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Original Gerber Baby Greets The Newest Face Of Gerber [Video]

original gerber baby

The original Gerber baby, now 85, greeted the company’s latest spokesbaby, 8-month-old Mary Jane Montoya, on TODAY this morning.

TODAY reports that Mary Jane was entered into Gerber’s Facebook contest by her parents Sara and Billy. Mary Jane beat out more than 300,000 other cute babies to become the newest Gerber baby.

Mary Jane also won a $50,000 cash prize which her parents said would be used to start a college fund.

Gerber’s latest spokesbaby will represent the brand in 2013 but she won’t be replacing the original Gerber baby.

Ann Turner Cook, who first posed as the Gerber baby in 1928, will still be seen in the company’s advertising campaign.

Ann said:

“It’s been wonderful to me to be the symbol for babies. I can always be very proud of the product.”

According to the Daily Mail, Gerber copyrighted Cook’s portrait in the 1920s and has been using her black and white photo to promote its products ever since.

original gerber baby

Cook will still be the face of Gerber but this year she’ll share the spotlight with Mary Jane.

original gerber baby

Ann said: “She is just adorable, and she is a delightful little person.”

Mary Jane’s mother, Sara, said:

“It took a little while to get that picture, too, because she would not stop looking at the grass and looking at the birds… of course we think our baby is adorable and beautiful, but every parent sees that in their child.”

Here’s a video of the original Gerber baby from Today.

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18 Responses to “Original Gerber Baby Greets The Newest Face Of Gerber [Video]”

  1. Reashel Mccormck

    I'm sorry but I still think my kid is cuter. but I think that is how most parents feel bout there kids.

  2. Jack Meloff

    Politically correctness SUCKS! I knew 100% that there wasn't going to be another white baby, even if he/she was the cutiest!

  3. Shinteria Gilmore

    Yeap u right about that one. I thought she would at least resemble the original one…….

  4. Heather Holland

    If it's not broke why change it? The original baby IS Gerber and always will be!

  5. Cedema Supermom Cece Rivera

    She's absolutely adorable and has sooo much personality! Love Love Love her 😀

  6. Susie Kaye Richter

    I remember going to college, university of tampa, with jan cook, the daughter of the original gerber baby.

  7. Anonymous

    That Mary Jane CANNOT compare to the 85 year old woman who was the original; there is nothing like an ORIGINAL.

  8. Sharon Owen Dennison

    omg cheque out the gerber bebe. I guessed it when I said whomever would not be the cutest. I was right. did they drop the 300 thousand pix on the floor and pick one? yaya

  9. Anna Lonelle

    She is gorgeous ! Its time for a new face for gerber baby! She is beautiful .. Nothing like the original but thats the point !

  10. Josie Lomas

    For y'all to be older women and judge a baby is wrong all babies are adorable and cute there not such thing as a baby being better or the cutest baby around smh

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