Will Queen Elizabeth step down in 2017?

Is Queen Elizabeth Stepping Down? 2017 Wine Business Projections Look Promising

After being sick over the winter holidays, Queen Elizabeth has made a strong recovery, but could she be stepping down from the crown to run her own wine business?

As it appears, among many other businesses, Queen Elizabeth has her own winery that is heavily operated by Prince Charles. Although Queen Elizabeth gave permission to open the winery in 2011, the first vintage of 2013 sold out quickly around Christmas 2016.

Now, it is confirmed by Decanter that Queen Elizabeth will have another vintage wine available for sale in late 2017, and pre-orders are currently available.

A winery could be a great investment for Queen Elizabeth considering that California is going through their once-a-decade drought followed by extreme flooding. On top of the large amount of wine produced in California that might be threatened in 2017 due to bad weather, other countries are having a similar problem with grape growing, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Despite having a successful wine business that sells bottles before they are ready for consumption, this does not mean that Queen Elizabeth is retiring to pursue a Napa Valley dream.

Queen Elizabeth would be missed if she stepped down from the crown.
Queen Elizabeth would be missed by her fans if she decided to stop making public appearances. [Image by Andrew Winning – WPA Pool/Getty Images]

Also reported by the Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth has not made any official statements that she is stepping down in 2017, and the process of retiring from the crown is called abdication.

Regardless, on December 20, 2016, the official royal website stated that Queen Elizabeth was handing over several of her patronages or royal duties to her other family members such as Queen Elizabeth’s stand-in of choice, Princess Margaret.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will also take more responsibility for royal patronages formerly held by Queen Elizabeth. This includes duties to patronages such as Save the Children U.K., the Rugby Football Union, the British Cycling Federation, and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Since Queen Elizabeth is 90-years-old, it makes sense that she will reduce her duties, and go into semi-retirement. Nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth has made no announcements about possibly stepping down from the crown in 2017.

Part of the reason so many Queen Elizabeth fans are worried she will be retiring from the crown is due to her recent illness around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Both times, Queen Elizabeth was sick, and she had to stay home from church services at Sandringham.

What is often left out of the press is that Queen Elizabeth may not have been very ill at all, but was in fact still in mourning from the recent loss of her best friend and first cousin, Margaret Rhodes.

Queen Elizabeth likely needed to recuperate from the death of Margaret Rhodes around November 26, 2016, but Queen Elizabeth is already back to her royal duties a couple of months later.

For example, People reported on January 19, that Queen Elizabeth was out of the palace in a magenta outfit. As far as getting back to her royal duties, Queen Elizabeth used the outing to drink tea at an annual visit to her local Women’s Institute.

However, what is true is that Queen Elizabeth works hard outside of her patronages, and she owns a lot of other businesses outside of wine.

For example, Queen Elizabeth owns a variety of businesses worth billions through the Crown Estate including offshore wind farms, the Regent Street shops, and millions of dollars in tourist attractions such as Windsor Estate.

As it appears, if Queen Elizabeth stepped down from the crown, what she might be interested in is the simple country life. According to her best friend, Margaret Rhodes, if Queen Elizabeth had never ascended to the crown, she would be tending to her prize-winning horses and her dogs.

Queen Elizabeth's patronages are now partially handled by the Royal Family.
The Royal Family has agreed to take over some of Queen Elizabeth’s patronages now that she is 90-years-old. [Image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]

In fact, according to Elle U.K., Queen Elizabeth has been walking two dogs for a friend since around 2015, and now that her friend has passed away, Queen Elizabeth is adopting their dogs. Adding to her crew of corgis, Queen Elizabeth adopted a Bichon Frise and another corgi from her gamekeeper, Bill Fenwick.

While it seems clear that Queen Elizabeth loves being in nature and around animals, she might not enjoy Donald Trump’s ideas for his visit to England.

According to Golf Channel, Donald Trump is excited about an upcoming visit with Queen Elizabeth, and he intends to go golfing with her. In particular, Donald Trump wants an invitation to Balmoral Castle where there is a nine-hole course owned privately by Queen Elizabeth II.

If Queen Elizabeth does decide to break her tradition of summering in Scotland and arranges a visit with the new president, she might also get a chance to ask Donald Trump about some “alternative facts.”

For example, Daily Star reports that a documentary made about Donald Trump in 1991 shows him declaring that Queen Elizabeth was buying an apartment in Trump Tower.

On the other hand, Donald Trump might not visit Queen Elizabeth because he is too miffed from meeting the U.K. Prime Minister first.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, his visit with Queen Elizabeth will not take place until the summer, if at all. In the meantime, he will be getting a visit from the U.K. Prime Minister by the end of January as his first visiting head of state as POTUS.

According to Reuters, the Prime Minister of the U.K., Theresa May, stated that she wanted to speak with Donald Trump following the women’s march against him that took place worldwide and included London.

About her upcoming meeting with Donald Trump on January 27, Theresa May stated, “Whenever there is something that I find unacceptable I won’t be afraid to say that to Donald Trump.”

Theresa May also had the following to say about Donald Trump and their first meeting in late January.

“I’ve already said that some of the comments that Donald Trump has made in relation to women are unacceptable, some of those he himself has apologized for. When I sit down (with Trump) I think the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female prime minister.”

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