Lisa Appleton hands on nipples, threaten to strip on streets

Lisa Appleton Puts Her Hands On Her Nipples And Threatens To Strip During Night Out

Lisa Appleton was at it again on Saturday night as she demonstrated her party antics and even went as far as almost revealing her nipples and threatening to strip during a night out.

Appleton exercised her partying skills on Saturday evening after stepping out to the streets of Manchester so that she could celebrate her daughter Sophie Marie’s birthday. The former Celebrity Big Brother star was clearly excited and she wanted to show it. She gave the cameras more than they bargained for after pulling down her top to reveal her well-endowed chest.

“Lisa’s breasts were barely contained as she yanked the tight, laced corset she was wearing down to reveal a lot of cleavage,” Mirror reported.

Lisa Appleton’s boobs stole the show

Lisa was clearly determined to be the center of attention and that is exactly what happened as she teased to expose her breasts. She held her top to reveal a significant view of her boobs though she managed to keep her nipples tucked and hidden. This happened on the streets of Manchester while she was leaving her daughter’s birthday party. The 48-year-old also showed off her dancing skills in addition to the boob show.

Lisa Appleton hands on nipples, threaten to strip on streets
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Appleton was dressed for a party

The 48-year-old was dressed for a night out and since it was her daughter’s birthday, it was definitely a night worth partying. Her outfit for the evening was a black PVC mini skirt that showed off her tanned thighs courtesy of her sunny vacation in Spain with Mark Byron. She also wore a matching black top. Fortunately, she chose to wear a pair of pink flip flops which were a safer option for her because they gave her more balance as opposed to having opted to wear high heels. They also allowed her to show off her dance moves such as pole dancing one of the street light poles.

“She lined her eyes with a thick rim of kohl, whilst her plump pout was painted with pink gloss,” pointed out a report by Daily Mail.

Lisa Appleton hands on nipples, threaten to strip on streets
[Image by Tim Whitby/Getty Images]

Hopefully, Sophie did not have to carry her mom home because it looked as if she had taken one too many drinks. We are not sure whether the street pole was lucky or whether it was assaulted as the 48-year-old tried all sorts of dancing moves on it. Her tight leather skirt did not even stand in her way and she managed to wrap her legs around the metal pole.

Luckily for Lisa, she loves it when the cameras are pointed at her. She recently made fun of her paparazzi photos during one of her appearances on Big Brother. She also loves having fun and does not mind showing off some skin. Lisa had her break into the fame spotlight in 2008 after she joined Big Brother with her boyfriend Mario Marconi. She became more popular after they got engaged during the show and later on got married while still in the house, thus making history. The couple, however, got divorced in 2013 after Lisa claimed that their spark had died out and that they had both been unhappy for a while.

Appleton has clearly had her ups and downs in the showbiz industry, but she maintains her bubbly personality and does not let negativity pull her down. Her recent escapades during her daughter’s birthday are proof that she is still full of life and eager to take every opportunity to have some fun. Saturday’s boob show was therefore not the first time that the reality star has been photographed while dressed scantily.

Recent photos of the 48-year-old feature her dressed in underwear with her boobs getting exposed as she took out the garbage. Lisa’s recent stunt in which she flashed her boobs for the camera and threatened to strip is thus one of her many stunts to keep things interesting.

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