‘The Sims 4’ Vampire Powers Include Mind Control, Bat Form, And More

Vampires are coming to The Sims 4 and these creatures of the night will be able to master a few supernatural powers. The upcoming game pack, simply called “Vampires,” will let Sims become the iconic immortal being. Vampires in The Sims 4 learn new powers as they progress their undead prowess but mastering the dark comes with a few drawbacks.

Through researching vampire lore, dueling other vampires, or being mentored by another immortal, vampires level up their Vampire Rank. By progressing through their Vampire Ranks, Sims unlock new supernatural powers that change what kind of vampire they are. Earning new powers forces vampire Sims to also take on the burden of some weaknesses, though. Early in their journey as a vampire, Sims will have to pick and choose their powers, but max level vampires can unlock nearly all powers and weaknesses with enough training.

The Sims 4 Vampire game pack details
Vampire Sims can unlock more powers as they level up [Image by Electronic Arts]

As a vampire increases their Vampire Rank in The Sims 4, new powers can be chosen on the Vampire Powers character sheet. According to the official website, powers like Bat Form, Mist Form, and Supernatural Speed help vampire Sims move about their neighborhood or go unseen. Other powers include those to control other Sims like Command and Vampiric Charm. Not to mention, players can always opt to take on Vampiric Strength.

“Mutate into a bat to travel, control Sim’s minds, slip into the darkness, wield vampiric strength, and more! But take heed, with every up, comes a down. And as powers are unlocked, you must also choose weaknesses to maintain balance.”

Weaknesses like having to sleep in a coffin or normal food making them sick are a few examples of the drawbacks to being a vampire in The Sims 4. In some cases, weaknesses even contribute to shaping a different kind of vampire. For instance, vampires seek out Plasma to sustain themselves. They can seek out other Sims to get their fix, but “weak-willed” vampires will have to drink from the Plasma fruit as a peaceful alternative.

Drinking from the Plasma fruit is part of the Guilty Drinker weakness in the Vampire Power table, but is merely a choice determined by the immortal. Other weaknesses can make a vampire’s everyday life a little more difficult. Thin-skinned vampires will not like being in the sun too long while those afflicted with Uncontrollable Hissing might embarrass themselves at parties with hissing fits.

The Sims 4 Vampire powers list
Vlad is the founder of Forgotten Hollow [Image by Electronic Arts]

Dealing with a few weaknesses is a small price to pay for power, though. Vampire Sims can use Command to make other Sims do their bidding. Forcing other Sims to clean the house or do other chores is one way to use Command. Of course, vampires can also use their Vampiric Charm to get their way making it easy to feed on other Sims or maybe even turn them into a vampire.

Becoming immortal and mastering vampiric powers are just a few aspects of the upcoming “Vampires” game pack. The new pack also introduces the new Forgotten Hollow world and a number of new creepy customization options. New items, decorations, and clothes are also included in the pack. The new world comes complete with eerie atmosphere and lore surrounding Vladislaus Straud. For more information on this vampire from Forgotten Hollow, players can check out the official website for his personal diary post.

As the Inquisitr reported, players will be able to customize two forms for vampire Sims. Their regular form is their normal, human form while their dark form is used to conduct vampire business. Any time a vampire Sim uses a vampire power, their dark form will emerge. That is where those new veiny and sinister customization options come in quite handy.

The “Vampires” game pack is set to release next week on January 24. Like other game packs, players can expect a $19.99 price tag for the new content. After its release, a new stuff pack is planned to launch in the spring. The new stuff pack focuses on bowling likely adding lanes for The Sims 4 and other items perfect for the pastime.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]