Corinne Olympios gets called out for her immaturity on The Bachelor

Corinne Olympios Gets Called Out For Her ‘Low Emotional Intelligence’ On ‘The Bachelor’

Corinne Olympios didn’t sign on to The Bachelor to get counseling, but the 24-year-old reality show contestant is getting some unsolicited advice from a mental health professional on Nick Viall’s season of the show. ABC News posted a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of The Bachelor, and it shows Corinne getting lectured by her competitor, Taylor Nolan, about her immaturity as they both compete to win Nick’s heart.

“My concern is just not feeling confident that you are in a place to enter into a committed, fulfilling relationship,” Taylor told Corinne in the preview clip. “I feel like there have been times over the last few days that I didn’t know if you had the maturity or the emotional intelligence or the coping skills to deal with stuff.”

Of course, Corinne was not exactly happy with Taylor or her two cents.

“Listen, I’m not an idiot,” Olympios told her competitor. “I run a multi-million dollar company and I don’t appreciate you treating me like an idiot so stop treating me like a f***ing idiot, Taylor!”

Welp, I did always know how to make a grand entrance.. catch tonight's crazy episode of the bachelor at 8pm on ABC! ????????????????

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Nolan later told Bachelor producers why she decided to confront Olympios.

“My point in my conversation with Corinne is that the emotional intelligence level is lower,” she explained. “And that sounds mean but it’s the f***ing truth.”

Indeed, Corinne Olympios’ immaturity has been a talking point ever since this season’s Bachelor premiere when the pretty blonde boasted that she has a nanny named Raquel who takes care of her at home.

“She does everything for me,” Olympios said on the Bachelor premiere. “I’m a kid. Raquel keeps my life together. She makes sure that my bed is made every morning, makes my cucumber and vegetable slices for lunch and cheese pasta.”

It’s not hard to see why Corinne Olympios has been dubbed this season’s attention-seeking villain on The Bachelor. In addition to her bizarre nanny story, Olympios has made plenty of headlines for her overly-sexual advances at Viall. Corinne spontaneously went topless for a group photo shoot date with Nick, and she later asked the Bachelor star to lick whipped cream off of her naked body.

Corinne’s outlandish behavior prompted former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky to call her out. In a post on her Ali Luvs blog, Fedotowsky slammed Corinne for her bad girl behavior.

“I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her,” Fedotowsky wrote of Olympios.

“She just took off all her clothes and threw herself at a man hoping she could win him over by doing that… For her to think that this is the way she wins a man’s affection when he’s clearly not in a monogamous relationship with her, I find that truly sad. Like heartbreakingly sad.”

While some people think she is not mature enough to accept a proposal from 36-year-old Nick Viall, in an interview with Glamour magazine, Corinne Olympios said she is ready for a serious relationship with the four-time franchise alum.

“I just think he’s so caring and so cute and so outspoken about his feelings. He’s adorable as a person inside and out,” Olympios told Glamour.

But Corinne also revealed that her future man needs to be supportive — and available.

“I need him to be very supportive of me, I need him to be very hands on in the relationship and caring, and I need him to love dogs,” Olympios said. “[And] I don’t tolerate not answering the phone if it’s not during work hours. Like, sorry, no!”

Take a look at the video below to see the other contestants talking about Corinne Olympios on The Bachelor.

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