Sanders to Trump supporter Cassandra Fairbanks says she was attacked at Trump inauguration

Ex-Bernie Sanders Supporter Cassandra Fairbanks Assaulted At Trump Inauguration

Cassandra Fairbanks, a former Bernie Sanders supporter with a large social media following, says she was assaulted by anti-Donald Trump protesters during the presidential inauguration yesterday in Washington.

Last June, ex-Democrat Fairbanks flipped to the Trump column, which she explained in a YouTube video and elsewhere on the Internet.

Protesters yesterday identified her as a “traitor” for climbing aboard the Trump train after supporting Bernie and called her a “scumbag fascist,” Fairbanks also claimed in the clip below about the incident. The same group also elbowed Canadian journalist Lauren Southern.

Fairbanks, 31, switched her support to Trump after Hillary Clinton defeated Bernie in the Democrat primary in part because she believed Hillary Clinton was essentially a warmonger, the same argument that Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein made during the campaign.

“Fairbanks decided to attend President Trump’s Inauguration on Friday in Washington D.C. and she was attacked by protesters at the event. Protesters spat at her, chanted ‘f**k you” at her, called her names, and elbowed her friend…because she supported Trump,” Gateway Pundit reported.

In a BBC profile, Fairbanks also explained how she gravitated from Sanders to Stein to Donald Trump.

“As Clinton progressed towards the party nomination, she says, she grew increasingly frustrated with the Democrats. But what really shifted her political outlook, she says, was the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub in June by a man who pledged allegiance to Islamic State.’Then Orlando happened, and the son of one of my mom’s really good friends was shot there. I heard this horrific story, and everyone’s like ‘blame guns’, and I was like, ‘no, we need to blame terrorism’. I was just offended. Then I started to look more seriously at Trump, and at people who have been pushing censorship on the left.”

Conspiracy theorists might be dubious about Fairbanks writing for Russia-funded Sputnik News, but Fairbanks claims that she alone is the only Trump supporter among the outlet’s reporters.

Although most of the demonstrations on inauguration day were peaceful, cops arrested about 200 anarchists/protesters on charges of rioting for vandalizing storefronts, tossing bricks at officers, and other violent acts, according to the Washington Times.

Separately, violent protests also occurred outside Thursday night’s pre-inauguration “Deploraball,” with protesters reportedly throwing eggs and batteries at attendees, Gateway Pundit detailed, about the event for which CNN was denied press credentials.

The Deploraball — which is a callback to Hillary Clinton’s famous “basket of deplorables” remark about Donald Trump supporters — was a sold-out social party for about 1,000 pro-Trump grassroots activists and social media luminaries who backed the New York real estate mogul in the election.

The gala took place at the National Press Club in downtown D.C.

Author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich, one of the organizers of Thursday evening’s Deploraball, announced that his group filed a criminal complaint in connection with the anti-Donald Trump #Disrupt20-affiliated operatives who allegedly planned to set off stink bombs at the pro-Trump 2017 inauguration eve party.

The alleged plan emerged in a Project Veritas undercover video. A civil lawsuit is also in the works. Security was tight at the event, with a large police presence in the street.

#Disrupt20 claims it was purposefully feeding bogus information to the Project Veritas operative and had no real plans to engage in any violence at the Deploraball.

D.C. police subsequently arrested one of the individuals allegedly in the video on a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit assault, the Washington Times reported. The suspect entered a not-guilty plea and was released on the condition that he stay away from the inauguration activities. Further arrests may also be possible.

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