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2012 Presidential Election Results: An Hour-By-Hour Guide To Election Night

2012 Presidential Election Results: An Hour-By-Hour Guide To Election Night

Viewers who want to watch the 2012 presidential election results live will have ample opportunities, but may have a long wait for all state polls to close.

Though the winner of the 2012 presidential election could likely be known when results from California are declared at 11 pm, the final presidential state polls won’t close until 1 am, when Alaska reports.

Here is a cheat sheet of what to 2012 presidential election results to watch for, with the schedule via The Associated Press:

7 pm: Polls close in six states, but none may be more important than Virginia, the first battleground state to report. The state’s 13 electoral votes likely won’t make or break the election, but could give insight onto what way the nation is pointing.

7:30 pm: This could be the end of the night for Mitt Romney, though not officially. Three states report now, including the all-important Ohio. Both candidates need Ohio’s electoral votes in order to win the election, and pundits believe the winner of the Buckeye State will carry the election.

Obama has taken a small but consistent lead in presidential polling in Ohio, and if the state is declared early for him it may be all but over for Mitt Romney. As The Associated Press notes, these presidential election results are the most important:

“Romney desperately needs Ohio; no Republican has won the presidency without it. Without Ohio, Romney would need victories in nearly all the remaining up-for-grabs states and he’d have to pick off key states now leaning Obama’s way, such as Wisconsin and Iowa. Obama has more work-arounds than Romney if he can’t claim Ohio.”

8 pm: Results come in from the District of Columbia and 16 states, including the 29 electoral votes from Florida. Romney has held onto a small lead in Florida throughout the campaign, but in just the last day presidential polls have shown Obama ahead. Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight now shows Obama with a razor-thin edge in the state.

8:30: Polls close in Alabama, which should be immediately declared for Mitt Romney.

8:30 p.m.: Polls close in Arkansas (six), where Romney is comfortably ahead in surveys.

9 pm: More action as polls close in 14 states, including pivotal swing states Colorado with its nine electoral votes and Wisconsin’s 10 notes. Wisconsin is seen by the Romney campaign as a possible upset state, one of the states he needs to pick up to keep his narrow path to victory alive.

10 pm: Polls close in four more states, including swing states Iowa and Nevada, each with six electoral votes. Both are leaning toward Obama, and victories in both combined with a win in Ohio and Wisconsin would all but ensure a re-election bid.

11 pm: Polls close in five states in the west, with an almost-guaranteed 78 electoral votes for President Obama from California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. If all goes well in the swing states in the east and midwest, Obama could be declared the victor of the 2012 presidential election as the clock strikes 11.

1 am: The last of the 2012 presidential election results are in, with Romney nearly assured to take the three electoral votes from the final state, Alaska.

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26 Responses to “2012 Presidential Election Results: An Hour-By-Hour Guide To Election Night”

  1. Patricia Smallwood

    They are not being fair because my machine that I had to vote on did not even have the presidents names on it so I did not get to vote for my main man which is Obama.

  2. Veronica Padilla

    You needed to protest that! don't ever walk away from that type of situation where you are not allowed to vote for the candidate of your choice?!!! there are some polls that weren't registering choices correctly ex. you choose Obama and Romney's tab is highlighted – you let poll volunteers know and machine can be recalibrated.

  3. Jennifer Zimmerman

    You ppl are asses no matter who she is voting for she still has that right!!!

  4. Noli Panginen

    I wish that whoever will make it to the top become the next TOP leader worldwide. We need lower gas prices and salary increase :)

  5. Chantel Manning

    I agree with Veronica, and Kristie, take your tired ass somewhere off this post. An ignorant loser at it's finest. Ms. Patricia Smallwood, you really must say something. They caught something dirty on video and you tubed it today as well….when one would click "Obama" the machine would immediately switch the vote to "Romney"….They are definitely fighting dirty. It's been all over the net….:-/

  6. Stephanie Jones

    George Bush had 8 years to fuck up this country and now these stupid ass people think president Obama could have fixed it all in 4 years! But guess what you're wrong it takes just as long to fix a fuck up as it did to make it. I'm for democrats all the way good luck President Obama!!!!!

  7. Kristie Hurst

    Hey chantel, first of all, I have shed blood, sweat, and tears for my country. It's funny when people such as yourself have nothing to say, or rather don't know what they are talking about so they immediately turn to "ignorant". I bet you can't even tell me what the Federal Reserve is, let alone point out Afghanistan on a map. I will assume you are an Obama supporter I will give you the benefit of the doubt and tell me 1 thing you support about Obama. I already know you can't buy go ahead and google it real quick.

  8. Veronica Padilla

    Kristie Hurst – it's such a waste of time for you to assume someone you know nothing of can not challenge you on every level of what you've pointed out. It's easy to list Obama's accomplishments if you care to research and look into the facts. Clearly, Ms. Manning referred to your comment as ignorant because in fact it just was. I merely provided another human being with advise on casting her vote properly. No one cared for nor asked for you to inject your negativity into the conversation. Focus your time on dispensing positive energy into the universe , it's better time spent. Peace.

  9. John Christine

    The Obama supporter are the ones that want the free stuff.., that will be the only reason Obama will win. Not because he is a good president because he's as bad as carter was

  10. Will Pate

    I think you mean *ignorant* God I love ironic misspellings. Even worse is that people like this are allowed to vote…

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