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‘Halo 4’ Plagued With Server Problems, 343 Industries Working On A Fix


By all accounts, Halo 4 is a worthy entry in Microsoft’s hugely popular franchise–maybe even the best one yet–but it hasn’t been without its problems since launching on Tuesday.

On the day of launch, many users were reporting that Halo 4‘s multiplayer servers were partly, or in some cases fully inaccessible. While connectivity has improved a bit since then, some users are still reporting connection issues.

343 Industries acknowledged the server problems in a post over on the Halo Waypoint forums, confirming that impacted features include Spartan Ops, file share, service record, commendations, challenges, player-customized loadouts, and armor unlocks. Additionally, some players are having their Spartan rank reset to 1. And, of course, sometimes the service is entirely unavailable.

Although the developer has said that it’s narrowing down the cause of these issues and is in the process of ironing them out, there’s currently on ETA as to when the service will get back into proper working order.

In other Halo 4 news of the not-so-good kind, a Microsoft representative dashed any hopes that the latest in the Halo franchise would be making its way to the PC.

Although the original Halo and its sequel were eventually released on the platform, all subsequent titles were kept Xbox 360-exclusive. Penny Arcade ran a piece on Halo 4‘s absence on the PC, and received this reply from Microsoft when asked whether or not Halo 4 could be coming to PC:

“Halo 4 was designed specifically for Xbox 360, and while we’re always exploring new ways to expand the franchise and share the Halo experience with as many fans as possible, we do not currently have any plans to port Halo 4 to PC.”

For more on that, you can check out the link above.

Have you been experiencing any issues with Halo 4, be it mutliplayer or otherwise? Let us know in the comments!

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21 Responses to “‘Halo 4’ Plagued With Server Problems, 343 Industries Working On A Fix”

  1. Tom ElPedro Nowacki

    -No File share.
    -No offline Spartan Ops.
    -Buggy Killcam
    -Buggy hit detection.

    Fix these problems and Halo 4 is at least a 9/10, great game. I'm still pissed that they got rid of firefight though.

  2. Connor Chisnall

    When I try and add something to my file share I get: You must have an Xbox Live Gold Membership to upload files to the file share. Even thou I have gold (being playing multilayer).

  3. Josh Flooper

    I've had no issues so far with anything. Matchmaking has been perfect (in australia) the problem I'd bring up is how people kill each other at the same. Seems a bit odd someone killing someone with a gun. Then getting melee'd from the grave.

  4. Logan Michael Hines

    if I'm playing with a guest I can't sign the guest out to play non split screen. after dashboarding and turning off second controller and restarting game it won't let me play with out having that controller on. have to restart my Xbox to resolve.

  5. Damian Legion

    Evil1Dark1An – SR 12 since 3 days. Just because their server couldn't load my Spartan-Ops's mission. What did I installed with Disk-2? what its take a lot of "Hard Disk Memory's Space? why they can't just load all the Spartan-Ops's mission in my Hard Disk so I don't need Internet connection to play them? I am a fan of Halo and really, this is a good game but I really think that Halo 4 is more for peopel with access to ONLINE than for fans, as they always say. ((By the way, in Halo: Reach, you could use your customized Spartan into your Campaign, and sadly you can't do that in Halo 4. So if you will buy Halo 4 expecting tha you will play OFFLINE the campaign with a KOOL'OOKING Spartan, change your mind, you can't do that on Halo 4. But the graphic compense it)).

  6. Robert Enbody

    Why can't I gain experience in multiplayer matchmaking it won't take me to the XP screen after a match what's going on?

  7. Cody Jesus Grimm

    of course you cant change your playing as MC not noble 6 haha i havent done co op campaign so i hope you can do armor change there over xbox live

  8. Nick Rafacz

    whenever I try to play some war games online with a friendor friends using splitscreen at my house, it always tells me that I have a problem connecting to xbox live if I have a party bigger than just myself, but as soon as my guest signs out, it works perfectly fine, any suggestions?

  9. Aaron Crownoble

    Sr1 and can only play online with others that have my same problem. Started last night out of no where and it will probably be like this for a long time considering they never fixed the problem with Reach that started the day that 343 took over.

  10. Mark Maxwell

    I had good latency to begin with and now it seems that whenever I play the games are nothing but a constant lagfest. On top of that it's just infuriating to watch the killcam as your killer is consistently missing your avatar. I assume that can be attributed to the lag, however, I'm unsure why a recording would show someone shooting at a wall while killing you instead of showing what actually happened.

  11. Blake Lansdell

    I have a problem with the lag and the fact that I have not been able to play online with friends for 2 days because it says HALO4 servers r not available. I would like if they would fix that fast especially when u pay all that money so u can have a good game with out all the problems that have occured mainly not being able to play online is one of them.


  12. Mark Maxwell

    I agree. I pay for Xbox Live Gold. Additionally, I paid for a game that was markated with online content. I would normally think that Microsoft's baby would have better connectivity than what is presented.

  13. Nicholas Couzelis

    I got it today and I have 15 1/2 months of gold and halo 4 says "The haol 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using the default playlist."

  14. Ken Lim

    does anyone knows why my SR 130 got reset to SR 1? this is an issue for me because I have to start out with crappy loadout.

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