President Donald Trump Should Be Given A Chance, Says Actor Micheal Keaton

President Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Barron Get SNL ‘Shooter’ Apology, Small Hollywood Olive Branch

It’s no secret that President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fought a gruelling race for the White House last November.

It’s also no secret that the new First Lady Melania, 10-year-old son Barron Trump, and Bill Clinton were caught up in the proverbial crossfire that rained.

Mainstream media, Hollywood, various political voices, talk show hosts, Saturday Night Live, and more were part of those critical voices. However, there now appears to be an easing up of hostilities from some. At least, for now.

According to Page Six, actor Michael Keaton has broken rank with Hollywood’s anti-Donald Trump party line and thinks the new President should be given a chance.

While dining at the Sunset Tower Hotel bar in West Hollywood, California, on Saturday night, the Beetlejuice star, reportedly got up to speak to Al Pacino and John Travolta.

Keaton was overheard saying, “Enough with the Hollywood BS. I didn’t vote for him, but we’ve got to just give him a chance at this point…”

While Keaton may not be suggesting White House sleepovers any time soon, he is saying he is open to seeing what Trump does next, rather than presuming the worst.

Keaton’s comments come after actress Meryl Streep’s takedown of President Trump during her acceptance speech after she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement gong at the Golden Globes earlier this month.

So, it remains to be seen whether the rest of the Hollywood establishment will be as open as Keaton to giving President Trump a chance.

Melania Trump received warm words from another veteran icon from a different artistic milieu: music.

Britain’s Boy George offered kind observations about the First Lady to the Associated Press Page Six at the Dior Homme’s recent show at Paris Fashion Week.

The former Culture Club frontman defended Melania Trump against snarky press about her former modeling career, which involved nude work.

“You know what,” George said, “as somebody who has a past — I think it’s really wrong and mean-spirited of women to be so abusive.”

He added that Melania “looked amazing” in her Herve Pierre-designed inauguration dress.

The gay icon also urged people to “remain positive” about the next four years under the new Presidency.

However, AP notes, George humorously mentioned that neither he or the LGBT community were mentioned in President Trump inauguration speech.

Making the hat-trick, Barron Trump received support from a former resident of the White House, Chelsea Clinton, only child of Hillary and former President, Bill.

On the heels of Rosie O’Donnell’s unfortunate — and now, apologized-for — comments about Barron Trump last year, the backdrop of mocking and also harsh tweets about the child during Friday’s Inauguration events is the context for Chelsea’s remark about the youngster.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, the ex-First Daughter wrote, “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid.”

In the same post, Clinton also vented about Trump administration’s policies.

“Standing up for every kid also means opposing @POTUS policies that hurt kids,” she added.

A less pleasant tweet about Barron has led to the swift suspension of Saturday Night Live writer, Katie Rich.

On Inauguration Day, Rich tweeted, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Amid massive social media anger in response and media reaction — which included a petition to fire the writer — SNL quickly moved to indefinitely suspend Rich.

TMZ reports Rich has since deleted all her tweets, barring an apology which she posted on Monday.

It reads, “I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet. I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I’m so sorry.”

So, it’s apologies, small Hollywood olive branches, and words of peace from some towards President Trump, First Lady Melania, and Barron.

Is the beginning of a wave of goodwill from Trump critics? Or merely a lull following the intense acrimony of the 2016 Presidential race, the resulting protests, recent worldwide Women’s March, and partisan anger about the new administration’s policies and key players?

Times will tell. In the interim, let us know your thoughts on this report in the comments below.

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