from April of last year, the Daily Mail goes in-depth as to find out the truth behind Chyna’s motivations with the Kardashian.

The author states Chyna was somewhat unknown before starting a relationship with Rob, and most fans would agree with the statement. The article goes on to say Blac Chyna created a plan to become a Kardashian—a major plus in today’s social media world— as she sought to marry Rob.

“Today she is on the brink of becoming a fully-fledged Kardashian – with a ruthless ‘master plan’ to marry Rob and supplant Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Co. as the family’s most famous member.”

Then, of course, there was the recent infamous messages posted online that were said to be Chyna talking about using Rob and not really loving him. E! News reported on the leaked messages and the blow-up fight that followed after Rob told his followers Chyna had taken their baby daughter and left him just before Christmas.

“I really believed she was in love with me the way that I was with her and I am so hurt and never felt this before.”

However, it seems Chyna may not only be in it for the fame as she willingly drops the trademark suit.

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