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Stacey Dash Pens 1,344 Word Rant On 2012 Election, Disillusionment

Stacey Dash pens a novel on election

Stacey Dash is really upset that Mitt Romney didn’t win the 2012 election. We know this because she sent TMZ a 1,344 word rant about her post-election depression.

The actress was previously best-known for playing Dionne in Clueless but entered the public stage yet again ahead of the 2012 election with a controversial endorsement of GOP candidate Mitt Romney. “How can this be? She’s a woman! And African-American!” the internet cried. Thereafter, she received incredibly disturbing, even racist, criticism via Twitter.

In light of President Obama’s uncontested re-election, Dash has apparently been hard at work typing up a rebuttal to the entire 2012 election, having produced an impressive 1,344 words on the subject.

“Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden … and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person,” says TMZ.

We don’t know if Dash’s epic 1,344 word political rant is impressive or sad, but, hey, it exists.

“Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones,” Dash said in the letter. “People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama. That’s not how full participants in the democratic process operate. We vote for candidates and we vote for issues.”

And more:

“An elderly woman stands in the same grocery line pinching pennies to buy a can of soup while a woman is buying marshmallow fluff with food stamps…,” she wrote. “Ultimately I know that what Stacey Dash thinks about who will be the next president of the United States isn’t that important in the scheme of things- but I feel a desperation for the country. The fact is, that when the two parties are not working together, it makes things worse!”

Dash’s 1,344 word rant concludes: “I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives.”

You can read Stacey Dash’s 1,344 word rant in its entirety at TMZ.

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42 Responses to “Stacey Dash Pens 1,344 Word Rant On 2012 Election, Disillusionment”

  1. Victoria Garno

    Geez from the little bit they posted it sure doesn't sound like a rant to me. Pretty sure we're all entitled to our opinions. The hate for her expressing her own opinions is exactly the reason I left the Dem party and joined the Independents. Too much hate from too many people for my liking. What happened to civility in this nation?

  2. Michael Dew

    It's an opinion and everyone is entitled to it but that doesn't mean we have to add to partisan fury. What makes us American is there's supposed to be ultimate concensus. I would hope that the Congressional & Senatorial balance of power remaining intact would be a sign that we the people like the idealism BUT need to cut certain aspects of it to size, on both sides. We can't have four more years of gridlock and let's be real, it's not ALL Obama's fault. He tried bi-partisanship. It's harmful to the economy, silly, irresponsible, and juvenile. Nobody will read my rant but for the sake of understanding, 35 months of job creation after consistent losses we are moving forward. Let's all calm down and get it DONE! We're in this together, like it or not, for the next four years. Quit crying and go buy something American.

  3. Tammi Johnson

    She is a woman that hates herself. She tries so hard to distant herself from the African-american community that she is willing to accept the hate message that the republican was spreading. Anyone who can make excuses for the hate message that Mitt Romney was spreading is a sad shell of a person. Sad, sad excuse for a woman and mother.

  4. Derrick Robinson

    Stacey I'm not mad at you because of your choice, i've always said that you have the right to vote for whomever you choose to.I loved you on TV, playboy, the full movies that you have done and think your a great actress.When the next election comes around, i hope that you do the same as this time, keep fighting for your right to speak.

  5. Derrick Robinson

    Stacey I'm not mad at you because of your choice, i've always said that you have the right to vote for whomever you choose to.I loved you on TV, playboy, the full movies that you have done and think your a great actress.When the next election comes around, i hope that you do the same as this time, keep fighting for your right to speak.

  6. Juan C. Lopez

    Maybe she can get a aging cream endorsement from some company? For now feel the burn baby…

  7. Jennifer Susser

    " quit crying and go buy something american" couldnt have said it any better

  8. Jennifer Susser

    " quit crying and go buy something american" couldnt have said it any better

  9. Bah Humbug

    She's not referring to herself in the 3rd person — she's saying "i know it doesn't matter what 'Stacey Dash'' thinks"… like saying "I know it doesn't matter what any celebrity thinks".

  10. Katie Essex

    I don't understand why she can dress up in a bathing suit and endorse Mitt Romney and the GOP calls her "inspirational" and "smart", but when Lena Dunham writes a endorsement for President Obama and stays respectfully dressed, the GOP calls her disgusting. Oh well, the GOP is a dying party and 10 years from now the Libertarians will take their place.

  11. Don Carlos de Trastamara

    No she does not. She IS half
    Mexican, as in biracial. An the African American community has gotten no better under Obama, if you look at the jobless rates, blacks have gotten even worse under the man you blacks worship so much. Just because she has a difference in opinion, does not mean she hates herself. #GTFOWTBS!!

  12. Lori Fleener-Powers

    Seriously I had to look her up to even know who she is.

  13. Anonymous

    And Republican's are the party of racists? It is obvious that those on the left are the party ofl hypocrites!

  14. Corbin Holsinger

    I agree…not a rant at all, well thought out. I disagree with her overall logistics but has a right to her beliefs. Articles like this that attack EITHER side are not helping us heal and learn to accept and work through our differences. Just friggin stop it with the stabbing commentary…from both sides of the aisle.

  15. Jeffery Williams

    I bet she has never step foot in a seniors center sad when some try and draw attention to themselves for the good of themselves never have we seen this lady in any political forum til now since she's earning a steady paycheck again after being lost after Clueless.

  16. Anonymous

    Michael it is naive to believe that there has ever been a consensus in American politics; from America's inception this was the case and it will remain so as long as freedom of speech and thought remain protected rights; go back and read Madison's notes on the constitutional convention and read the disparate beliefs held by members if you doubt this is the case; having said this what was agreed upon then but is missing in today's political arena is the notion of mutual tolerance and a belief in the virtue of quid pro quo compromise to move beyond individual interests to arrive at a common good. EMBRACING our commonality as they did then and as Obama suggests today by not holding stubbornly to an inflexible you're on your own belief is the only way we are going to break out of our current morass.

  17. Anonymous

    Don Carlos de Trastamara guys, in reality President Obama could not correct in four years the economic mess he inherited from the 8 year Bush administration's costly wars much less pay down the crippling financial debt perpetrated on America by Wall street gambling losses and which forced millions of workers on the street jobless. We all seem to forget that it was Wall Street gamblers who triggered the economic crisis that we are in today; it was Not Obama's policies which crippled America; it was the Romney type greed which prevails in business America today.

  18. Anonymous

    Did she ever find a job? She couldn't have voted for Mitt Romney based on issues because he had none. It's okay Stacy Dash hasn't been relevant in years.

  19. Albert Hubbard

    At One Time I Was a Fan Of Hers, But Now She Can*t Get a Job, On Tv, I Know That Damon Dash Might Of Said She Cant Be Family, Because She Not Pretty At All, She Needs Too Be Ted Love Whore, So She Can Be Dog Out, She Needs Too Be Put In a Cell With O, J, And Then Lets See What Color She Is, Because In The Real World She Just Another N….. Too Ted In The Real World, And Don't Kid Yourself, Bcause She Not One Of Them?

  20. Don Carlos de Trastamara

    True that, but it is time to stop blaming George Bush. Obama has been the only president to be exonerated from his failures, while we ALL know that Bush was a bad president, OBAMA IS IN OFFICE NOW AND HE NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

  21. Don Carlos de Trastamara

    Tammi, you don't know her, how dare you call her a sad excuse for a mother her children look very happy. Sad excuses for mothers would be the mothers of the 70% of black babies who being born out of wedlock today, and the mothers of these monsters who are terrorizing black neighborhoods. You are a hater. Like most black people, you think that mixed race people should coddle to blacks and prove their blackness, and when they don't meet black standards, they are called out, racially abused, and shunned by the black community. This is exactly what has happend to Stacey.

  22. Bob Jack

    What? Another "D level celebrity" that supported Romney is upset? I'm shocked.

  23. Michael Dew

    Call it naive but I call it silly to not pursue a positive future for the nation. Of course there are individual thoughts and desires but at this time i simply hope there can be a consensus on moving us forward. That is all.

  24. Michael Dew

    Don Carlos… the authority on all things black people. What a generalizing asshole. Man, and let me guess you are against planned parenthood too. Sure myncommunity has significant issues, not so funny, most revolutionaries are discredited and make their own mistakes but for you to call children of black unwed mothers "little monsters" is monsterous in and of itself. The reluctance for any other race to provide examples in their environments is escapism. Why help the blacks? Let them kill themselves.

  25. Michael Dew

    Ah a keyboard… Don Carlos, Mr. Authority on all things black folk. Yes, we have deplorable statistics but we are making an effort. Don't throw stones, latinos are at 53% and you have the silent population that isn't accounted for. This is the problem with race relations as a whole. I know soooo many white folk, mexican, and black folk that propelled me to where I am. And I am so greateful to them and all my people that showed me why I worked as hard as I did. I was an outlier, I had to put up with the stereotypes and infrequent racism commentary in 99% white schools, private high school, and college. Do I hold it against them? No, I'll still employ them. Going against the grain and all stereotypes. Thank GOD I had a strong Mother & Father that taught me people like you exist and yet we will prevail. I try to serve as a role model for all people, a stereotype isn't everything. I'm sorry Charles Barkely wont be a role model, better yet. Glad he isn't. There are bad examples becuase of a long and sad history in this country. There was a time when we were put on a pedastal for our prowess (for sale or for nba/nfl contract), too bad that came with forced separation, limited recognition of family, unwed pregnancies, HIV, HPV, and all things we are now well aware of. We are progressing but nevertheless role models die, go to jail, or get called out for not being black enough becuase some feel it necessary to perpetuate the black lifestyle. It takes more than criticism to resolve the issues. To call the "little monsters" is the problem. What's wrong with saying "little kids that need guidance"? You think it's easy being a part of a population that doesn't have an alterntive contributing source (Mexico), a healthy stock of positive examples that look like you, or controlled the majortiy of the nation since the native american's were ushered out. Many of us try our hardest, many don't. Doesn't keep me from trying to be the best black man I can to show the little kids that need guidance what they can be besides and athelete or drug dealer. Your attitude makes most feel why bother? these people don't care anyways. Obama has accepted his responsibility and knows there's still work to be done, as do I. You want to put words in his mouth and say that a recognition of the source of a problem and continuing to attempt resolve those issues is playing the blame game. Our national problems had a source and you know it but yet he continues to try to move us forward. Try not being a prick in response to someone elses ignorance. Why do black people by and large support Obama despite them being negatively affected by his adminstration? He shows us what we can be. People that will try to help even you!

  26. David Marro

    Can someone explain why her endorsement of Romney was "controversial'? It seems surprising would be more fitting, considering her gender and race.

  27. Karen Bingham

    it amazes me how these not so famous anymore people like this person, Victoria Jackson, Ted Nugent and Donald Trump use an election as an attempt to restart their carreers and get some attention. They're pathetic. Losers

  28. David Welsh

    While ranting is not good from anyone really…. "In light of President Obama’s uncontested re-election…"

    SAY WHAT? Maybe Stacy Dash is off her nut… but "uncontested"? Screw the fiction of the Electoral College… it came down to 2% of the popular vote! If it hadn't been for that 2% There would be rioting in the streets already instead of flaming over the internet.

    This was, and is even to moderates like me, A VERY MUCH CONTESTED RE-ELECTION.

  29. Anonymous

    Don Carlos de Trastamara you are ignorant. First, Mexican is NOT a race! There are white Mexicans AND black Mexicans! I HATE when people say someone is half French, half Mexican or half Australian or half some-other-country. Countries are countries and ethnic backgrounds are ethnic backgrounds. Second, if you think that 4 years in office is enough to wipe out 8 YEARS of incompetence, then you are wrong. You see the domino effect is real. Obama isn't running around blaming Bush. He is trying to correct the mess that was left. He hasn't been perfect – and no president is – however, he has managed to bail out the auto industry, enact legislation to offer help to homeowner's facing foreclosure, provide health care to all Americans, enact laws to protect people from abusive credit card company practices, end two wars Bush started, draw down our troops and start bringing them home, enact environmental protections that Bush destroyed and more. He hasn't been perfect, BUT he is doing a good job in a VERY bad situation. As for Obama being exonerated of his failures, are you crazy? That is a stupid statement. Obama hasn't been exonerated of anything because he hasn't be charged or condemned with anything. Cleaning up after someone who has done the wrong thing is NOT easy. Do you have kids Don? Have you ever had to clean up after them? It takes time. NO ONE is giving Obama a free pass for his mistakes. We acknowledge he has made them, understand that sometimes mistakes can happen and celebrate the good things he has done. Successes for Obama mean successes for the American people! Remember that. Stacey can vote for who she wants. People do it everyday.

  30. Donita Williams

    Don, every african american in this great nation is "half" as you call it. So am I, my husband also but because of the color of his skin, he's at a disadvantage. That crap that I read about white women stand in line with food stamps, etc just like black women. We know this, this is not a black or white issue but you guys want to make it one. I live in the San Fernando Valley and I worked on Obama's campaign and I was usually the only minority there. He didn't get this election by being a "black President" without the white, latino and asian votes , he could not have won. This country was already "crippled" when he took office. Bush got eight years to screw it up but why does this man only get 4 years to straighten it up All you people that want to know what has he done good for this country……I can't believe you can't read. Stop watching Bill, Rush and all these other racist and you may learn something. Stacey Dash wants ATTENTION!! I don't know why I respond to ignorance, I guess I am in disbelief and do it out of anger. No one is still using Bush as an excuse but like Clinton said, "noone could clean this mess up in four years"

  31. Don Carlos de Trastamara

    Donita Williams while I agree that she wants attention and could have kept this to herself, the awful things people are saying about her are just plain hateful. Saying she's not black enough or that she should die and is a sell-out is just pure wickedness. And Bill O'Riley is not a racist, stop playing the race card. And many Democrats are still using Bush as an excuse for the failures of Obama. I know it will take time, but it has made NO improvement what-so-ever under Obama.

  32. Don Carlos de Trastamara

    musicbizandvids I never said Mexican was a race. EXCUSE ME for not being more precise. She is half black, and half mestizo (a combination of European and Native American).

  33. Beer and Rum Political Party

    I wonder if some of you read her post or did you just read what TMZ posted??? If you read her post, its not anything even remotely a "rant". Its sad that so many Americans allow themselves to be led by the nose by the media.

  34. Diana Nottingham

    A strong woman who owns her American heritage and as a citizen states her political views and one-half of the country goes ballistic. Amazing. Truly amazing.

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