Donald Trump, Barron and Melania on Election Night

Melania Trump And Son: First Lady, Barron Will Commute To NYC By Plane, Chopper, Automobile

As one source said, “It’s good to be the first lady.”

Melania Trump and her son, Barron Trump, will accumulate tons of air and terrain miles during their weekly road trips to and from the White House. According to TMZ, Melania and Barron will be weekend warriors for half of the coming year and will take on roles as “big city commuters.”

Unlike commoners who navigate the slow-to-go pace in morning traffic while sipping coffee — and trying to avoid the obligatory spills — applying a layer of eyeliner and texting while driving (hopefully not), Melania Trump and the first son will have smooth sailing. And get this: They will travel from the White House back to their home at Trump Tower using planes, choppers, and automobiles.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, the first lady is breaking from tradition by remaining in her home state until Barron completes his school year. The pair will stay in Washington on Friday and Saturday and head back home on Sunday.

It’s no secret that Melania is front and center in her son’s life. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for her to be with him through his journey. She could easily use caregivers to oversee his schooling, but that’s not who Melania Trump is, according to those who know her.

Melania Trump and her son’s commute sounds like a huge undertaking, but with the help of the Secret Service and White House staff, it’ll be a walk in the park — like a 90-minute stroll.

The commute from the White House begins with a motorcade to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. After the 20-minute journey, the first lady and Barron will board a commercial jet (Boeing 737 or 757) for a 45-minute flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Then, it’s on to the helicopter. The mother and son will then hop aboard a chopper (bypassing the bumper-to-bumper congestion in the tunnel) for a short 15-minute flight to a helipad in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. From there, the pair will be escorted for 10 minutes by motorcade to their home.

Melania wants to keep Barron’s school experience as “normal” as possible. While it’s far from conventional, it’s likely the best plan for their son — all things considered. Nobody said being part of the First Family is going to be easy. Motorists may find the weekly traffic interruptions challenging.

Barron’s entry into the White House will break a longstanding drought: It will mark the first time America has had a first son since 1963. John F. Kennedy Jr. was POTUS at the time. But if Melania continues with her practice of shielding Barron from the limelight, don’t count on him being a visible fixture in Washington until she feels the time is right.

The Inquisitr probed into possible choices for Barron to attend school once he formally moves into the White House for the autumn season. As famous — and infamous — as his father is, the family is understandably focused on his safety.

“Barron attends the prestigious Columbia and Preparatory School on Manhattan’s East Side. Secret Service protection has cramped the style of other students and their parents. Shortly after the election, concerned school staff and parents met with representatives from the Secret Service. There are fears that Barron Trump’s presence puts a target on the school for a terrorist attack or other ominous threat. There was also the nuisance of parents not being allowed to use elevators whenever Melania Trump was in the building to drop off or pick up her son.”

Once in Washington, it’s likely things will relax a bit; schools in the District of Columbia are used to high-profile students and have safety protocols in place to ensure a safe learning environment. Still, Melania Trump will likely be hands-on while juggling her duties as the first lady.

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