More Game of Thrones spoilers hint at a villain coming back

‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers: Which Villain Is Scheduled To Come Back?

Last week, there was a major leak from the Game of Thrones camp, and it revealed some shocking plot twists in the upcoming, much-anticipated seventh season. And the latest Game of Thrones spoilers suggest that there’s a villain due to make a surprising comeback — and the how and why will certainly shock even the most unshockable fans!

Warning: This post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read Game of Thrones spoilers.

According to Esquire Magazine’s latest round of Game of Thrones spoilers, Walder Frey — the engineer behind the so-called “Red Wedding” — supposedly met his match at the hands of Arya Stark last season after she forced him to eat a pie made of his own sons and slit his throat (which, mind you, seems like a fair trade for killing her entire family). But did he really die at the hands of the youngest Stark? According to the plot leak, David Bradley’s (the actor who plays Walder Frey) IMDb page shows that he will be appearing in Season 7!

One fan theory is that Bradley/Frey’s face will be used by Arya to kill the rest of her enemies. Another theory suggests that Arya didn’t really kill Frey, only badly wounded him. Yet another theory suggests that Frey will be making a Jon Snow-like resurrection. Which theory will prove to be true?

Meanwhile, latest Game of Thrones spoilers from Gizmodo suggest that Frey’s return has a totally different reason: He’s actually in one of Bran’s flashbacks/visions. As we know from last season, Bran has gone from the poor crippled Stark boy to the Three-Eyed Raven, and he periodically gets visions of the past — and the future — which help shape his decisions. If this theory is true, what does that mean for Bran and the rest of the Stark clan?

“Walder’s return could be part of a vision that lets Bran know his sister is not just alive, but taken a fancy to slashing people’s throats since the last time he saw her. Or he could be looking at some of Walder Frey’s nonsense from the past. Or he could be a witness to the Red Wedding, which I don’t believe he knows for sure yet—and Bran actually being present at the Red Wedding, vision-style, could necessitate some new footage of Frey.”

Finally, the latest Game of Thrones spoilers from Games Radar suggest that this is really all just a preparation for Arya to finish up her list of people to kill. As we learned last season, Arya keeps a mental list of all the people she would like to kill who have, in some way, either wronged her or wronged her family.

In the case of Walder Frey, as we know, the reason Arya wanted him dead — and succeeded (or not) — is because he was responsible for orchestrating the wedding that killed Robb Stark, his pregnant wife, and his mother Catelyn, as well as most of the guardsmen under the Stark banner. Fans will also recall that other people are on the list because they’ve killed other members of her family, as well. So the question now remains: Who is next on Arya’s list?

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