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J. Lo Hotel Maid Story Denied, Star Says She Didn’t Demand Housekeeper Get Fired Over Autograph Request

j. lo hotel maid fired for autograph

J. Lo’s hotel maid controversy, in which a former housekeeper said she had been fired for asking the star for an autograph, is simply not true, Lopez says.

The J. Lo hotel maid story began circulating after the woman, Pray Dodaj, came forward to say that she’d been let go from her job at the Melia Dusseldorf hotel in Dusseldorf, Germany last week.

The reason? She approached the notorious diva for a simple autograph, leading to her termination.

The J. Lo hotel maid explained:

“I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph. But I was rejected by two assistants at the door.”

But, she says, her hopes were dashed:

“A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms Lopez had complained. I was fired right there on the phone. Because of an autograph.”

Given Lopez’s reputation as being a bit … demanding, the J. Lo hotel maid story was widely reported in the celebrity blogosphere. (And the tale echoes a similar one involving Gwyneth Paltrow and the help a few years back in the Hamptons.)

But is the J. Lo hotel maid story true? Not so, the star lashed back on Twitter to claim. Lopez herself addressed the rumor and not only denied it but said that the fact anyone believed it hurts her feelings.

J. Lo said:

Did you believe the J. Lo hotel maid story when you first heard it? Do you think Lopez is telling the truth?

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33 Responses to “J. Lo Hotel Maid Story Denied, Star Says She Didn’t Demand Housekeeper Get Fired Over Autograph Request”

  1. Paul G. DeCroix

    J-Lo shouldn't have done that. Maybe she was on her period or something? I think she still has one? Maybe not?

  2. Anonymous

    Deny it you fat cow, the HOTEL CONFIRMED IT. A liar and a bitch. Great combo. Done supporting a thing you do, that goes for my girls, too. Liars don't get supported in this house!

  3. Pamela Ellen Donaghy Cornwell

    first off the maid was in the wrong if she did ask for an autograph…im sure the cleaning company she was employed by told her the likelihood of her meeting famous people if she were an everyday person and went to the room she would have been escorted out by security so no matter what she was in the wrong…and as for jlo being a fat cow come on name calling what a great example you are giving 'your girls'……and you are a mother? geessshhh! grow up!

  4. Jim Harrington Sr

    Not as hurtful as getting fired for looking up to someone. J Lo is a typical beautiful person. She does not understand the maid represents what gave her wealth and fame. So very out of touch!

  5. Mary Skinner

    She'd be a hotel maid herself if she hadn't gotten lucky as a dancer.

  6. Susan Williams

    J-lo Is known for being a Diva and wanting thing's her way or no way.So it is probably true. But if it is probable and true J-lo Has million's of dollar's and isn't struggling like your everyday ordinary person So it is a shame that woman lost he job. She probably had a family to support like so many of us do already. J-lo should call the woman's company and help the woman get her job back if it is just a rumor and not true. As far as the woman knocking on the door for an autograph? Come on it take's 10 second's not even to say hello and gret your fan and give them your signature. Some of these famous people forget if it wasn't for their fan's they wouldn't be where they are right now. Your not going to get to far in the music industry or acting and movie industry if you have no fan's and everyone doesn't like you. Just saying. Her fan's made her and put her where she is right now "today" and making million's.

  7. Solimar Ramos

    some people ignore that jlo is a hardworker she never stop that's why she have millions , but she never had a millionaire family she did everything by herself she was poor.she knows how it is.but probably the people around her did it!

  8. Sarah Powell

    That was so inappropriate of the maid to breach privacy and ask for an autograph. I used to work at the Ritz, and I would have gotten fired if I had pulled something like that, even as a bartender and we were face to face with celebs. I would have fired that lady too. J.Lo has the reputation for being a Bi***, so why would she want her autograph anyway? Taught that lady not to look up to entertainers, let's hope.

  9. Cullen Pledger

    I'd complain also if random people were coming up to my hotel room wanting me to sign something.

  10. Ben Chu

    Sounds like JLo's doing some back-peddling…her excuse is probably half right. She didn't get the maid fired, but didn't do anything to stop her two assistants to get her fired.

  11. Albert Vallejo

    Jlo isn't going to be in the spot to long now she out of Idol, she has nothing going for her for now, this so call world tour is a joke, you don't make money on doing a one night stand concerts around the world, everyone knows that with all the experiences especially her and her entourage she is losing money, and as far as music & movie career, she has no big movie & music contracts now or in the future like she claim after she got fired from Idol, her contract with Idol was the only thing that kept her career and income going, she knows that and can’t accept it? That’s show business?

  12. Lylo L. Nicholson

    I believe she did…..she has gotten out of hand lately….these women celebrities need a reality check….like J-lo, Mariah…..

  13. Susan Williams

    Wow Albert I didn't know she had gotten fired from "Idol"? Although I really don't keep up with that show. But Thank you so much though for the info. You learn something new everyday Lol

  14. Monique Esquivel

    still does not give her the right to treat others like shit

  15. Apryl Kisandria Varga

    I think it's probably true that J.Lo complained. But I think her intending for the hotel maid to be FIRED is a stretch. I think the party at fault here is the cleaning company, because it is rather extreme on their part to fire an employee because they attempted to ask for an autograph. I realize that celebrities are entitled to their privacy, but the FANS are what make you. I have plenty of talented friends who do not have a solid fan base, so their biggest performances are when they sing in the shower. Disrespecting your fans is disgusting, and so is firing an employee to appeal to a celebrity's vanity.

  16. Wendy J St Christopher

    I'm betting 90% of anything we read about any celebrity is a lie. This, included.

  17. Anonymous

    Things are different in Europe. If the company heard maid had asked for an autograph, maid would have been fired. J Lo didn't have to be any part of it. Privacy is part of the service one expects when one is a hotel guest in Europe. I lived in Germany for 11 years. Another maid could have run her in.

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