Melania Trump And Michelle Obama

Melania Trump And Michelle Obama: 5 Uncanny Similarities You May Have Missed

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama are hardly believed to have anything similar between them. These two first ladies have strikingly different public images, just like their husbands. People who admire Michelle for various reasons find it hard to have the same kind of approval for Donald Trump’s wife. A lot has been said about her modelling career, especially about her nude photoshoots. While many people have been quite open-minded about it, some wonder if they would have been so if it was Michelle Obama doing similar things.

Many people compare these two to show how different Melania is from Michelle. Most people are so overwhelmed by the differences that they might have missed that there are some striking similarities between these two. Here are five of those.

Both Are Earth Signs

Both Melania Trump and Michelle Obama belong to Earth signs on the basis of their zodiacs. Melania is Taurus, while Michelle is Capricorn. As the term suggests, people who are born under Earth signs are more “grounded” than others. In addition, these people love to live life through the five senses. These people are slow and steady while they approach any assignment. Since they are more grounded, they have realistic expectations from life. Such a quality makes them more productive. However, Earth signs can be really stubborn at times.

Both Are Number 8

Melania was born on April 26. Michelle was born on January 17. This means both these ladies fall under number 8. People who are born on the 8th, the 17th and the 26th of the month fall under this number. People born under this number are considered the most misunderstood among all. At the same time, number 8 people put more focus on finance, business, and career. They can be spiritual and materialistic at the same time. However, the most striking quality of such people is balance. This number represents Karma. Whenever under the influence of this number, people reap what they sow.

Melania Trump And Michelle Obama
President-elect of The United States Donald J. Trump listens to First Lady-elect Melania Trump as she speaks to Republican leadership the day before his swearing in January 19, 2017 in Washington, DC. [Image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images]

The Unusual Lineage

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama have a lineage that is far different from any other U.S. first ladies in the past. Michelle became the first African-American U.S. first lady in history. Melania, on the other hand, is the first immigrant U.S. first lady. She was born as Melanija Knavs in former Yugoslavia.

Michelle’s lineage roots back to the Gullah community, the descendants of enslaved Africans who lived in the Lowcountry regions of Georgia and South Carolina. Both the ladies have a financially modest background as well.

Both Are Strong, Powerful Individuals

Both Melania Trump and Michelle Obama are strong, powerful individuals. It is more obvious in Michelle, because of her active role as the first lady. But, Melania has already shown enough signs of her individuality. She has refused to move to the White House. In more than 200 years, she is the first U.S. first lady who is not moving to the president’s residence on Inauguration Day. She has decided to live in her Manhattan residence, and that’s the trait of a determined person.

Melania Trump And Michelle Obama
President Barack Obama embraces his wife Michelle and daughter Malia following his farewell speech to the nation on January 10, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Michelle has been criticized on various occasions in the past. At times, the attacks against her were below the belt. But, she always maintained her dignity while addressing the issue. She has been unapologetic about her choices. It is the same for Melania as well. She has talked to the media on very few occasions. During her interview with CNN, she said only the people who did not know her felt sorry for her.

“Don’t feel sorry for me. I can handle everything.”

And, here’s one more similarity. In case you did not notice, both these ladies are quite tall.

Both Have The Same Height

Not an inch taller or shorter, both Melania Trump and Michelle Obama are five-feet, 11-inches.

[Featured Image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images]