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Humble Pie: Rush Limbaugh Laments GOP Is ‘Outnumbered, Losing’ [Audio]

Rush Limbaugh laments 2012 election loss

Controversial radio host Rush Limbaugh isn’t so much sad that President Obama won re-election as he is dismayed that Republicans seem to be losing the national conversation.

Today, the day after Election Day, figures on the left get to smugly cross their arms with satisfaction while their opponents across the aisle express confusion, disillusionment, and extreme existential depression. Though the immediate trend is for GOP figures to admit they were wrong, regroup, and figure out how to fix their party, some Republican figures like Rush Limbaugh seem to believe that the battle is forever lost and things will only get worse.

Limbaugh announced on his radio show Wednesday that “we are outnumbered” now in the US, and called President Barack Obama’s re-election victory “the trend” from now on.

“We have to face some truths, we have to face some reality,” Limbaugh said. “We are outnumbered and we are losing ground. This was not a glitch. This is the trend. That happened last night. This is the trend. We are outnumbered. Whether you want to put it in terms of, ‘Have we lost the country or not?’ There’s no other explanation.”

Despite President Obama’s 100+ lead in the electoral college, the popular vote has been much closer. Balancing with exit polls and nationwide sentiment on key issues, the US has proven once again to be a nation deeply divided, roughly half-and-half, give or take.

The future for the left is bright, though the GOP isn’t going anywhere. What they will become in the next four years remains to be seen, and whether or not a bipartisan climate can truly be hoped for seems to be an ambitious dream more than a political reality for the moment.

Do you agree with Rush Limbaugh? Is the GOP pretty much over? Here’s audio from the show, via DailyRushBo:

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5 Responses to “Humble Pie: Rush Limbaugh Laments GOP Is ‘Outnumbered, Losing’ [Audio]”

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Andrew Massanet

    The first thing Republicans should do to get right again (pardon the pun) is to stop listening to the Rush Limbaughs of the world. They are anathema to common sense, vulgar, and utterly exclusionary to the point of being bigoted. The further into the margins they are pushed the better it is for mainstream Republicans who want to re-invent their party. It has to start there.

  3. Betty Eyer

    For once he's making sense. Yes, being outnumbered is how you loose an election. That's how this stuff works. Thanks for playing.

  4. Keith Johnson

    No, I don't that that the Republicans are out numbered, I think that what happend is that the American people are tired of the poison that the Republicans are trying to push, the American people can see right though the BS that they are trying to sell. And if the Republicans want to get back in the good graces of the people of this country the first thing that they need to do is put a muzzle on Rush Limbaugh, he is pure POISON!

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