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WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Isn’t A Hated Wrestler, Company Caught Editing Footage Of Fan Reactions?

With just a few days to go before the Royal Rumble — which is really little more than a preview of WrestleMania — the latest WWE rumors suggest that everything we’ve come to expect to happen at these events isn’t going to happen. In fact, Roman Reigns’ entire status as a hated wrestler may all be just for show, as the company was recently caught with its hand in the proverbial editing cookie jar!

Before we get into that, let’s talk about the Auburn Citizen’s latest round of WWE rumors. With Kurt Angle scheduled to return to the ring at the Royal Rumble — shortly after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame — the company is now working overtime to make sure he’s happy with the fights that are coming his way. The outlet recently spoke to the wrestling legend, and he confirmed that one of his dream matches would be up against Roman Reigns. In his interview, there was some suggestion that WWE creative is working to make this happen for him.

“Reigns’ power moves, tight strikes, and pinpoint timing complement [his] strengths, and the way the Samoan feeds himself to his opponent on his Superman punch and spear plays perfectly into Angle’s counter-heavy formula.”

And while that’s all good and fine, according to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, wrestling fans have their own theories about how Roman Reigns’ upcoming appearances could play out, and some of them have a great deal of validity. One of the biggest theories surrounding Reigns is that he’s not as hated as WWE creative wants him to be. A video recently surfaced online showing that WWE Creative edited a crowd reaction in its recap to show that Reigns got more boos than he actually received.

Check out the video below and see what you think.

But Forbes suggests that this is all part of a bigger plan surrounding the WWE’s overall programming plan. Frankly, said Forbes, the company wouldn’t do this if the fans weren’t entertained by it all.

“The obvious edit is a clear example of WWE following its own narrative of good (Roman Reigns) vs. evil (Chris Jericho). Is there a conspiracy? Of course, and it’s the conspiracy of scripted entertainment. It’s all part of booking Roman Reigns as a babyface because, to many people who treat wrestling as a casual pleasure, he is. WWE manipulated live footage for a re-airing just as it would edit a Hulk Hogan promo if he flubbed a line.”

Finally, according to the latest WWE rumors from the Huffington Post, Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania plans are “in trouble,” and he really should be reconsidering how he promotes the upcoming event. The outlet recently posted a feature called Wrestle Talk News, wherein they also addressed other WWE rumors such as Kenny Omega’s desire to come on board with the WWE, what we can expect from the upcoming WrestleMania event, and how Roman Reigns and Goldberg may just be teaming up at Fastlane to give the pay-per-view event a much-needed ratings boost.

You can check out the Wrestle Talk News video below.

Also, wrestling fans in the U.K. can check out the 5 Star Wrestling Special on January 28, just one day before the much-anticipated Royal Rumble. No doubt we’ll be getting a rebroadcast of that special somewhere on YouTube.

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