Rihanna reportedly is "furious" with Drake over his romance with Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez Shares Sexy Instagram Pic As Rihanna Reportedly Gets ‘Furious’ Over Drake Romance

Jennifer Lopez and Drake have turned into one of the hottest celebrity couple surprises in 2017, with both Jennifer and the rapper sharing photos of their closeness on social media. Now, Lopez is heating up Instagram with a shockingly sexy photo amid rumors that Rihanna is upset by Jennifer’s romance with Drake.

Rihanna is “furious at her former flame Drake,” according to Hollywood Life, which reported that her alleged fury comes from the way that the rapper “keeps flaunting his romance with Jennifer Lopez.”

Rihanna reportedly is upset by Drake's romance with Jennifer Lopez.
Rihanna reportedly is upset by Drake’s romance with Jennifer Lopez. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Drake, 30, split from Rihanna, 28, previously, but the songstress allegedly feels that he’s “parading” his new romantic relationship with Lopez, 47, according to the media outlet’s insider.

“RiRi’s really angry with Drake. It feels like he’s flaunting his relationship with J.Lo, knowing it would hurt [Rihanna].”

The source also claims that what the rapper has done since his split from Rihanna “has been cold-hearted.” Although the two reportedly had a roller-coaster romance, Rihanna “really thought he would still at least be considerate of her feelings,” added the insider.

“Drake said such sweet things to her, but now Rih feels like they were all lies,” according to the source.

But while Rihanna allegedly is upset by Drake, his romance with Jennifer has been getting hotter. Lopez and the rapper spent time together during New Year’s Eve, and he attracted attention for allegedly throwing shade at Rihanna when he stopped performing his hit with her, “Working,” and dissed her with a comment indicating his relationship with Rihanna was in the past.

“That was the vibe for 2016,” declared the rapper.

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she and Drake are making beautiful music together.
Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she and Drake are making beautiful music together. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

As for the vibe for 2017, it apparently is all about Jennifer. Lopez has been “having fun” in her new romance with Drake, reported E! News, citing a source who revealed that he is “completely falling for J.Lo.”

Although the lovebirds are “taking things as slow as they could,” the insider also shared that Jennifer “is the first girl besides Rihanna in a while that he is really into.” Moreover, Drake had a crush on Jennifer when he was growing up, according to the source, who revealed that the age difference isn’t a problem.

“The age gap is not an issue for [Drake], because he digs an older woman. [Jennifer Lopez] has always been into younger men, so it’s a good combo.”

Just in case any of the rapper’s fans are questioning what it is about Lopez that Drake reportedly “digs,” Jennifer just posted a new photo so sexy that Life & Style speculated that she might have intended it for Drake’s eyes only as a private message, posting it accidentally. But the photo remains public, featuring Jennifer’s famed booty and shapely legs as she lies on a bed.

“Mood on a rainy day,” wrote Lopez for the caption.

Jennifer appears to be wearing styles that are sexier than usual, according to the publication, which noted that the actress/singer has been spotted wearing a black leather skirt that takes the concept of mini dresses to new heights.

Mood on a rainy day…☔️

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

While the romance part of Jennifer’s relationship with the rapper remains a topic of speculation, Lopez did just confirm that she and Drake are making sweet music together — literally. Talking with ET, Jennifer confirmed her new project with Drake.

“He just asked me to do a song with him and that’s what we’ve been doing,” said Lopez. “We’ll see if it’s on his next album.”

However, she declined to dish on the rumors of her romance with the 30-year-old rapper. But an insider told People that their relationship is more than just making beautiful music together.

In addition to working on music as a team, Lopez and Drake “clearly enjoy each other on another level, too,” said the source.

Another insider told the publication that Jennifer “loves the attention,” appearing “very happy” to be with him. Calling the rapper “very charming,” the source revealed that he treats Lopez “with lots of respect,” and she appears to be “very smitten.”

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