Jackie Evancho Ticket Sales After Donald Trump Performance

Jackie Evancho Ticket Sales Skyrocket After Donald Trump Inauguration Performance

Jackie Evancho endured a lot of criticism for her decision to sing the National Anthem at Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. It seems that it may have all been worth it for the 16-year-old singer because leading up to and after her hotly contested performance, there has been a noticeable spike in ticket sales to see Jackie Evancho sing.

The Los Angeles Times cited Evancho’s upcoming February 12 performance at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts as proof that the inauguration performance helped to boost ticket sales. Jackie Evancho’s concert was initially announced back in June by the venue. Up through December, they say she sold about 900 tickets and filled just over half of the seats available.

After it was announced on December 14 that Jackie Evancho would be performing the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the inauguration of President Trump, ticket sales jumped dramatically. In the month following her announcement, ticket sales for the Evancho concert have nearly sold out and the only seats remaining are in the back of the venue.

Jackie Evancho National Anthem Donald Trump Inauguration
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Many entertainers turned down Donald Trump’s invitation to perform at the inauguration, citing fear of backlash from their fans. Several others, including Jennifer Holliday, initially accepted the invite and then canceled on Donald Trump after fans reacted harshly to their plans to attend the inauguration ceremony. Others, like Chrisette Michele, went through with the performance plans only to end up getting shunned by their peers later.

It looks Jackie Evancho won’t be feeling the burn from her fans or her colleagues after singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” for Donald Trump. The teenage singer rose to fame back in 2010 on America’s Got Talent and has been growing her fan base ever since.

She claims that her decision to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony was not due to her or her family’s political beliefs. It wouldn’t be the first time she has taken part in a White House celebration, having sung under Barack Obama’s presidency during a Fourth of July celebration less than a year ago.

Naturally, those who watched Jackie Evancho perform the National Anthem at Donald Trump’s inauguration were quick to offer up their critique of her performance. She was compared to previous inauguration performers including Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, and Kelly Clarkson. A lot of people thought Evancho’s National Anthem performance fell short of the powerhouse singers who came before her.

Jackie Evancho National Anthem Donald Trump Inauguration
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Others blasted Beyonce for choosing to lip-sync “The Star-Spangled Banner” when she sang the song for Barack Obama and praised Jackie Evancho for going live, even if the song started out shaky. Many of those who defended Jackie Evancho on Twitter made sure to remind everyone that Beyonce lip-synced the song, something she later admitted, and that Jackie sang it live, in the cold, with millions of people watching.

Finding entertainers willing to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration was a challenge, with many opposing the new commander-in-chief and passing on the opportunity to perform for the new president. Jackie Evancho may have been the freshest face on any stage on Friday. One of the jokes made about the announcement that Toby Keith and Three Doors Down are accepting the invite was that the inauguration performances were sounding like something coming from a state fair.

Jackie Evancho has several concerts coming up over the next three months with most of them in Florida and California. Surely, the exposure from singing the National Anthem for Donald Trump’s inauguration will continue to help her sell tickets, especially now that millions of Americans have tuned in and heard her sing.

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