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‘Kill Bill’ Uma Thurman Continues Fighting In Her Child Custody Trial

The custody battle between Kill Bill star Uma Thurman and her ex Arpad “Arki” Busson continues to churn on, and now they are arguing over things that have little of nothing to do with their daughter. Busson is claiming that Uma will not return the $1.5 million ring, despite their broken engagement, and he also claims that Thurman treated their whole relationship as a business deal.

Last week, Arki Busson made accusations that Uma Thurman was mixing prescription drugs with booze to manage her mental health problems, says the Inquisitr. Thurman struck back, saying that each time their 4-year-old daughter was sent to visit Busson, she was left with a nanny or Busson’s ex, Elle MacPherson, while Busson left town with his sons by MacPherson. A psychologist was on the stand, trying to unravel the issues between the two.

PageSix has been in the courtroom as Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson continued in their bitter feud over their failed relationship and their 4-year-old daughter. Busson says that Thurman cannot hold onto a nanny, blowing through six or seven in the last year. He claims that he got sick of their relationship being a business deal.


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Busson claims that as soon as she got pregnant, she started negotiating a contract, which put a damper on the relationship.

“She wanted to have a contract two weeks after she was pregnant. She wanted to have a contract — the kid, visitation, everything.”

Before Luna was born, Thurman seemed to be planning for their separation with legal details.

“She was never very specific about what she wanted, but she just wanted a contract with terms, for me not to be able to have Luna on weekends, further out, as little as possible. I didn’t see a point of having a contract at that time.”

The trial is likely to go through next week, and there are reportedly more issues and discrepancies between Thurman and Busson to fill the time. One of the matter is about the engagement ring that Busson says he has asked Uma to return, yet it is still in her possession. Busson’s lawyer, Peter Bronstein, continued making accusations about Thurman’s drinking and drug use.

“Ms. Thurman, is it your usual practice to consume alcoholic beverages in the evening?”

Uma said that having a drink in the evening has no effect on her ability to function. It was also clarified that Thurman takes prescription medication for ADHD and a mild learning disability.

The Daily Mail says that the biggest issue between Uma Thurman and Arki Busson is access to the child, Luna, 4, whom Busson claims he doesn’t get to see often enough. One of the nannies that worked for Thurman has been subpoenaed, and will likely testify next week. Busson says that each time he tried to keep Luna overnight, Thurman stood in his way,

‘It wasn’t difficult, it was impossible – it was constantly denied. I asked the mother to have an overnight. I asked for Luna to come down to the Bahamas. I asked in May, there was understanding I would have her in summer. It just went on and on….”

Though Arki Busson’s lawyer kept pushing with questions about Uma Thurman’s drinking and drug use, the judge shut it down, as Busson had refused to answer questions about his drinking.

It’s unclear what other issues will be covered in the child custody trial between Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson, but the trial is supposed to be wrapped up at the end of next week.

What do you think is really the issue between Uma Thurman and Busson?

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