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T.I. And Tiny Harris Divorce Canceled? Tiny Allegedly Calling Off TIP Split, Source Claims

Tiny Harris and estranged husband T.I. (also known as TIP) have been caught in a whole lot of drama ever since Harris filed for divorce last month, but sources are now claiming that the model could be about to call off their split.

A source recently alleged to Hollywood Life that Tiny has reportedly been doing a lot of reflecting on her and T.I.’s marriage in recent weeks and is allegedly contemplating cancelling their divorce, just weeks after Harris filed following a whole lot of relationship drama that BET reported last year included cheating allegations.

According to an insider close to Harris and the rapper, Tiny is supposedly “just about to yank the divorce papers off the table,” meaning that the couple, who have four children together, could be getting back together.

“[The] fact is she loves TIP,” continued the source amid reports their divorce could be called off claiming that Harris was supposedly “only trying to scare him to the bone” by filing for divorce last month.

Tiny Harris & TI
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The Tiny insider then went on to allege to Hollywood Life that T.I. and Tiny have been doing a lot of talking in the wake of her December divorce filing, claiming that Harris has made it pretty clear that her rapper husband will have to follow some ground rules to make their relationship work.

“They’ve talked about their problems and she basically told him that if she even suspects him of cheating… that she’s going to make his life hell on earth,” the insider claimed of TIP and his long-time partner amid reports alleging that the couple may have called off their divorce.

“Besides that, the last few weeks have been bliss,” continued the source of how Tiny and T.I. have been getting along in recent weeks following the divorce filing last month. “They’ve been having loads of family time [and] connecting on a spiritual level.”

The latest report suggesting T.I. and Tiny’s divorce could be canceled and called off comes shortly after Hollywood Life first claimed that there was a chance the twosome, who married in 2010, could be getting back together, alleging that friends and family were expecting a reconciliation from Harris and her rapper husband, who have been a couple for 15 years.

“No one would be surprised if they got back together, even after all of this,” a source told the site of Tiny Harris and T.I.’s divorce at the time, despite Harris’s former friend Tamar Braxton weighing in on their marriage drama with a scathing diss. “It is what they do,” added the insider.

The latest speculation to surround T.I. and Tiny’s divorce comes just weeks after Harris initially filed to separate from her husband of just over six years, though TMZ reported just days after the filing became public knowledge that the rapper was allegedly urging his estranged wife to call off their split.

According to an insider close to the couple who spoke out about T.I.’s alleged reaction to Harris’s divorce filing, the rapper has supposedly been telling friends that he thought Tiny “overreacted” by filing for divorce and has been attempting to convince Tiny to stick around and work on their marriage in the weeks that followed.

“He waited a few weeks so she could cool down after filing divorce docs, but now he’s trying talk ‘sense’ into her… that they’re good together,” TMZ reported of how T.I. is reportedly trying to save his six-year marriage to Tiny.

Tiny Harris & TI
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The site also went on to claim that Tiny and T.I., who first got together around 15 years ago, were still on speaking terms and supposedly working on their marriage following Harris’s divorce filing while spending a lot of time together over the holiday period, which appears to support Hollywood Life’s recent reports.

“T.I. and Tiny are currently on speaking terms,” the insider said of Harris and her husband in late December, “and have even been romantic together this holiday season.”

What do you think of reports claiming Tiny Harris may be ready to call off her divorce with T.I.? Should they give their marriage another try?

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