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28 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Describe Raising A Toddler

Toddlers. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Parents often describe them as “terrible twos” and “threenagers.” Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of raising a child would agree there are days where watching a toddler is easily more entertaining than television.

According to Baby Center, most find what tends to make a child happy to be a little surprising. And anyone who has raised a child would agree that statement couldn’t be truer. Stop and think about it for a moment: have you ever found yourself watching your toddler cracking up at something while having absolutely no idea why they find said thing so funny?

Messy toddler
Messy toddler [Image by Zwiebackesser/ShutterStock]

Per Parents, the key to having a well-behaved child is letting your child learn to control his or her own behavior. This means you give your child a chance to explore the world – learning what is wrong and right along the way with your guidance. And as your toddler is exploring the world? Well, they tend to do some hilarious things.

In fact, here are some funny tweets that perfectly describe raising a toddler.

1.) Sometimes when a toddler tries to help… They only tend to make things worse.

2.) Having a toddler means never getting enough sleep.

3.) Having a toddler means never going to the bathroom by yourself.

4. Toddlers crave independence, even if they still need your help.

5.) They can even be threatening when they want to be.

6.) They tend to take arts and crafts to the next level.

7.) Toddlers will talk to just about anything.

8.) Toddlers are not always the best at fixing things.

9.) Despite being so small, toddlers are capable of making huge messes.

10.) Toddlers tend to be cranky when they don’t get sleep. The problem? It is usually their fault they didn’t sleep in the first place.

11.) Sometimes toddlers are so smart it is a little terrifying.

12.) Your toddler tends to be your dog’s best friend because it means loads of table scraps.

13.) Few things are more difficult than trying to put a toddler to bed.

14.) Few things scream louder than an unhappy toddler.

15.) Everything is the end of the world for a toddler.

16.) Chances are pretty good everyone with a toddler has wished this at least once.

17.) Few things are more terrifying than the thought of your toddler waking up just as you fall asleep.

18.) Looking away from a toddler is always a mistake.

19.) The things a toddler can do never ceases to amaze parents.

20.) There are even times where toddlers are a little mean.

21.) At times, the logic of a toddler can be a little flawed.

22.) Toddlers have super hearing.

23.) Toddlers find the strangest things to be upsetting.

24.) At times, it is the innocence of a toddler that makes for a funny tweet.

25.) As this funny tweet reminds us, toddlers tend to take a long longer to do something than what is considered normal.

26.) Toddlers also tend to be very good at winning an argument, as this tweet reminds us.

27.) Toddlers are incredibly picky and not giving them what they want means war.

28.) Toddlers also tend to be very sarcastic.

Part of the reason why toddlers are so entertaining and funny is because of how much they learn at that age. According to the ABC Learning Center, the average toddler learns five new words every day. The average toddler also tends to have better hearing than an adult. Hence their ability to hear you unwrapping a candy bar from another room, as one of the tweets mentioned. And you know how one of these funny toddler tweets mentioned wanting to bottle up their toddler’s energy? Well, the average toddler takes 176 steps a minute. Just imagine how fit you would be if you had the energy of a toddler!

Angry toddler
Angry toddler [Image by Iulian Valentin/ShutterStock]

Have you read any funny toddler tweets lately? If so, please be sure to share those tweets with us in the comments section found down below! Don’t forget to tell us which of these funny toddler tweets was your favorite!

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