Jermaine Jacksun

Jermaine Jackson Changing His Last Name To Jacksun

Jermaine Jacksun, the brother of the late Michael Jackson, is changing his last name. Jermaine recently petitioned the court to change his last name to “Jacksun.”

The famed Jackson 5 singer filed the name change petition with the L.A. County Superior Court on Tuesday.

According to the Jackson brother, he is petitioning for the last name change for “artistic reasons,” although what those reasons may be he did not specify.

A hearing has been scheduled to approve the name at which time Jermaine will go in front of a judge.

Given his public persona and leaving out any other strange legal situations that might pop up, the name change is likely to be approved.

Before his name can legally be changed, Jermaine Jackson will need to announced several times over the next couple months that his name change has been requested. Public statements for name changes include having the petitioner’s name printed in a local publication several times.

Jermaine has not yet publicly revealed why he has chosen to change his name.

At least this time around, the famous person in question isn’t going with a crazy name like Metta World Peace or OchoCinco.

Given the Jackson family’s strange and sorted past, I’m personally surprised that none of the brothers had attempted such a stunt in the past.

Can you think of any good uses for the name Jacksun?