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Election 2016 Preview: A Look At Early Candidates

Biden and Ryan highlight possible 2016 candidates

President Barack Obama stands victorious on Wednesday after a close but decisive victory over challenger Mitt Romney. That means for the next four years the Obama administration is in charge but it also means that posturing for a 2016 run at the Oval Office is due to begin.

So who are the likely candidates for president in 2016? There are plenty to choose from.

On the Democrat side, they’ll have the challenge of finding a legitimate successor for the first black president in US history, but at least one member of the party has already hinted they may toss their hat in the ring. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, current Vice President and Vice President Elect Joe Biden told reporters that he hadn’t cast a vote for himself for the final time in yesterday’s election.

Biden, now 69, will be 73 by the time the 2016 election rolls around, which would make him the oldest person elected to the presidency if he were to win. Still, Biden is an elder statesmen of the party, and, if Obama ends his second term on a popular note, Biden could be seen as a logical extension of the administration for four additional years. Were he to win a second term however, Biden would be 81 when his presidency ended.

The Mercury News reports that Hilary Clinton is another possible candidate. The former Senator and Secretary of State has name recognition from her own distinguished career and from her marriage to former President Bill Clinton. Clinton has, however, indicated she does not plan a run in 2016, but, on the other hand, almost all presidential campaigns start with the candidate claiming they have no intention to run.

The Wall Street Journal suggests popular New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as a possible candidate. Cuomo, like Clinton, has denied plans to seek the most powerful office in the land, but he has the political pedigree from his father Mario and the media focus on New York gives him a place in the spotlight for the taking if he is interested.

On the Republican side, things are no more certain. Romney has hinted all along that 2012 was to be his last campaign for the White House, but his vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, is only 42. What’s more, Ryan isn’t stepping out of the spotlight. While Ryan tried and failed with Romney to win the White House, the Huffington Post reports the Congressman did retain his seat as a representative from Wisconsin in the House of Representatives. Ryan is popular with a younger segment of the Republican Party and could well be a candidate in 2016.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is another potential candidate in 2016. Christie is popular with independents and is known for fiercely speaking his mind. The residents of New Jersey seem to like him, and he showed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy a willingness to work across the political divide, appearing side-by-side with President Obama as the two worked to restore the area. Christie was rumored as a 2012 candidate.

A potential wildcard candidate for the right could be former Secretary of State under George Bush, Condoleezza Rice. Rice, who had been somewhat on the political sidelines prior to this year’s Republican National Convention, jumped back into national prominence with a popular speech at the convention. Whether Rice intends to use her reacquired status for political gain is not known. She is, however, a pro-choice candidate, which would hurt her with the Republican base in 2016.

The 2016 presidential election is still four years off. Who would you like to see run?

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28 Responses to “Election 2016 Preview: A Look At Early Candidates”

  1. Mike Greco

    I see one of the Democratic governors winning the nomination: Martin O'Malley, John Hickenlooper or Deval Patrick. I think they will choose a female running mate, probably a senator, maybe a Claire McCaskill or Patty Murray. On the GOP side, I think Christie is a viable candidate. They will want to tap into the Latino vote that swept Obama into his second term, so I see either Marco Rubio or Susana Martinez as the running mate there.

  2. Steve Borman

    I heard it said best last night by a liberal commentator. The "US is becoming more brown" and we need to learn to live with that. Now for years we have lived thru affirmative action, welfare to those who don't want to work and did better then those who did. We don't make those who enter our country learn the constitution or our history like it once was by law or learn to speak english and they have refused to assimilate. We have areas in our own country that are like walking into a foreign third world country, we have given amnesty to million's of illegals who are taking jobs, free assistance, medical, school and anything else they can get their hands on, and we do nothing. We need to take a new look at who we have as a conservative potential leaders and find those who can bring everyone together rather then our old and stale policies. It's time that we realize the status quo has changed and if we don't were going to be lost forever. I for one am afraid the America I grew up in is lost forever and the very things we feared growing up are coming to pass. I am 63 so have been around for awhile.

  3. Joy Ward

    Love to see her, even though she says she won't run, but I think a lot of pressure and support for her will convince her to run :)

  4. Kristoff Michael Te Atairangikaahu

    In 2016… we going to have more Latinos voting in battleground States…. so goodbye GOP!

  5. Sheila Underwood

    That's the problem, you actually believe what you wrote. You need to review the information on the Census Bureau website. IT AIN'T ALL OF THE BROWN PEOPLE TAKING THE FREE RESOURCES. As long as the GOP make statements such as yours, the GOP will be in trouble.

  6. Sheila Underwood

    Yes, the Tea Baggers are going to end the GOP. I am sick of them trying to force their beliefs down my throat. They want to control a woman's vaginal, and a gay man's penis; this country will no longer be ran by a bunch of old white men with gray hair.

  7. Nick Kuiper

    I know he's an independent, but if Michael Bloomberg were to rejoin the GOP he'd be an OK candidate. Certainly better than the circus we saw in the primaries. Christie doesn't seem too terrible. From the possible candidates on the left, I'd lean Biden. Working side-by-side with the president is an incredible advantage. In a perfect world, I'd see Bill run again…

  8. John Scanlon

    The republica party is alive and well as long as it has Donald Trump & Karl Rove.

  9. Tim Sabin

    I don't know all her stances, but it sounds like she may be libertarian. The Republican party needs to incorporate libertarianism. I have never voted Republican, but I would if they had a good L candidate.

  10. Tim Sabin

    @Sheila Try libertarianism. Socially accepting (leave everyone who's peaceful alone), fiscally conservative, including small government.

  11. Jan Randall Leinweber

    There won't be a President in 2016, Obama will declare himself king despot of the Socialist States of America and will probably change the name to Obamaland. Those of us who fought for this country and millions of other patriots and American allies from Europe will engage in the 2nd American Revolution. Americas allies will only recognize the new USA. Obamaland will be delegated to a small area in the northeast and west to Detroit. Mexico will finish taking over California because those idiots out there are too doped up and 'peaceful' to fight. The rest of what remains of America, the midwest and southern states, Texas, AZ – (Brewer will remain Gov) will be the new smaller USA and it will begin to prosper because all socialists will be chased to the north. DC will have the capitol and White House destroyed, the Museums will be moved south as all items there will still belong to the USA. The socialist Nobamaland will slowly die off with their free drugs, infections, STDs and disease because NobamaCare won't allow anyone any kind of medical treatment and they'll die slow painful deaths. All the movie stars that backed Obama will take their money and move to Europe because they finally realized that their millions were being confiscated by the new Dictator despot Obama. The newly figured USA will prosper, regain respect in the world and live on.

  12. Gail Coley

    Anything would be better than the incompetence and greed and lust for power that is in there now. After four more years of rising unemployment, more people on the welfare system than we have revenue to support, and the dollar being devalued, everyone will be ready for a change for the better. I still don't know why anyone would have wanted the devastation that is happening in the US to continue.

  13. Luke Knox

    Hey Shelia you are a food, there not tryin to control your vagina, they just think you should pay for it yourself. Have some self control will you.

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