Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift feuding over The Weeknd?

Taylor Swift Dissed By Selena Gomez? Selena Allegedly Ditching Her Bestie For The Weeknd, Sources Claim

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have certainly made no secret of their close friendship over the years, but sources are now claiming that Gomez’s alleged new romance with The Weeknd may be driving a wedge between Swift and the “Good For You” singer.

While it’s been rumored for weeks that Selena and Taylor may not be getting along, Gomez may now just have made her feelings for her potentially now former bestie very clear while out with The Weeknd recently.

Hollywood Life accused Selena of breaking “girl code” during her January 19 date night with her rumored new boyfriend, as she was reportedly spotted with the “Can’t Feel My Face” singer attending a John Mayer concert in Los Angeles.

As Taylor fans will remember, Swift and Mayer dated briefly in 2010, and their short-lived romance didn’t exactly end on the best terms, which has fans speculating that Taylor may not be too happy to see her bestie publicly supporting her ex.

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According to Rolling Stone, John confirmed in 2012 that Swift’s scathing diss track “Dear John” is about him and his past romance with the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer before he then slammed Taylor for “humiliating” him in song back in the pages of the music magazine.

Swift’s former boyfriend revealed to the site that he was “really humiliated” by Taylor’s diss song, which was featured on her 2010 release Fearless, and claimed that he “didn’t deserve” to have Swift slam him with such a public and permanent diss.

“It made me feel terrible,” John said in the interview of Taylor’s “Dear John” diss, which Swift released around seven years before Selena was then spotted at one of Mayer’s recent shows. “I’m pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do,” he added.

John was then accused of intensifying his alleged feud with his ex just last year according to Vanity Fair, allegedly slamming Taylor on her birthday with a pretty scathing diss tweet.

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“Tuesday, December 13 may be the lamest day of the year, conceptually,” Mayer tweeted out on what just so happened to be Swift’s 27th birthday, though he later deleted the message and claimed that he meant “no shade” by his comments.

But while Selena Gomez never officially spoke out about Taylor Swift and John Mayer’s feud, Gomez’s night out at Mayer’s concert came amid reports claiming that her apparent new boyfriend may have thrown a serious diss Taylor’s way earlier this month, allegedly referring to Taylor’s love life as a “joke” to friends.

As the Selena and The Weeknd dating rumors hit the headlines, Hollywood Life alleged that the singer had been telling friends that he wants to keep his apparent new romance with Gomez out of the headlines, staying away from any Taylor-esque high-profile romances that have been known to crash and burn in the past.

“He wants to be known as an artist and the relationship can thrive behind closed doors,” a source revealed of The Weeknd’s supposed plans to keep dating Selena on the down low, before allegedly then throwing a serious diss in Taylor’s direction.

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“[The Weeknd] doesn’t want to be a pawn in anyone’s game,” continued the insider of the singer, “he doesn’t want his relationships to become a Taylor type joke.”

Notably, Swift and Gomez have not been spotted out and about or on social media together in recent months and the latest round of claims suggesting that Selena could be confirming that her and Swift’s friendship has hit a rocky patch come shortly after Radar Online alleged that Taylor and Selena’s long-time friendship may now be over.

The site alleged last year that Selena had supposedly made the decision to cut Swift out of her life – despite their many years of friendship – allegedly telling friends that she thinks Taylor is a “bad influence” following her rehab stint for lupus complications last year, suggesting their friendship was fractured prior to Gomez’s new romance with The Weeknd.

“Since Selena got out of rehab, she has been cutting out all of the bad influences in her life,” a source revealed of what could allegedly be the end of Gomez and Swift’s friendship. “Taylor, unfortunately, does not make the cut anymore.”

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The insider then went on to claim that Gomez and Swift supposedly got competitive when it came to their close relationship, though neither has explicitly confirmed any drama.

“Taylor is always trying to one-up [Selena],” a source said of why Gomez supposedly opted to end the friendship, adding that Swift supposedly used to “make it look like Selena is just lucky to be her friend.”

What do you think of the latest rumors swirling around Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s friendship?

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