Richard Spencer Punched

White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In The Face, Spat On By Protesters During Trump Inauguration

Richard Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank who has also been accused of being a white supremacist group, was punched in the face by a masked man in Washington, D.C., on the day Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of The United States. According to USA Today, the incident happened at around 2:30 p.m., near the corner of 14th and K Street when he was suddenly approached by an unknown man and punched in the face twice. Seconds before the incident happened, Spencer was seen confronting other protesters.

At the time of the incident, Spencer was talking with two people from the “Stateless Media” who were reportedly making a documentary on him. At around the same time, they ran into a “serious demonstration” taking place in Franklin Square. After people had begun identifying him, a small group of protesters gathered around him. Even though he was confronted by several protesters, there was no physical violence until one of the protesters lunged toward him without warning and punched him twice. Spencer later claimed the attacker did not really land the punch while adding that someone spat on him as well at the same time.

“But he didn’t really land it, and it didn’t really hurt,” he said.

When asked about the incident, Richard said that the attacker was a coward and that he’s used to “anti-fascists” confronting him. He went on to add that he is now considering getting security since the number of attacks have escalated of late

We have embedded the video of the actual attack below. The post has since then been shared thousands of times.

After the attack, Spencer took to Twitter and brushed off the assault, saying he can take a punch.

“I was just physically assaulted twice by antifas. No serious damage. I can take a punch,” he wrote.

Later, he also posted a 10-minute live video on Periscope.

We have embedded that video below as well.

Following these initial tweets, Spencer went on to tweet more and warned that if law enforcement cannot protect citizens, they might as well protect themselves.

He also sent out a tweet marked to President Donald Trump in which he accused Trump of not saying anything about the assaults that “his people” suffered at his rallies.

Richard Spencer is no stranger to controversy. He has, on several occasions, been accused of heading a white supremacist group. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center declared his organization, the National Policy Institute, a hate group — a label that Spencer has rejected several times. The last time he was in the news was when he was heard shouting “Hail Trump” on video during a White Nationalist gathering. Spencer was banned from Twitter in the same month. His account was reinstated later.

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