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Corinne Olympios Could Be Biggest Villain Yet: How Far Does She Make It On ‘The Bachelor’ 2017?

This season on The Bachelor 2017 the fans are not impressed with Corinne Olympios and the way she is trying to win over Nick Viall. Corinne won’t let anything keep her from getting her man and even thought it was a good idea to put whip cream all over her chest and have Nick lick it off. Now the fans just really want to know how far Corinne will make it this season and if Nick will actually pick her. People shared a preview for this week’s episode that shows that Nick is going to end up a little upset with Corinne, but according to spoilers, it won’t be enough for him to send her home just yet.

This week Nick Viall will take the girls to his hometown, and Corinne Olympios doesn’t like the date that she ends up on. The girls will actually be shoveling manure on their date and instead of joining in Corinne is nowhere to be found. Nick will start looking for her, and it turns out she is sitting outside by herself. Of course, this isn’t going to impress him much. Nick is seen in the clip saying, “My blood’s boiling right now,” but he may not be talking about Corinne.

Reality Steve has the spoilers once again for The Bachelor, and he has shared how far Corinne Olympios will stick around this season. Don’t get to used to the idea of her going home just yet. Nick will keep her after this week’s group date, and somehow she will win him over. Corinne Olympios is actually going to be around a few more weeks, but according to Steve, she won’t be the girl that Nick picks in the end.

This week Corinne Olympios will go on the dairy farm date where she has to shovel manure. She won’t get the group date rose, but she won’t be getting sent home just yet either. Next week fans are going to think that Corinne just might go home. She ends up on a two-on-one date with Taylor Nolan. This is the perfect time for Nick to send her packing, but instead, Taylor will be the one who goes home. She will be so mad that she will come back that night to gripe Nick out for sending her home, but Corinne Olympios is the one who stays anyway. Taylor will accuse Corinne of bullying her, but Nick likes the villain for some reason.

The next week Corinne will end up going on a date with two other girls where they go swimming with sharks. Nick will keep her around, but not give her the group date rose. This means that Corinne is going to make it to the final four where Nick Viall will meet her family. If Reality Steve’s spoilers are right, she will get sent home this week and not make the final three. This means that Nick won’t pick her, but it leaves Corinne in the perfect position to be on Bachelor in Paradise next season. She may be hated, but you know she makes for great television. It would be totally shocking if this villain wasn’t cast for the show.

Are you shocked to hear how long Nick Viall will keep Corinne Olympios around on The Bachelor 2017? Do you think that Nick should have sent her home sooner? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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