bella Thorne goes complete naked and poses wearing only sock heels

Bella Thorne Goes Completely Naked, Posing In Raunchy Socks And Heels Pic

In her most recent stunt, former child star Bella Thorne has made it perfectly clear that she is most certainly not a child star anymore. In a recent pic the blue-haired beauty released on Twitter, she is posing completely naked, covering only her feet in a pair of white socks and blue velvet boots. The 19-year-old fashionista left little to the imagination, hiding her modesty behind bent knees while crouching in the fetal position, posing with her eyes half closed, and captioning the pic, “Trippy Little Bug.”

Bella rose to stardom when she was just a girl, making a name for herself on the Disney Channel show, Shake It Up! The raunchy picture was taken with Bella crouching on a blue carpet in her high-rise hotel room, featured in front of the window to give the photo an artistic feel with a tasteful backdrop. Although the reasons for the posting of the sexy pic is unclear, speculation has been circling that the picture may have been put onto social media to provoke a scandalous show for rumored love interest, the Russian-born producer and DJ, Zedd.

bella Thorne goes complete naked and poses wearing only sock heels
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The DUFF film star jumped onto Snapchat to document the process leading up to the revealing photo, from having her blue locks blown out, to glittering her face and body, and lastly covering up with a concealer. Bella finished off the process with a few up-close shots, showing off her dollar sign drop earrings.

Skin Troubles

The young actress has made it no secret that she is struggling with acne at this stage of her adolescence, even going as far as posting a bare-faced selfie. She posted the pic in hopes that it would provide some much-desired respite for young girls and women that are struggling with skin issues such as acne. After the shoot, Bella filmed herself having another facial on her acne ravaged skin, posting the video with some inspirational words for her fans and viewers.

“It’s no secret I struggle with acne. Sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it’s just not. I’m very self-conscious and constantly feeling bad about myself. But I shouldn’t feel bad. It’s normal to have acne. EVERY1 does!”

bella Thorne goes complete naked and poses wearing only sock heels
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The young starlet went one step further, pointing to our society and social media outlets for telling people that they have to have the perfect skin in order to be accepted on a social level. She ended the rant by saying she was going to show off her skin for what it is, owning her own issue.

Beautiful Philanthropist

The blue-haired bombshell also treated fans to a short clip of her lengthy locks. The video also showed her makeup artist covering up some bruises with a concealer palette. It is speculated that the bruises are most likely to have come from the former Disney stars attending Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington. The outspoken activist took to the streets alongside her former Shake It Up! co-star, Zendaya, to protest Friday’s presidential inauguration.

The singer-turned-model assaulted the streets with fans and civilians to protest the inauguration as well as prove that women’s rights are human rights. Bella took to the streets to make her voice heard in the fight for equal treatment of women in today’s society. In an interview posted on, the young woman spoke passionately about the struggles of women battling a society that judges them based on their physical appearance.

“I often wonder where all this hate and misogyny even started from. How did we let it get this bad? And why aren’t we stopping it? SO many people go online, ready to spread negativity as opposed to compassion for others. I say f**k the haters. Let’s be us!! Whatever we wanna be in this world, we can be.”

With a strong attitude and bold appearance, Bella Thorne is sure to stir some more pots in the not-too-distant future. Whether posing for more naked pics or standing her ground in the fight for women’s rights, this fearless babe is certainly one to keep an eye on.

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