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Barron Trump High Five: 10-Year-Old First Son ‘Embarrassed’ By Mom On Inauguration Day [Watch]

A Barron Trump high five attempt was shot down during President Trump’s Inauguration on Friday and the video is now going viral. Apparently, even the first son gets embarrassed when his mom tries to be cool!

According to News Australia, there was a point during Friday’s festivities when Melania Trump tried to high five her son and he totally pulled away, just like any kid his age might.

In the video below, you can see that Melania Trump raises her hand to celebrate with her son, but he just makes a motion and doesn’t appease his mom. When she turns away, Barron makes another motion that could have indicated “leave me alone, mom” or something similar.

So, Barron Trump didn’t want to high five his mom — but that’s not the only time that Barron was reportedly embarrassed by her. If you’re a parent, surely you can relate. According to the Daily Mail, Barron Trump was walking in the parade with his mom and dad when Melania tried to hold his hand.

Well, that simply wasn’t happening.

“An embarrassed Barron Trump snatched his hand away from mother Melania during the inauguration parade on Friday. The 10-year-old acted like an awkward preteen when he refused to hold hands with the new First Lady. The youngest member of the Trump clan was quick to shake off his mother’s attempts to grab him when the world’s cameras were focused on the family,” the Daily Mail reported.

Check out the video of Melania trying to hold hands with Barron below.

Aside from the Barron Trump high five fail and the “mom, I’m not holding your hand in public” moment, people also seemed to notice just how tired Barron was. This certainly isn’t the first time that Barron Trump yawned through a public appearance. There were several times that the 10-year-old looked bored, tired, and utterly disinterested in his surroundings. Of course, there were many people that sympathized with young Barron, tweeting things like, “can you blame him?” And other people took Barron’s behavior for what it was — a typical 10-year-old boy who wants to be anywhere else besides with his parents.

Naturally, you are going to get people who will scrutinize every move this child makes and try to slap labels on him but there was nothing really extraordinary about Barron not wanting to hold his mom’s hand or sit through hours of boring talks that he doesn’t fully comprehend because he is too young.

Barron Trump and Melania
Barron Trump mean-muggin’ his mom [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

And sometimes, Barron Trump doesn’t want to high five his mom. That’s not something out of this world, either. It is clear that people are really interested in learning about Barron because he will be the first young boy to live in the White House since JFK’s son in the 1960s.

It is very interesting to see how people are watching Barron and how different it is having a young boy in the White House (though he won’t officially move in until after the school year). If you remember back to when President Obama was elected, all eyes were on his daughters, Malia and Sasha, as well. Maybe the girls weren’t quite as interesting as Barron because they didn’t give the public much to work with — girls, of course, are different than boys and don’t start to get embarrassed by mom and dad until a bit later.

There were times that Melania Trump fiddled with her son’s tie and put her arm around him, things that some moms are instructed not to do in front of other people!

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Ugh, mom! [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

What did you make of Barron Trump skipping out on that high five with his mom?

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