Joo Won and BoA

Joo Won And BoA Dating: Korean Actor Of ‘My Sassy Girl’ And SM Entertainment Soloist Confirmed To Be In A Relationship

Last year, Hallyu fans — especially those following K-pop, K-dramas, K-variety shows, and K-movies — had their fair share of celebrity relationship news. It seemed as if JYP Entertainment was the scene for such relationships as Min of Miss A and G.Soul were confirmed to be in a relationship followed by Yenny of Wonder Girls and Jinwoon of 2AM. Of course, there were relationships that took us all by surprise too. SM Entertainment artists Kai of EXO and Krystal of f(x) were one of them. However, the biggest surprise was definitely the engagement of Moon Hee Jun formerly of H.O.T. and Soyul of Crayon Pop. Nobody even knew they were dating in the first place, then suddenly they’re engaged? It literally was one of the biggest Hallyu news stories last year.

Summarized, 2016 had its fair share of Hallyu relationship news and it looks like 2017 is on to a good start. Just recently, it was announced that international singer-actor Rain and Korean actress Kim Tae Hee are engaged to be married. This breaking news was just announced right after Rain performed new music for this year. Now we have another confirmed Hallyu couple as Joo Won and BoA are confirmed to be dating.

Korean news outlet TV Report was the first to report on Moon Jun Won, better known by his actor name Joo Won, and Kwon Boa, known better by her K-pop name BoA, to be dating. According to Soompi, the two have been dating since late last year after meeting in a gathering of heir respective colleagues and acquaintances. Reportedly, they became linked through their similar hobbies, such as hiking and golf, and their values which include their importance towards living a healthy lifestyle. It is also reported that Joo won and BoA have similar tastes in music too.

Eventually, Joo Won’s entertainment label and company, Huayi Brothers, come forward on the relationship news. According to AllKpop, they came forward with an official statement confirming Joo Won’s relationship with BoA.

“The length of their relationship is a personal matter, so we did not inquire about it separately.”

'Yong Pal' Vertical K-Drama Poster
The last K-drama Joo Won starred in was the popular ‘Yong Pal.’ He will make his K-drama return in the upcoming ‘My Sassy Girl.’ [Image by Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)]

When it comes to their careers, Joo Won spent his 2016 working on a Chinese project titled Love Express. He was also in a web drama titled Overtime Work/Clocking Out. However, his latest work that got the most attention was playing “Yong Pal” Kim Tae Hyun in the second popular medical drama on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) right after Doctor Stranger titled Yong Pal. By happenstance, Kim Tae Hee was his female lead in that K-drama. Joo Won will be making his comeback to K-dramas this year in the upcoming SBS K-drama My Sassy Girl.

'My Wife's Having An Affair This Week' -- Lee Sang Yeob And BoA Poster
BoA’s last K-drama role was in ‘My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week.’ Her character, Kwon Bo Young, was paired with An Joon Young who was played by Lee Sang Yeob. [Image by JTBC]

As for BoA, her last album was the full-length studio album Kiss My Lips back in 2015. It featured two songs, “Who Are You” and “Kiss My Lips,” and sold more than 13,000 copies. As for the songs themselves, both sold a total of over 600,000 digital downloads. The former peaked in the single digits on both the South Korean Gaon Weekly Singles Chart and South Korean Gaon Monthly Chart.

BoA also acts and she’s been playing roles in numerous K-dramas for JTBC. However, her first main role was in My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week playing Kwon Bo Young. Prior to that, she’s always done guest roles.

At this moment, BoA’s label and agency SM Entertainment has not confirmed her relationship with Joo Won, but at this point, it is most likely true given the fact SM Entertainment hasn’t stopped it. As for Huayi Brothers, they can’t provide more information on Joo Won’s behalf because he is too busy filming My Sassy Girl.

[Featured Images by Lotte Entertainment via Wikimedia Commons and BoA (own work) via Wikimedia Commons]