New Gods of Destruction are set to debut in the upcoming 'Dragon Ball Super' Universe Survival Arc.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Universe Survival Arc: 10 Out Of 12 Gods Of Destruction Revealed, Possible Villains, Fodder And Allies

Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe Survival Arc is just a couple of weeks away, and a new teaser has been officially released together with Episode 75. While very brief, the short preview of the upcoming saga showed enough new information to get the franchise’s millions of fans excited. After all, it is not every day that 10 out of 12 Gods of destruction are officially revealed onscreen. As the anime prepares for its most epic arc to date, here is a close look at each of the new gods that were revealed in the anime.

Prior to the preview, the only Gods of Destruction that fans have been introduced to are the brothers Beerus of Universe 7 and Champa of Universe 6. The two have been featured prominently in a number of previous arcs of Dragon Ball Super, with the former being Goku’s opponent in the Battle of the Gods arc and his brother Champa making quite a splash in the Universe 6 saga, which featured the anime’s first tournament. With the recent trailer, however, eight other Gods of Destruction were revealed. Considering the wide variety of the new characters’ designs, numerous fans of the franchise have weighed in on what each of the powerful characters would be like, according to noted DBS source GojiitaAF.

Earlier last week, a new Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction who appears to be inspired by Gimli of The Lord of the Rings has been revealed, accompanied by an Angel who seems to be Whis and Vados’ older brother. While it remains to be seen if the character would be good, neutral or evil, the fact that it was the first new GoD that was revealed after Beerus and Champa have encouraged numerous fans to speculate that the new god would play a significant role in the upcoming tournament.

Making the most waves among the recently-revealed Dragon Ball Super Gods of Destruction was the reveal of a couple of characters that were quite notably inspired by the Joker and Harley Quinn of the DC Universe. The God of Destruction, who has the notable appearance of a Killer Clown and his Angel, who wears Harley Quinn’s distinctive hairstyle, are speculated by numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit to be one of the most sinister characters in the upcoming arc. This is due to the GoD and the Angel’s expressions, whose smirks suggest that they would most likely carry dark personas, and the presence of a mysterious hooded figure standing ominously beside the characters.

Another God of Destruction that has received notable attention among Dragon Ball Super is a god whose design is inspired by Egyptian female pharaoh Cleopatra, who is accompanied by a male Angel. Numerous fans have weighed in on the characters, with many stating that the female God of Destruction’s appearance, together with her Angel’s fairly confident disposition, might mean that the two characters could be a temporary ally for Beerus’ Universe 7 team. Though their role remains unconfirmed, the fact that both God of Destruction and Angel are pretty much eye candy has been received very warmly by fans.

A pink elephant God of Destruction standing beside Universe 10 Kaioshin Gowasu has also managed to get a lot of fans speculating about the character’s role in the Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc. This is mainly due to the fact that he belongs to a universe that has already been explored in the recently-concluded Future Trunks saga. Apart from this, Beerus’ previous intervention in his designated universe might not sit very well with the newly-revealed God of Destruction. Thus, though the GoD’s role remains unknown, a rivalry with Beerus due to the latter’s actions is being speculated by fans.

'Dragon Ball Super' Universe 10's God of Destruction has the appearance of a pink elephant.
[Image by Toei Animation]

Also notable is a God of Destruction who has the appearance of a bulky metal-man with either a single eye or a cannon on his head. Based on the fact that his Angel, who appears to be about the same height as Whis, only reaches up to his stomach, fans are speculating that the GoD would dwarf every single one of his peers. Considering his sheer size, fans are stating that just like the dwarf-inspired GoD, the massive God of Destruction might have a pretty big role in Dragon Ball Super‘s upcoming arc.

Other Gods of Destruction that have been revealed include a Fox creature who seems to be designed in Beerus’ template, a hairy GoD who looks a lot like a Kuriboh from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, and a tiny God of Destruction who reminds fans of Oolong from the original Dragon Ball series. Considering their initial designs and the way the characters were presented in the brief preview, numerous fans are speculating that these three might not have a significant role in the upcoming arc. After all, with 12 universes fighting against each other, anime tropes dictate that some must take the role of fodder characters. If fan speculations prove accurate, the fox god, the hairy god and the little god’s fighters might very well be the Universe Survival Arc’s disposable characters.

With the Dragon Ball multiverse having 12 universes, two more Gods of Destruction are yet to be revealed. Considering their absence from the teaser in Dragon Ball Super Episode 75, numerous fans are speculating that the last two Gods of Destruction might be the most powerful ones yet. Speculations about the final two gods are abounding, with some stating that the last two would be evil and some stating that they might be Beerus and Champa’s parents. With the Universe Survival Arc set to begin in a couple of weeks, however, it would not be long before the full lineup of the 12 DB universe’s deities gets completed. February 5 could not come any sooner.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]