Katie Price naked Calendar photoshoot

Katie Price Strips Down For Naked Calendar Shoot

Katie Price showed off her incredibly sexy body courtesy of her alter ego Jordan during a recent shoot for her 2017 calendar.

Katie opted to do away with all her clothes for the racy shoot in which she was only clad in a pair of strapped heels. The 38-year-old put up quite a steamy show for the cameras as she posed for the calendar shoot, and she made sure that it was as glamorous as it could get. This meant that she had to put her best foot forward and come up with a series of tantalizing poses while managing not to expose her dignity.

My calendar????????????????

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Price putting her curves into action

Props to Katie for putting up quite a tantalizing display of her curves. She certainly looked like she knew exactly what she was doing courtesy of the years of experience that she racked up while modeling. Her surgically-enhanced assets also played a key role in boosting her sex appeal in the photos. The Loose Women panelist has had her fair share of drama and negative publicity but she deserves a lot of praise because the photos from the calendar shoot are so good.

Katie Price naked Calendar photoshoot
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The different angles of Katie price

One of the photos from the calendar shoot features the former model seated on a glass chair while striking a seductive pose. She was completely naked with no knickers though she was seated with her body angled to the side so that one of her legs rested on the armrest of the chair, giving a glimpse at a tattoo on her thigh. It also allowed her to hide her dignity and her right hand was strategically positioned to cover her breasts. Part of her hair was dyed green while another part of it featured a pink color.

These amazing boots I wore for my calendar from @egoofficial and my calendar you can order here / celebrity merchandise.co.uk

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The photo also highlighted Price’s flawless skin, and it also allowed her to flaunt her sexy legs which were clad in purple shoes. Katie was clearly a darling to the camera. A different photo from the shoot covered the star’s upper body. It featured the star once again covering her breasts with her arms. She cupped one breast with her hand, thus doing a good job keeping her nipples from being exposed. It also allowed her to flaunt her well-manicured fingers which with rich pink nail polish on her nails.

“Flaunting a figure most women half her age would kill for, it beggars belief that the blonde has had five children,” the Daily Starremarked.

Katie Price naked Calendar photoshoot
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Another naked feature of Price featured her crouching while only clad in a pair of knee-high velvet boots with her fingers touching the floor. This time she changed her hair by putting on a blonde wig with curls. She also posed nude in another photo where she was seated on a mattress while seductively holding onto a white bed sheet which was the only thing covering her modesty. Other than showcasing her beauty, this particular photo gave a good look at a tattoo of a prancing horse on her left leg.

A couple of other photos from the shoot also feature Katie a bit more covered up. The 38-year-old recently revealed that her children told her that they were tired of seeing her boobs. She also talked about her 9-year-old daughter and her thoughts about modeling.

“She loves being on TV but as for glamor modeling she wouldn’t want to do it – and her dad wouldn’t let her anyway,” Katie stated.

It looks like her daughter has no ambition of following in her footsteps to become a model. However, Katie’s had a great modeling career and her recent naked calendar shoot proved she still has that magic touch.

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