Donald, Melania and Barron Trump walk and wave to crowds

Barron Trump’s Impish Antics Scolded By Mom, Melania? Caught On Video [Opinion]

Barron Trump is still only 10, even though his Wall Street-like attire and very grownup hair style make him look much older than his years. Clips of Barron at the many inauguration events have recently surfaced, and two of these video shorts are making their rounds on social media sites today. As the festivities of the past few days are mulled over in the news and across social media sites, Barron and mom, Melania Trump, head back to their gilded tower home.

With just about everyone today having a cell phone with them at all times, Donald Trump and his family were videoed and captured in photos around every corner during the inauguration festivities. Days after the event some of these videos of Barron and Melania were still getting posted online. In both of the videos below, it is apparent that neither Melania nor Barron have so much as an inkling that they are being captured on a video.

One clip that has folks talking today shows Melania Trump appearing to scold Barron several times. Melania appears slightly frazzled when she lets out a sigh as Barron continues doing whatever it was that he was doing at the time. Barron’s behavior also caught the eye of Barack Obama, who is seen glancing over at this display of Melania trying to redirect the First Son. Obama is seen sitting on Melania Trump’s left in the video. Whatever Barron is doing, he is putting some energy into the task, which is hidden from the camera’s view behind a chair.

In this short clip, you can also see other people in the crowd nonchalantly glimpsing over at Barron, so he caught the eye of others in the audience. Melania leans over and appears to tell Barron to stop what it is he is doing, but she waits until the crowd breaks into applause to do so. Maybe she is using the sound of the applause to muffle what she has to say, keeping this from the surrounding crowd.

It could also be that Melania waited for the applause to roar before allegedly reprimanding Barron so she wouldn’t interrupt one of the many speeches they sat through on Friday. After her attempt at redirecting Barron, you can see that she lets out that sigh. This appears to be the same type of sigh that all mothers out there recognize all too well, it just magically appears when your kids are getting on your nerves.

Barron did a good job at making it through the day, despite getting bored through all the pomp and circumstance. There were signs that he had enough of the ceremony and speeches, like the picture captured in the tweet below.

One of the many clips coming out of the inauguration event to show a happier moment between Melania and her son can be seen below. Melania is obviously looking for a high-five from Barron, who appears to tease her. Be sure to watch what happens when Melania turns away. There is no mistaking that Barron Trump has cultivated a sense of humor if this clip is any indication of his joking-like antics.

As News Au reminds their readers, Barron was not having very good luck with high-fives during Inauguration Day. Earlier in the day he was trying to get his baby nephew to join him in a high-five, but the baby wasn’t having anything to do with it. This is when Barron resorted to playing peek-a-boo with his nephew, a deed that has gone viral and captured the hearts of the audience. Barron’s special moment with his baby nephew is seen below.

On Sunday, January 22, the First Lady and President Trump celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, reports Fox News. Last week was quite the whirlwind for Melania and Donald Trump. Then their special day fell right in the middle of President Trump’s first weekend in office, which seems to be a case of when it rains, it pours. It is not clear how the couple celebrated their anniversary, or even if the couple had time to actually do something to mark their special day together.

Despite it being President Trump and the First Lady’s anniversary, Melania and Barron did head up North on Sunday. They went back home to Trump Towers so Barron can attend school on Monday. Now that Trump is president of the nation, even special family events may have to be put on hold with all he’s taken on by stepping into this office.

First lady Melania Trump fixes the tie of her son Barron Trump before swearing in ceremony
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With these little clips of Melania and Barron getting posted online, the masses get a glimpse of the interactions between the mom and son. It is not a feeling of glamor or luxury that you take away from these video shorts. What you see is just how normal things are for Melania and Barron when it comes to a parent-child relationship, despite all the glitz and glamor in their lives.

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