Khloe Kardashian's Good American hoodie sells out despite high price

Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Good American’ Denim Line Now Offers A Sweater At Shocking Price

Khloe Kardashian made headlines for weeks as she launched her Good American jean line, but now the mogul has added the first top to the collection: a high-priced hoodie.

Kardashian has been sporting said hoodie on Instagram as she directs her fans to the Good American website. And it seems her marketing paid off as the sweater is currently sold out. You may recognize the blue sweater with the letter “K” emblazoned on it, but have no idea how much it retails for on Kardashian’s site. And fans are not too happy about the price, either, despite it selling out.

The “Good Hoodie,” as it’s called on the website, sells for $160. While fans seem to like the first design, that hasn’t stopped them from complaining about the price on Khloe’s Instagram posts. One commenter said they wish celebrities made their apparel affordable so all fans could enjoy it.

“I wish celebrities made their products cheaper so their regular fans/followers can buy it”

Introducing my @goodamerican limited-edition Good Hoodie, launching TOMORROW at 9am PST, exclusively on!! Available in every letter! I practically live in mine! #GoodSquad #GoodAmerican

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Another fan added that they wanted one of Kardashian’s hoodies until they saw the steep price tag.

“$160 for a hoodie? Seriously!? I wanted one until I saw the price”

“$160 that’s way too much Khloe”

And another commenter stated Good Americans’ clothing isn’t meant for “poor” people.

“not meant for us poor folk lmao”

Other Instagram users said they tried to purchase one of the sweaters when they were first released, but were unable to as the shirts quickly sold out.

“Not right that the sweatshirts sold out immediately! I logged in at 9am PST and they were already sold out…UGH!”

So, despite some people finding fault with the pricey cost of the hoodie, others can’t wait to buy one. And if you’re one of the fans waiting for a restock, you’re in luck. Kardashian has created a waitlist for customers who wish to purchase one of the hoodies during the next restock.

Of course, Khloe was sure to drum up hype before launching the hoodie as she stated it was “limited edition” on her Instagram post.

“My brand new @goodamerican limited edition Letter Hoodie is available NOW, exclusively at GOODAMERICAN.COM! This first drop is limited so get your initial before it’s gone!!!”

You guys!!!!! My @goodamerican Letter Hoodie has COMPLETELY sold out!! I'm seriously so blown away by the love and support you guys have for this brand, and I can't wait to see everyone wearing their Letter Hoodies!! Lots more coming very soon…. #staytuned #goodamerican

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Later that day, Kardashian came back with another post as she announced the hoodie sold out. Of course, she thanked her fans for their love and support as they flocked to buy the $160 sweatshirt. And it seems despite being labeled “limited edition,” Khloe planned on releasing more as her post said, “back soon.”

“You guys!!!!! My @goodamerican Letter Hoodie has COMPLETELY sold out!! I’m seriously so blown away by the love and support you guys have for this brand, and I can’t wait to see everyone wearing their Letter Hoodies!! Lots more coming very soon…. #staytuned #goodamerican”

Fans can also customize their hoodie with any initial they chose, according to the site and Good American’s Instagram. However, this fact didn’t over-shadow the sweater’s price as fans still asked, “why is this so expensive?”

@rayanyamichelle of the #goodsquad has her Good Hoodie in 'R' #goodsquad #goodhoodie

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Despite the price point and effort needed to actually be one of the few to get one before they sell out, fans seem to be on board with Khloe’s Good American line as her styles continue to sell out.

“Yessssss I am so getting this @khloekardashian”

In fact, Refinery29 stated it was just a matter of time before the 32-year-old Kardashian expanded her successful denim line to include more options.

“Khloé Kardashian’s Good American may be best known for making, well, good jeans. But, given its quick, highly profitable success, it was only a matter of time before she and business partner Emma Grede expanded the scope of the business to include other garments.”

The site also refers to Khloe’s hoodie as a “lampshading” piece as women can wear it as a dress with boots, much like the Kardashians.

“In case you’re unfamiliar, this refers to when you wear a too-big top as a just-long-enough dress with over-the-knee boots — an outfit formula preferred and perfected by members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.”

Perhaps this fact is what makes the high-priced hoodie so popular among Kardashian’s fans.

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