The Surface Pro 5 is speculated for a March 2017 release.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date Set For MWC 2017? Core i7-7700HQ, LTE Capability, 4K Screen, Bigger Batteries, And More

The Surface Pro 5 is one of Microsoft’s most anticipated devices. After the successful run of the Surface Pro 4, fans of the powerhouse hybrid device have been eager to see what the tech giant has in store for the iconic line’s future. After the release of the Surface Studio and the revamped Surface Book i7 last October, all eyes have been focused on the Surface Pro 5, a device that is yet to be officially announced, yet has already taken the computing world by storm.

The release date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been in question since its predecessor hit the market more than a year ago. Initial speculations pointed to an October, 2016, release, but the date ultimately proved to be set for the Surface Studio and the Surface Book i7 instead. With the powerful hybrid device not making an appearance last October, recent rumors have emerged speculating that the most likely date for the Surface Pro 5’s release would be March, 2017, during the MWC in Barcelona.

A March, 2017, release date for the Surface Pro 5 actually makes a lot of sense for the tech giant, considering that a significant update to Windows 10, codenamed Redstone 2, is also set to be rolled out early this year as well. While the release date for Redstone 2 is widely speculated to be set for April, 2017, a March reveal for the Surface Pro 5 would still be strategic enough for Microsoft. After all, if speculations are to be believed, the Surface Pro 5 would be armed to the teeth in terms of features and specs.

If rumors about the device prove true, the Surface Pro 5 might very well be the best hybrid of 2017.
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Rumors about the Surface Pro 5 have been around for some time, with speculations about the device emerging since its predecessor, the excellent and highly-acclaimed Surface Pro 4, was unveiled to the market. While Microsoft is yet to reveal any official details about the upcoming flagship hybrid, numerous leaks and reports from the tech giant’s partner companies have begun to shed more light on the Surface Pro 5. So far, what has been teased about the device has been very encouraging.

Recent speculations about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 point to the device being equipped with Intel’s latest generation of processors, the Kaby Lake family, coupled with around 16GB of RAM. A Tech Radar report stated that the Surface Pro 5 would most certainly have the most up-to-date processors in the market; thus, it would not be surprising if the highly-anticipated device launches with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ variant.

One of the most notable rumors about the Surface Pro 5 is the introduction of an ARM-based variant, which opens up the possibility of an LTE-capable device. Mobile connectivity has always been one of the Surface Pro line’s biggest weaknesses. Thus, if Microsoft could equip the Surface Pro 5 with mobile connectivity, it would make the device even more formidable than it already is.

The Surface Pro 5 is rumored to be equipped with a stylus that recharges wirelessly.
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If recent leaks are to be believed, the manufacturing of the Surface Pro 5 would begin soon. According to a DigiTimes report, Microsoft has recently reached an agreement with Pegatron, the firm that manufactures the Surface Studio, regarding the production of the Surface Pro 5. The report further stated that the upcoming hybrid would feature a 4K display and a wirelessly charging stylus, just as rumors have previously predicted.

Perhaps the most encouraging rumor about the Surface Pro 5 is an improvement in one of the hybrid device’s most basic features: the battery. Previous Surface devices, such as the SP4, have been lauded for their specs and power, but critics and users alike have pointed out that the devices are usually lacking in the battery department. With the Surface Pro 5, it appears that Microsoft would finally be ready to give its users a battery that would make the hybrid competitive enough to challenge the kings of endurance such as the MacBook Air and the iPad Pro.

The Surface Pro 5 would most certainly be the best hybrid device Microsoft has created to date. While the competition in the hybrid market has gotten a lot more intense, the Surface line has, over the years, become the golden standard for 2-in-1 computing devices. If rumors prove true and the Surface Pro 5 does end up with most of its rumored specs, it would not be a surprise at all if the hybrid would become the best in its class this year.

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