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Melissa Joan Hart Tweets Romney Support, Twitter’s Childhood Dies

Melissa Joan Hart's Romney support gets criticism

Stacey Dash and Melissa Joan Hart should start a support group or something. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress tweeted her support for GOP candidate Mitt Romney yesterday afternoon and was naturally shredded in 140 characters or less by a multitude of Twitter users.

She began yesterday with a warning: “I may get political today but just stating my feelings, not intending to sway anyone or get into arguments,” which really only tells us two things. One, that prefacing a confession of her personal views with a disclaimer shows that Hart already, in some part, expected the reaction she got, and two, that she clearly has no idea how the internet works.

Then, the tweet heard ’round the world:

“Can’t get too political in only 140 chac but for those asking, I’m voting #RomneyRyan.”

Like Stacey Dash, Hart was immediately inundated with criticism for simply and fairly harmlessly sharing her political views. Of course, she definitely had a number of supporters, but her detractors were many. The most disturbing part of the criticism pointed at Melissa Joan Hart?

They took it out on her career as a 90s teen icon! (WARNING: Some Twitter users have potty mouths).

Hart has been defending herself on Twitter all day, which you can follow here. But sharing her GOP support apparently wasn’t the worst decision:

What do you think? Is Melissa Joan Hart a woman-hating, racist homophobe? Is your childhood just ruined now?

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3 Responses to “Melissa Joan Hart Tweets Romney Support, Twitter’s Childhood Dies”

  1. David Welsh

    How in the world can anyone still believe that "War on Women" fiction? Taking it out on Melissa Joan Hart just validates all the Romney supporters who want to continue to contest the election.

  2. Eddie Farrow

    I don't think it's an intentional shot at women. I think there is genuine ignorance from some in the USA. I do have an aunt from the USA (Missouri) by marriage and when uncle when over there, there were some misogynists teaching in the very university my aunt was studying at for he heard them muttering in the corridors. It horrified him. As certain states keep re-defining 'life' in the most ridiculous way, abortions (touchy subject over there as I understand it) are becoming less and less accessible. Romney isn't the problem there though. He has many faults, his views on same-sex marriage, and on equal benefit to the same-sex spouses of veterans, his severe malpractice economically – all that awful pulling out on companies as they were to become bankrupt, making money, stashing it away in bank accounts across the world, however he isn't misogynist, not in politics anyway.

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